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okay y'all so I just got done with my last very last doctor's appointment and I'm so so so so nervous about Monday because I'm going to be doing my c-section and I'm still so nervous because you know my last c-section I was asleep because because it was an emergency c-section so they had to put me to sleep to cut me open so this time I'm gonna be awake and I've always heard stories about how you can still like feel the pressure and everything from the c-section so I'm just kind of nervous about that and I can tell like my face is starting to get puffy even my hands are starting to get puffy in my legs as well so barely huge causes so so much back pain like last night I think I kept my home from there because my back was hurting like so freakin bad like it was just so bad any like little leg movement would let cause me like if this sharp pain in my back so I'm just so ready to just be done so I'm just sitting outside my doctor's point my doctor's office and I'm just sitting outside my doctor's office about to go all the way back home because I left my kids there and probably pick us up some food to eat cuz I'm sure they'll probably be well I know my son will be awake Jaden will be awake by the time I get home but yeah I'm starting to get a lot of itching today like my stomach is starting to feel like really really itching so I'm glad Monday is I'm glad that Monday is B day cuz that means my stomach is trying to stretch out further so I'm glad she's gonna be out on Monday so I gotta be there at 5:30 in the morning on Monday so let me turn that down out that wasn't so loud on my camera I have to be there at 5:30 on Monday my c-section is not scheduled until 7:30 so I will be having her very very very early in the morning so today it's just a really really rainy day today actually it was yesterday too but I didn't get out yesterday until later on in the evening so another thing is my husband is my sick so we're just kind of like trying to get him well before Monday so that the baby doesn't get sick because he is gonna be in the room with me and you know I'm just so nervous I'm so nervous and anxious about being a week and I remember my epidural then I got with my first pregnancy although I was having contractions and kind of distracted during it it still was pretty uncomfortable like not painful but uncomfortable having somebody stick something in your spine and I'm gonna have to get that again and then I gonna have to do blood work and everything before my c-section so my doctor told me it's only gonna take about an hour for the c-section and then I'm gonna feel pressure like upper pressure up here because I gotta be pushing down to get the baby out so I'm just kind of nervous I'm just gonna really really really need some support and some encouragement and prayers that I stay calm but yeah I'm just so nervous okay yeah so I just came out of home goods I'm looking for a chair to put in my studio because I still have my white chair from Ikea and I want to get a second chair to put it in my studio because I'm trying to record some videos for you guys so make up videos and I really don't want to do before the baby comes this weekend so I am trying to find a chair I didn't find anything good in HomeGoods which is unusual and homeless is usually fairly expensive so that's why they don't want to spend like no more than $60 for a chair so and all of their chairs were like 60 70 and up so I think I'm gonna go to the mall and going to Ross and see what they have I also need like a small little table is will from our studios so that I can record in front of the natural lighting because my LED lights are a little bit too bright I noticed so that's what I'm trying to do my kids are still asleep so I was like you know what let me just do some shopping around before they get up and yeah so I'm gonna do that I wanted to bring my camera with me and some home goods but there is just a thousand people in there and it's crazy because it's in the afternoon so I'm gonna go to Ross and then maybe I can show you guys some things in there and y'all can help me see if I pick the right choice okay so I'm back from Ross and I made it home now I actually made it home a while ago but I was just doing a little bit and I got this really really cute I'm a great chair for my studio so I'm gonna show you guys that it's still in the car actually my case went with my mother to go get her car inspected so I'm just stuck here with this one so I can't see whom downstairs to go get it so I'm just at home now we're actually just eating some cookie cake because we got finished eating our and so just chilling upstairs so once my kids get back I'll show you guys the chair actually i'ma show you how the chair in the studio but yeah so so far today that I'm not really doing much later on I don't know what I'm gonna be doing actually it's now Friday I know my husband when he gets off he's gonna come home and cut the boys hair so that they can be ready for photos for Monday whenever we get photos with the baby and also for next week I plan on doing some um just some home photos with my camera for them so my daughter's hair I already rated her hair last a week to get her ready for pictures so the boys just need their hair cut very bad so that's what my husband's gonna do today oh hey kids off from work and then this weekend is just basically gonna be preparing for baby like getting everything done like we don't have anything for the bed cuz we're gonna bring Grayling's bed in our room actually and move some things out of here and move Grayling's bed in our room so that he can sleep on his bed it'll probably be like after he falls asleep because he will not stay in that bed and sleep so we're gonna bring his bed in here from out of his room cuz him and my kids share their on they share a room here in my parents house too so we're gonna bring his bed out of there and bring it in here and then we're gonna try to find something to some we're gonna have to try to find I have a bassinet like a mini bass in it no I have a mini best in it already that a friend gave me when I was pregnant with him that I never used with him because I actually had a crib with him and he also slept in the bed with us because y'all I don't I know it's against like all rules bless you to have baby sleeping in a bed with you but honestly all of my kids slept in the bed with us I feel more secure that way with them sleeping in the bed I can watch them I'm such a light sleeper sometimes I don't even sleep at night because y'all know mostly I know I work at night anyway I mean my husband doesn't speak their heart to a he'll roll over roll over on the baby either this is our not our first rodeo so I know there's a fear of like seeds and things like that but we always have been very cautious with our kids when I sleep with us so that's basically what she's gonna be doing it's will speaking with us for a while until I get comfortable with putting her in the bassinet but I've thought about ordering a docket at but those things are so frickin expensive it's like almost $200 for a docket at which is a little round efficient thing that goes in the bed with the baby sleeps inside of I thought about getting that but then again I don't know about that so y'all don't mind these clothes I keep trying to take it I had my video my husband Hey has his work clothes there after I wash them I lay them there for him to have available for him the next day so but anyway don't mind it so yeah that's basically all I did today let me break it so my daughter's apartment very well she just was basically telling me to just be ready for Monday so and I hope I really hope my husband is able to get some good footage on Monday so I'm not sure I'm assuming they're gonna put me in my room when I first get there so that I can do some recording of things just as they give me prepared I know it's gonna be a super duper busy morning because I have to be there two hours early which means we have to be there at 5:30 so that they can get everything situated but I'll be able to get some footage there and then of course I won't be able to record instead of the do it inside of the surgery room where they're gonna do the c-section but they say once they get baby out and get make sure everything is okay we could take pictures so I must have my husband maybe sneak some videos he's brave and yeah so y'all just keep us in your prayers that everything goes okay for us on Monday and I will definitely keep y'all posted with it so until then I'm just gonna basically lay here and just relax cuz I've been up since early this morning when I had went to my doctor's appointment I haven't asked yet so I will do you guys okay also this is the chair that I purchased from Michael Ross it was $40 and I really really like it it's really comfortable and you can adjust it up and down with this right you and also it turns I like a tray that turns and that has wheels on it the only thing is because it's on the carpet it kind of hesitates to turn whenever I'm sitting on it I guess because I am extremely overweight right now because I'm pregnant but I just wanted to come back on here and show y'all me chair okay so as you can see it is my so rainy outside and I am so hungry so my husband's good husband still hasn't got back from work yet and I had been craving chick-fil-a like holiday long so that's why I decided to just go ahead and get in the car and go get some chick-fil-a because I am starving and then I'm gonna just order the case in pieces and then when my husband get here we're probably just gonna watch movies the rest of the night I did a makeup look actually a little bit ago and that's when my makeups all done because I'm trying to find a video to do I mean I look to do while I'm in the hospital like something simple and easy and fresh that I can do to my face in case I have company or whatever come over while I'm in the hospital so that's basically all I did so far today I just didn't feel like kind of like lightheaded and groggy today and just swollen like all over so that's why didn't really do much vlogging today so my basic that's all I'm gonna do we're basically just packing up everything I'm in my studio to make sure I get all of my small makeup items oh I see so we're basically almost the countdown officially begins my husband's gonna meet us there he is at work and yeah thank you he's at work and it's done at work he's going to come meet us slacking on a makeup game but I did purchase recently the excuse me sweetheart I did purchase recently to be the first Valley Foundation I cannot wait to stay tuned for that grandma can you stop making all that noise watching the record what I'm doing so far me and the kids already packed so I think we're gonna get there probably right on time probably five minutes away there now we're afraid it could you just gonna be sitting back and a good mainly I'm scared for like the epidural and then being awake why they do you think it's gonna be the type to watch them could I just sit down to tell me about a lady just the epidural Halen before my first pregnancy so I know the uncomfortable feeling that they have and then I know it like being a nurse I know all the risk involved large the needle is that goes into your back so the only having it done once when I really didn't know at the beginning and then we have it now versus we have experience me you know it's like we gotta be there by 3:00 a.m. my c-section is at 7:30 actually okay with the keys like around her and the kids are coming and I'm not sure exactly what she'll probably be here since morning just wanted to check in with y'all there last night I don't like I watched you sleep peacefully and I didn't sleep at all yeah yeah I will check in hopefully the cameraman right here get some good footage of me in the but the baby comes and they and also like in the room whatever I can't really record but so I told you I mean if we get any bad footage it's gonna be yeah I will talk to you soon

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  1. I’ve had 2 csections and both was different..with my son I was sleep because I felt them cutting me I didn’t have enough meds..I woke up to him already in the room..with my daughter I was awake and so nervous but they had to give me like 5 or 6 doses of numbing meds so I didn’t feel absolutely nothing at all..the after part of the walking etc was the worse ever..congratulations!!

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