C-SECTION 101 | First vs Second C-section | Tips for Fast Recovery!

what's up guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here please hit the red subscribe button down below I post videos every Sunday and I am trying to incorporate a few other fun videos throughout the week so please hit the subscribe button and make sure you hit the bell turn on your post notifications so you know exactly when I post before I get into this video I just want to do a quick little disclaimer and say that I'm obviously not a doctor I'm not a health professional or anything like that but these are just tips that I wish I knew and things I wish people told me before I had a c-section and yeah I'm just basically gonna walk you through the process of having a c-section then I'll give you my tips and tricks and then I will let you guys know the difference between my first c-section and second c-section and you know which one was better how they differed and stuff like that because I know I really really wanted to know that prior to having my second child I really wanted to know what people's experiences were having a c-section of the second time around so yeah let's just get right into it I'm sorry if you hear my daughter in the background she's just playing in her seat so if you clicked on this video I'm assuming you know you're having a c-section or you suspect there might be a chance and I just want to say first and foremost that if you are going to be having a c-section please do not be afraid it is not going to be bad at all trust me that's coming from someone that was completely terrified hospitals never had a surgery I'd never been overnight in the hospital never been sick anything like that it is not bad at all you will be fine so please do not be scared the first thing that happens once you get to the hospital when you're having a cease action is that they take your blood work just to check your hemoglobin levels and stuff like that and then they will hook you up to an IV and by the way during this process it takes a little bit of kind takes a while they monitor you for a little bit and then you either get an epidural or you get a spinal tap I think for the most part for c-sections they gave a spinal tap I was told by the anesthesiologist that the spinal tap is much better and since having the epidural I had the epidural with my son and had the spinal tap with my daughter how many times can I say had a spinal tap I don't know but the spinal tap is definitely a lot better from my experience so basically the difference is with the epidural it's a continuous line that is in your back and then they can like press the button and inject you with medicine as you go but the spinal tap is basically like a needle that they give you in your back and it just lasts for a certain amount of time both things numb you from like the chest down and yeah so basically the spinal tap just it works for a block of time and then it kind of just fades away anyways so they will give you either one of those and then they will put in a catheter and basically the process will begin so I got my with my son I got my epidural in the labouring room and then they wheeled me into the o.r with my daughter they walked me tonight to the o.r with my IV pool and they gave me the spinal tap in the operating room while you're getting either or they gave your partner the scrubs he puts them on and then from my hospital my my partner wasn't allowed into the room until they cut me open so basically they gave you the medicine they poked you a couple of times on your stomach you do sit like this uh-huh operating room with like your hands and you know tie down some lovely like I was able to just hold the straps but yeah I don't know how we'll be in your hospital but that's how I had to lay like this and then they make sure you're numb they cut you open my partner was able to come in I will say the spinal tap numbs you a lot better than the epidural does at least for me but you'll feel a lot of pulling and tugging it is uncomfortable but it's really not that bad and then once you hear your son or daughter cry you just you don't feel anything else I swear because all you're thinking about and focusing on is if your baby's okay and you want to see your baby and you just get excited and you kind of forget what's going on down here basically they take your son or daughter out and in that part it's usually pretty quick it takes about 10 minutes or so and then then putting you back together sewing you all up is what takes majority of the time but it doesn't feel that long since you have your newborn and with you you know but yeah then after they sew you back up they wheel you to the recovery room you have to stay there for a little bit I know why while I was in labor I had this shakes really bad the whole time both with my son and with my daughter and the whole time while I was having the c-section my arms were like shaking like this but of course everything down here was numb so I wasn't moving down there but my arms are just going and going and they didn't stop I was told that the thing that gets rid of labor shakes is having skin-to-skin so it was really crazy to to see that as soon as they placed my daughter on my chest I stopped shaking like immediately it was insane so if you do have that issue do skin-to-skin and you'll be fine and you have to be in the recovery room for a few hours I know they don't usually let you eat in the recovery room I guess cuz a lot of people feel nauseous after anesthesia but I felt completely fine both times I actually ate a bagel because I didn't know I wasn't supposed to eat but I was starving but yeah you see there for a couple hours they'll come and check your bleeding and push on your and I will say that is extremely painful some nurses are definitely a lot more gentle than others so that's just something to be mindful of once they you're there for a couple hours everything is good they'll put you into the up to the postpartum room well you'll stay until you leave and basically like you're stuck in the bed until about I say eight to twelve hours after you have your c-section they'll try and get you to stand up and once they see that you can't stand up and walk to the bathroom they'll take your catheter out and then you know you're pretty much good to go from there then on out my hospital did not give me any sort of daily bandage or anything like that so I was just kind of up and you know going on my own I find like a good thing about the c-section is that you don't bleed as much as having a vaginal birth because they suck out like a lot of this stuff while they're in there so that's kind of nice but yeah that's pretty much it that's pretty much the process obviously once you start walking it takes you a while you walk really slow you know sitting up is hard so that's as far as the process of having a c-section goes my my biggest tips are if your Hospital does not provide you with a band I suggest to get one I don't have it here but I literally just used like a exercise these like a weightlifting band that's what I use cuz that's just what I had my sister gave it to me but definitely order one if you don't have one I don't think I would suggest wearing it right away but as soon as you get home I would suggest wearing it because it's just nice having that extra support when you're like walking around your house another big tip is if you're like laughing if you have a funny husband or you know wife whatever you have then make sure like you have a pillow and put pressure on your stomach if you if you want to laugh but like just tell them to sheesh and stop because laughing hurts I'm pretty sure you'd like my boyfriend maybe pop a stitch this last time when I had my daughter he was making me laugh so much but then the other piece of advice I have is to like get up and walk as soon as you can the nurse will help you if you can't get up the first time don't be discouraged like the next time we'll come around I know I was really discouraged when I had my son I couldn't get up the first time but she came back a few hours later and like I was able to walk so don't get discouraged a few hours and you should be able to walk like you heal pretty quickly but yeah try and just get up and move around as much as you can I mean with both my son and my daughter I had really bad like trapped gas in my abdomen which I feel like a lot of people don't talk about but walking will help get rid of that and yeah don't be scared to like burr from whatever to get whatever you have to do to get that gas so because that can be kind of painful and uncomfortable I never really had much pain from my c-section the only time I had pain was when breastfeeding and my feeling my uterus contract that is a little bit painful but they give you a mat it like meds so like take the meds if you need them don't try and be a hero just take them but if you don't if you feel like you don't need them you don't obviously don't have to take them and as far as like going home make sure you have some sort of help if it's your from your partner your mom or whoever you have in your life like it would be very helpful if you have help at home especially if it's like your second time around with the first one it's not too bad because honestly all newborns do is sleep when I had my son I just stayed in my room and he would sleep and I would like watch Netflix in my bed and I healed pretty quickly with both of them by two weeks I was completely like back to normal by one week I was able to do whatever but by two weeks I was completely back to normal and even if you're back to normal by two weeks you still have to be careful until about six weeks that's probably my biggest tip is to make sure you have a wrap make sure you have help if you know you're gonna have a c-section try and like prepare food and like freeze it or just have things that are easy to like grab and eat because the last thing even even if you have like a vaginal birth you just want like stuff that's easy to grab and eat because you're gonna be tired you're it's gonna be sore yeah that's as far as recovering goes that's how I were covered quickly I didn't really do anything that special sleeping is uncomfortable I will say that sleeping is uncomfortable at the beginning because you can't really sleep on your side at least I couldn't for a little while until I healed a little bit more but it gets better and better as the days go on like every single day you'll feel better and better and better until you're really completely fine as my first c-section versus my second c-section I will say I think I healed faster my second c-section although once I got home it was a little bit harder cuz I had my toddler and you know lifting him which you're not supposed to do was hard like trying to like deal with him and not be able to lift him the spinal tap was a lot better but as far as the c-section like the healing process was pretty much the same the second c-section my incision healed a lot nicer and a lot better I don't know if it's because the the OB that I had or what the case is with that but I will see overall my second c-section was better than my first one even the surgery itself I was able to like hold a conversation with the OB if you want to hear about my labor and delivery story with my daughter like I'll have a little linked up here I don't know if it's up here or up here but click that watch that and you will see how that story went basically if you're having a c-section it'll all be fine good luck I hope you heal quick and if you have any questions for me please leave them down below I will be sure to answer them all and if you have had a c-section let me know about your stories down below and give this coming two like if you found it helpful and I will see you guys in my next video

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