25 Replies to “C-Section Part 4”

  1. Obviously, two untrained and unskillful so called surgeons.They likely injured this baby ,forceps are a thing of the past how sad. I can have the baby out of the uterus in less than five minutes

  2. Omg the way they pulled on his head made me cry like wtf! I really hope and pray they don't do this to my baby

  3. OMG that's so awful they didn't have to pull the babies head that way I truly thought the head was going to come off!!! wow Now I'm rethinking my up coming c-section….

  4. these guys are not doing a good job at all of C-section.  They should avoid forceps.  They look nervous and inexperienced.  I have not ever seen a C-section with forceps before.  Forceps change shape of baby's head even if temporarily.

  5. Im surprise the baby head is still attach to the body!!! I had a s-section but i didn't know they use d forceps to get her out 🙁

  6. It can be a bit rough but they know what they are doing , both my daughters were delivered this way, my third daughter is due in a month. This will ne the last time i put my wife though this :p and yes both my girls are perfect

  7. My Baby was Born the same way… But i didnt know THAT!!!
    I was under general anesthesia….
    I knew nothing until now….
    My poor Baby…. I hope the thing with the head wasnt the same way… *cry*

  8. thank god that baby is ok it sounded like its neck broke u can hear the person whos holding the camera take a breath of relief

  9. Got damn i hope the poor baby doesnt have brain damage. what the fuck???? I cant believe how hard she was clamping down on the babys head.

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