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  1. Why was he so rough with that damn bulb??? And the poor little one took his/her first poop right inside mom…. aww

  2. So I’ve had 2 previous c sections with my boys and now I’m on baby #3… I’ve seriously never seen what happens to me and of course tube towing is totally new to me also… this is freaky as hell!! I feel like I’m halfway cut on half 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬……. but never the less… beautiful baby 💖

  3. I had my tubes tied after my c section 3 months again and shit still hurts. Keep feeling pinching on my left side. Wish I can in do it

  4. hi, i am 9 years of ligate, is it possible to make a surgery to make me a pregnant again??thanks for the help and answer

  5. I loved watching this video-especially since I am also getting a tubal. It's nice to know what happens behind the big blue curtain after all! Thanks for uploading!
    Also, someone below mentioned c-sections being a breeze?! That hasn't been true for me. I understand everyone has different pain thresholds and recoveries, but I would not call c-section recovery being a breeze. I've had 4 and am having my 5th and final one in a couple of weeks. Btw, I have NEVER heard of someone being released 24 hours after having a c-section! Crazy.

  6. I'm like so scared!! even tho this will be my 3rd c section .. I'm still nervous. I'm getting my tubes tide this time and really dnt know the side effects from it .. but I pray everything goes smoothly.

  7. im now 33weeks pregnant for my fourth child, we’re and excited coz this time were having a baby boy and we decided to have that TL. Having three daughter and a boy is a blessing also for raising them well we need to be focus on them not to have another siblings in the future.

  8. I will be going through both procedures in less than 7 days. This has been the longest, draining pregnancy ever!

  9. Just curious, are you having any symptoms from the tube tie? I will be having baby in June and was planning to get a c section, just afraid of side effects

  10. I had 3 c sections, the first one I almost died… lost a lot of blood had to stay in the hospital for 5 days then when I got pregnant with my boys 11 months apart I went in on a Friday had them and then walked out on Sunday morning its all about the doctors…. I love my OB Dr. Littlehale he was amazing

  11. I had my little girl April 2010 (my first & only baby so far).i was so terrified when i was told i was going to deliver via c-section,now looking back it was not as scary as i thought,its all about breathing,i was so freaked but what got me through it was breathing deep breaths in & out otherwise i think i would've had a panic attack lol recovery was awful for me,im a whimp though seeing that i have a low pain tolerance & it took about a yr plus to fully recover to where i was pre-pregnancy

  12. C sections are a breeze. I had two of them, was up walking around and bathing my babies within 8 hours and was discharged after 24 hours after with my second.
    Mind over matter ladies!
    As soon as my 7 weeks were up I was on the elliptical and stuff 🙂

  13. I've had 2 c-sections . 38 weeks & 29 weeks & was exercising 6 weeks later with both. There was always a tugging pain when I first started running, but only last a week or 2. I was running a half marathon in April (both December babies) 5 months after with no issues.

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