22 Replies to “C SECTION AT 37 WEEKS FOR PREECLAMSIA | Eliott's Birth Vlog!”

  1. beautiful video and precious baby – would be clearer if the volume was a little louder on the talking. The music comes in very loud.

  2. Awww!!! So adorable!!! I just give birth 5 days ago, for the same reason, at 37 weeks, by c-section. Beautiful baby. God bless

  3. Thank you for sharing…. I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant with twins and the doctors are suspecting preeclampsia but no word yet.

  4. omg im 35 weeks and watching this is bringing tears to my eyes i can not wait to meet my son 😍😍 at the moment hes in breech has a week to turn if not ill be getting a ceserean 😣 kinda scared 😔 but ill be fine ☺
    anyway congratulations he is gawgous 💙

  5. I'm watching this late but congratulations he is gorgeous! and those outfits you had him in 😍😍

  6. Did Dr Moore deliver?? That sounded like her. He's so beautiful. I'm so happy for you. I've been loving all the pictures.

  7. Congrats!!!! He is so gorgeous ❤️ were you in pain at all during that procedure? Pulls at your heart when you witness new life 😍 enjoy xx

  8. congrats! I happen to notice that it looks like his straps were coming from above his shoulders in his car seat. maybe I saw it wrong. for rear facing the straps should be at or below the shoulder.

  9. WHHAAATTTT!! I clicked so fast!! SO glad you are both ok! 🙂 Welcome to the world baby boy! Did you have a C Section with your first?

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