Buying Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests | Live Ovulation Test!

Oh [Music] then you always wanted to buy something like this for Samuel so he wants to do a little test drive see how he thought he goes [Music] you peddle it oops oops a storage compartment bacteria to put you people Gilbert back here well maybe he’s too little figured out how to use that huh says 18 months to three but okay see let’s see let’s try again maybe Homer what do you think [Music] maybe not very interested huh yeah I guess next time then now I came to Omar let’s see what they have there you go buy this one and a pregnancy test this oscillation test will suggest you when to start testing but instead of getting a bunch of negative results I personally decided to test once I started having ovulation symptoms such as breast tenderness and cramping I got a positive result in my first test which is very very exciting I’m very happy can’t wait to do the pregnancy tests I’ll keep you posted [Music] you look out yeah bubbles you gotta catch the bubbles you gotta get up you want to do it you want to do it [Laughter] think so but awesome well holla oh wait the bubbles go get the bubbles it’s almost heartbreaking to see his little disappointment when you can’t catch [Music]

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