hi everyone welcome back to my channel today I thought I would talk about our birth story with Alba and explain everything that happened I haven't really talked about that yet I introduced her and yeah let you know how we're getting on and everything like that so I'm just gonna jump right in because this is probably gonna be a long video if you don't know me already I am Rihanna I have two children I have just had a little tiny newborn called Alba and she is just scrumptious and delicious and then I also have an 18 month old toddler called Sienna as well I would love it if you would hit that subscribe button and give this video a big thumbs up as well so birth story I guess I'll just start at the beginning that's probably the best place to start and I found out was pregnant in sort of I think I was like October I can't really remember now yeah if I was present in like October ish and I had a bleed pretty quickly and bled at my first trimester and I'll leave all myself pregnancy updates videos all that kind of thing in the description below and yeah I bled in my first trimester and went in her daily scan it was told that everything was okay but I could potentially have a miscarriage and but it was a bright red blood it was quite a lot so that happened early on and then fast forward to my 20 weeks scan and in England you get 12 weeks gone and II get a 20-week scan as well and the 20-week scan they said that my placenta was low lying so low line plus and not great but 99.9% of the move apparently according to my midwife so I didn't think anything of it they booked me back in for another scan at 32 weeks and I was kind of excited to have another opportunity to see the baby really and yeah we booked in for a private scan like the 4d scan and all of that kind of thing and yeah it was just happy to kind of see the baby again didn't really think anything of it went for my 32 weeks scan and they said that I had complete presenter previa and so basically I will demonstrate so say this is your cervix here my placenta it was kind of sat on top of it so the baby had no way to get out basically so that was that I wasn't again like overly worried about it I thought well I've had a c-section before I'm okay with having a c-section as long as the baby's healthy something I'm healthy it's you know it's fine did a lot of research into placenta previa as well and like the statistics and stuff I wasn't really overly worried and but even hate they said that I could experience a chat like there might be a small chance that I might have a bleed and again not super worried they said like really really slim chance so that was a thirty two weeks card the next day is when I had the auntie part of hemorrhage which was basically like just I felt like I was peeing blood that's how it felt I was like peeing blood all over the floor that is actually how it was and see yeah that was really really scary obviously when the hospital had steroids stayed in the hospital for a few days and then I had another scan for I think I was 35 weeks actually I was 35 weeks that was basically just so they could get a little bit more information on where exactly the % it was make sure the placenta was still working properly and see how big the baby was as well and so I went in and totally not expecting it but they said oh it's much worse than we thought you're gonna have to come and see in hospital I was just like oh my god I actually cried because I was just like oh my god I've got to leave CNN and all that kind of thing and I said but we're not gonna let you get to 39 weeks though so um yeah they just basically said I'll be in for a few weeks and then they would think about delivery so I think I was thirty-five plus six at this point or 35 plus five something like that and and yeah I think was thirty-five plus five and then I stayed in I had her at 37 plus six and I stayed in hospital that entire time and so it was a great but anyway and basically just went to hospital as a precaution in case I bled and because they the doctor actually said that if I had a bleed then it would be cut a strophic like it could have been life-threatening for me and the baby had already had a serious serious bleed and where my heart rate was over 200 and all of that kinda thing and Ellie went to cardiac arrest with the face bleed so he was kind of really worried that if I did have a bleed it just wouldn't stop and I would just bleed out so that is how but it wasn't not only lived like five minutes from the hospital but they said the amount of time that an ambulance would take to get to me and I could be dead and so could the baby so that's that's how serious it was and so I went in the hospital stay in hospital for a few weeks eating hospital food lovely awful but anyway and and then on the day it was an elective section which means it's completely different to an emergency c-section I got up in the morning and I was meant to be third on the list but they came round at like half 7:00 and said oh you ready to go or I was like not really and so I had a bit of a rush really I just rushed to get ready and then got ready and went down a theatre I put a gown on I had sucks on no pants no underwear nothing and you gotta walk around like hallways and corridors people got family and it's a bit weird and anyway so I put like a gown on the front leg out on the back as well and and yeah it's really nerve-wracking when he kind of walking down there it because you're like everything all your Adrenaline's gone and everything cause he about will meet your baby it's gonna be amazing but also you're about to have major surgery and from what they were saying with the complications that I could experience with placenta previa it could be pretty bad they thought I could stop bleeding out and so they had like four huge box of blood ready to go for me just in case so they could do lots of blood transfusions if I needed it and see it when it if he had sat down on the operating table and I had it like hook a pillow and put my head forward I had the spinal and I remember having the epidural when I was in labor but I was in like excruciating pain so it's like you different and because you just have like cold and then you've got you've got somebody doing that you've got somebody Shirin cannulas your hands I had a cannula on both side sides and then she put the needle in and they basically as soon as you've got the spinal block in they just lay down and they stop getting everything prepped and ready to go so we're about 30 people in theater as well and because mine was particularly high risk so operation started they cut me open and she basically said that she could see that the percent was at a bit of a funny position so she would have to make an incision into my uterus in a different place so usually have you see section score which I did or say this is your stomach you would have you see sections go all down here and then you universe this the scar on your uterus would be directly underneath it so she had to kind of cut there on the skin outside and then she had to cut up here internally and so that she basically just said afterwards that it would make my recovery more difficult so yeah and so she cut me open and then she said that she wanted to get a colleague in because it looked like there was potential for a massive bleed and it could get quite um serious quite quickly and they're all kind of exchanging glances and I actually wanted to know what was going on I asked them to keep me posted like every step of the way um but that's just made to you what you want to do bit kind of summer do that obviously Steve was with me because I was awake spinal block works great as well couldn't feel a thing and what else yes so they she got a collie game and lots more people kind of flooded into the room because I think there was like a problem and and she basically that's why she had to make the incision in my uterus in a different place so she did that and and they both were working on me really quickly there was another person assisted no no the person this side and you just basically feel like you could have on a boat or something you getting legs shoved around you can't move because obviously got a spinal blocking and you kind of do and like all of this kind of thing you move it around it's really bizarre and and you feel there's like a tugging and push it and the worst part feel a little bit of like clicking and popping as well and I was just like what the hell is that and I didn't have that with the first one so that was weird yes that's basically that was when Alba was born and if you haven't watched our c-section this story I'll link that below because when the cameras pointed at the floor you could hear the cry and that's her first cry cuz we weren't allowed to film anything at all sorry help us just walk it up so we're gonna do this with her so once Alba was born they kind of started to stitch me up and obviously they've checked her over she was absolutely fine and perfect she weighed 8 pounds 1 and yeah they stitched me up but they were giving me injections and left right and center and this is just because I had placenta previa because the problem with placenta previa is that uterus has less muscles in the bottom of it so new placenta is all in the lower portion of the uterus and it's harder for the new uterus to contract and stop the bleeding so they had to give me like artificial ejections to try and help that process along and so we're doing that but they said it kind of make you sick so they basically brought Alva over to me the first time I'd ever really see them properly and they will get a Honda to me and I went I'm gonna be sick so I ended up vomiting like better to mind them on my back I can't move I can't do anything and to something for my into the side I'm the kind of pepper gonna be little pads to be sickened and they gave me cyclo scene and to try and counteract the sickness worked like a treat so if you're ever in hospital with sickness sort of us like busy the works a treat but it may be slow so not the best anyway they got my stitched up everything was fine and we had a perfect little bundle and I stayed in the hospital for about 24 hours that was my choice I really wanted to be out quickly our Hospital has a enhanced recovery suite and so you go to there and basically they try and get you to a certain level before you go on the ward I did end up in excruciating pain one morning and and basically was because my meds have being kept topped up and and that's down to the stuff on the ward they forgot to give me medicine and painkillers so advice for anybody who is having a c-section just make sure you show up and really demand to get your pain medication when you need it and all of that can think and if you need something stronger ask to see a doctor get some morphine whatever you need it you know you've got to take care of yourself at the end of the day so yeah I just wanted to share what happened with our birth story I haven't really had any complications or anything like that but Alaba is doing great I'll show you her hang on can you say hello oh she's doing great she's still really well see how that absolutely loves her there's a chi yeah the big sister loves you oh dear but she's just a little dream yeah so that was my bear story sorry if I missed anything out of that I kind of had to stop to let Steven have to stop when Sienna woke up from Hoonah had to stop when she woke up from her nap so about to very well um hope that made sense you've got any questions then let me know in the comments below please do subscribe and give this video a thumbs up I'm gonna go and feed this little one and we will see you in the next one bye


  1. I have a complete placenta previa still at 28.4 weeks. I’ve been hospitalized for 7 days (for my 2nd bleed) and they say next time I’ll be in the hospital until the baby is delivered. I’m so scared of what’s going to happen. I’ve been watching all the videos I can find.

  2. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and just found out I have placenta previa.. Any advice ? I also have a 16 month old toddler who isn't walking yet so I carry him around

  3. I have placenta previa and im sooo nervous! Ive had two bleeds. One at 6wks and another at 15 wks. Im now seeing a specialist next week im at 19wks now. But ur story is the story I needed to hear because I am nervous about the bleeding part during delievery.

  4. Thank you for this video. It is very similar to my birth story. I had a huge bleed the night before my 12 week scan. Then at 20 weeks they said my placenta was low lying. I then had 2 small bleeds at 29+6 and 30+3 which I was kept in hospital for. At 30+5 at 1am I suffered a major haemorrhage which resulted in an emergency csection and my beautiful little girl was born at 2.23am. She spent 6 weeks in NICU and finally came home in June this year at 6 weeks old. The toughest pregnancy and toughest time of our lives but I am so thankful that I was in hospital when the haemorrhage happened as, neither of us would have survived otherwise. Xxx

  5. Thank you for sharing! I was just diagnosed with placenta previa and I’m devastated. It helps to hear others who’ve done just fine!

  6. I am so afraid I'm 19 years old and I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 19 weeks. I haven't had any bleeding yet and this is my first baby but she's perfectly healthy I just have to be on bed rest until my duedate ig

  7. I had complete placenta previa i too was told at 16 weeks it could move but it never did i was given progesterone and lung stimulation for my baby girl and managed to get to 37weeks and gave birth via programmed c section…i was on Total rest for the whole of my pregnancy …placenta previa is no joke !!

  8. I’ve only just found your channel and I’m already clicking through your videos. I had an emergency c section and then two elective and you explained the process to a t. You are a wonder women to of gone through all you did and come out with a smile on your face. I’m so happy it all went well in the end. Beautiful Alba is so precious xx

  9. Oh wow girl. I don’t even know what to say it just sounds so insane. I’m so sorry this happened to you . Oh man. I have a low laying placenta but I’m praying that it goes up. So your went back lower, how many cm was it above befor at 20 weeks?

  10. Hi we just found out that i have low lying placenta at 20 weeks.. im at my 24 weeks now i hope it will move up, im very scared to have a placenta previa 😢

  11. The fact that you stayed pregnant for that long is amazing!! I have placenta previa and I've been in the hospital for a month with another month to go just to get to 36 weeks! It's really reassuring to see you and your beautiful baby came out of this well💛

  12. Thank you for sharing, Rhian. I think it's important that you fully open up to someone about the whole thing though, I worry it could just all of a sudden hit you, what you went through. Remember, to try and make time for you, I know it's not always easy and I realise you have a toddler and a baby. Sending you a huge hug, hun. Alba, is adorable by the way, just look at that hair 😍👶🏼 xx

  13. Oh what a rough time you've had with the pregnancy been stuck in hospital sounded terrible (but obviously necessary). I've always been more petrified of C Section than natural birth just the though of been awake and cut open for surgery is absolutely petrifying to me. So glad it all worked out OK for you and sweet Alba x

  14. Gosh that must have been so scary for you! Thank goodness both you and Alba are okay. How are you finding your recovery?? xx

  15. So sorry to hear that you had placenta previa and such a difficult labour. I've been diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed with my currently pregnancy (I'm 17 weeks). I'm hoping so much that it will resolve because it can lead to placenta previa. It was good to watch this though to know you had a such a positive resolution with your little one. Big congratulations to you. X

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I had a really difficult labour resulting in an ECS and it feels like difficult pregnancies/labours are not talked about. Knowing that you aren't alone is a huge comfort so thank you x

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