C Section Hospital Stay Day 1 Vlog

like that anybody can just hey buddy hey buddy you see the camera yeah yeah hey guys so adamant about to try nursing this boys really watching urine every p.m. baby and he's watching everything we do yeah you know like you all know this okay much guys we got this time machine baby Adam did you let you move a lot didn't be you will be problem okay okay it'll be honest come on side yeah because can be real for you so I step up the code even basically I like Oakland is exercise he put that bomb down he did Oh Adam first poopy so you're telling me I know this is this is what you changed should you tell them hello mean you changed my baby my fingers what's forcing me so the cool thing about this hospital I don't know maybe all hospitals or new pants they give you a wipes and diapers while you're in the hospital you don't Rita so we do it hurts what you call after a c-section yeah that's tough I'm gonna tell you right so this is pretty good night no no okay Phoenix that I'm gonna screw you so dump your daddy won't you waive it particular pool because we didn't get to change Jordans red cipher you use it in hospital lovely this is my mother Hampton is cleaning up our baby boy talk to you guys a little bit it's on you 3:35 so this is the first poop that we do it Oh before I go I want to show you guys the stockings they put on me with this little air you know it was called but it helped me keep the blood flow slightly which means I'm very active I know what this is called but I'm looking it's helping the but keep flowing so I don't get any blood loss all right there's my toes I have feeling now I think I got back I went back in my toes I think I got my feeling back in my feet about two or three o'clock so yeah all right guys I'll talk you in a little bit day one grab a man here he's six pounds and mommy's super tired so we're walking around the room it's not room I actually got to Tommy about their bags got bombed over here sleeping last night good day great day expected day maybe I'm looking to the sky changin bank bag to the bank please K right okay thanks to bite you he's awesome yeah cried too much and all and cried in his diaper it was nasty black tar looking stuff okay and tell me that I think that from my Jordan journalist still didn't bring her to see us like today but him he does all day join his company he's enjoying office who are you Thank You who goes are you put anybody in there we will go the way really go and like throw up your buddy oh man yeah yo y'all get all right Tennessee brother but what only season it 1-0 wanted to give it a hand slip are you happy look at daddy baby baby Holly you have it to Aunt trans on the baby yeah okay yes very grandson here all day all day really yeah anything moment well you all rush she said uh today's wrong my now are you still with truth 10 – poop is nothing the black yeah meconium up in your face hole I like your hair Jojo take my mommy didn't put on the play see see see yes I do our baby pretty far hey guys so besan just came in apparently I've been scratching a lot and it all scratching that badly my face is red for me scratching it I'm so if you the doctor said it's from the morphine but here's my food how about a toast to them back okay come on mmm hot white water and fruity alright guys so I go to the hot water that was white is not right thick this is it nothing keeps going to get me paid oh oh Justin well right here yes if I dig a lot cuz I fix what let me give you big stop making me laugh this was it

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