hey guys welcome back to my channel so in today's video I'm going to be talking to you guys about the pros and cons of having a c-section hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video a private strong excuse you ma hey Babs is awake so you guys ain't talking I do apologize and you might see him in the video because he's a little bit fussy cuz he doesn't see any way in today's V I'm gonna talk to you guys but the pros and cons about getting a c-section for those of you don't know I had a c-section on the 3rd of April with my firstborn was a boy he was 4 point 2 kgs but he's my god a c-section was because he was too big to be badly delivered for myself personally now I am a bigger girl and play tall and pretty white as well but even so my god I need advise that a c-section would be best and at first I didn't believe him I was like well yeah I'm big and you know people in my family had given birth to big babies so what could sure I can do it until actually so how big it was when he was born and I was like mmm there is no way that I would have been able to push that up without it being everything we're going to start off with the pros one of the players is it's a fast delivery but what time it was in the way that you from the time I was in the labor ward because I was in the paternity would mean with the labor would before I had my c-section from that time to the time about back to the maternity wards for about two hours my actual c-section procedures for about a half an hour maybe less is a pretty fast delivery there's no you know having to wait X amount of hours in labor and they weigh X amount of minutes where I was pushing NYX brow is not going through labor so in the IV c-section you obviously don't go through the whole labor contractions none of those things another player is having a planned c-section my c-section was technically plan technically not my c-section was booked one week before I had it I wasn't exactly like oh I was 20-something weeks and they were like okay we denied a c-section mine was pretty close to the time that I was at my c-section and Clarry close to the end I will I had a c-section at 39 weeks and the reader if you have a planned c-section you obviously know when your baby is born so like the example for me I knew on the 3rd of April my baby would be born so which you kind of scuff that not knowing that anxiety of a witness my baby gonna come and if you have a planned c-section you can just be paid beta for everything and since April icn's April is if you have a c-section your vagina stays in care if you have a c-section obviously you're not getting that you know birth your baby isn't passing through the birth canal and coming out of your vagina so you will not take that is definitely one of the things that I was scared of is dating because I've heard a lot of stories but I'm a lot of people about how they talk and about like first degree second degree all of those types of care you can everything like that and if when you have a c-section these notating of your vagina these know about you know pay and you don't have to worry about going to the bathroom or anything like that and also having a c-section is no you when you have a c-section you know exactly what's going to happen before I like my c-section I was walk through exactly everything I was feeling was going to happen and also while it was happening while I was having my c-section Osby told the whole time I give this is what's happening another prayer is that it's not as dangerous as it was before now when I say that I mean having a c-section used to be like the last resort to killing your baby out and I mean if c-sections were really all that bad they they wouldn't do it in the first place I only said in the hospital for three days and one of the days was the day of my c-section and the other two were just like a Calvary days but I believe before you have to say before yet to stay in hospital for like a week or something also recovering from a c-section is a lot quicker than what it used to be another Pro is my last run is its c-sections and down in a controlled sitting in a theater room everything is controlled there's nurses your pediatrician is there all the babies the addition solubility sure you have York I mean oh it was doing you c-section on you you have again the anesthesiologist is a lot of hands on deck when having a c-section I do think that there's a lot more obviously situation a major operation there are a lot more people involved in if you were having a natural birth look on it's no con for me was that my c-section was kind of unplanned but still planned I was hoping for a natural birth and I had a birth plan I'd everything planned on and I wanted it to be even though in the back of my mind I knew that I was most likely to have a c-section so I can't for me was not being able to have a vegetable for my first baby also I corn for me personally is the fact that I didn't get the expedient labor now a lot of people think that I'm quite crazy because before while I before I had my baby while I was kicked and I was really excited about birth and about having labor all of those things because I just wanted to go through that experience and for me it felt like that was the final but I was kind of like the final doctor ending to the whole piggy didn't see anything like that obviously labor is painful and all of those things I understand I know I've been told a million times but just because something is painful doesn't mean you can't get excited for it which sounds completely crazy I know but pretty sure there are other moms who have felt or is feeling the same way I did in Mac you are excited for the birth and the labor of your baby because it's like you're getting to meet your child you're going through this whole thing that's like a whole drama day and another coin is some mommies I didn't feel this though is feeling guilty about having planned c-section now c-sections definitely do get a bad hair day I don't know why still to this day when you tell people you had a c-section I like home you didn't have a natural birth and I was like well no because I listened to my doctor and if my doctor tells me that something is in my best interest I'm most likely gonna go with it especially if my doctor has been doing this for years decades even and a lot of people get c-sections as well as the first choice c-section was our first choice for me even though the water even when I was a little baby I was like I just want to see sectional to get this baby out and the same time was like I don't wanna be c-section outside for natural birth if it's your first child they don't usually prefer a c-section at least not yeah in South Africa DC terms are usually given in case of an emergency or if you were overdue I wasn't over to you but my baby was literally big and I couldn't wait until he was 40 plus weeks to have a c-section because by then he would have been too big he was born in 4.2 kgs so that is pretty big to begin with just moving back to my point is feeling guilty about having or planning to have a c-section there is nothing wrong with having a c-section it doesn't move at you unless our mother or that your birth experience is like at least meaningful or as meaningful as having a natural birth because that is not the case okay guys sorry for that little one will stick and I to be a nice feeling so as I was saying there is nothing wrong with having a c-section if a c-section is what's best for you and your baby so then you just get a frickin c-section at the end of the day as long as you and your baby are healthy it does not really matter what your birth story is next con is the longer recovery obviously you said major Domino surgery people forget that a c-section is a major abdominal surgery it's not just a walk in the park your recovery is quite long if you have a natural birth Unicom is like your days in terms of like yielding everything out down the way as if you have a c-section like you have six weeks of recovery for some people is small for some people's release but six weeks is usually like your recovery for your incision heal and everything and another con as I said before is you're having major surgery it's not something to take lightly of oh I'm just going if I see situate even though it is a life thing it's so major abdominal surgery like I think through skin layers of fat they are cutting into your uterus there's a whole thing that is happening like it's not a walk in the park even that is a walk in the pockets major surgery so just keep that in mind when you go in for your c-section it's not like all warm and cozy the c-section that theater or the award is so cold and everything is so Sierra I'll which is obviously the things but I don't think that when you go in the next con is you have a scar this might be a con for some people that it's not for me because mine is solo you won't be able to see it unless I little flash you move it which I won't do so I can we bikinis all of those things and you won't be able to see it I can even be underway and you still won't be able to see it because the scar is that low it's not on your stomach it's like right below all this the way that my doctor cut it it's essentially almost on my vagina like above it if it makes Ginny's another colony is staying in the hospital longer if you have a vaginal birth usually go home the next day but if you have a c-section usually there for two or three days depending on your situation sometimes even longer I'm not a fan of hospitals I don't like staying in hospitals so that is a con for me next is having a dull pain from your incision or your tongues of moms we had c-sections who can vouch for this one you just have sometimes you'll just get it it is dull annoying pain it's not like really really painful she's like a dull pain from where you had your c-section and sometimes stinging when it gets cold but that just goes away another con is possible complications now this is kind of a con for natural birth as well because anything can happen you can find in control everything as much as you want to but environment you are in when you're giving natural is not as controlled as it is in an operating room but there are complications for both with you have any c-section or natural birth complications may vary but there are still possible complications I mean we have the painfulness sneezing and coughing okay babies be almost finished the pain from seizing and coughing I spoke about this in my birth story oh my one month postpartum update I'll leave those two link down below so you guys can check it out the pagan if I'm sneezing and coughing because of your incision is the biggest corn eva for the first like two weeks the pain for a musician is like at its worst because it's so really fresh that any and anything any and anything you do will seem painful but sneezing and coughing and laughing oh by far the most painful things you can do which is definitely a con I mean for the first 24 hours trying to sit up or stand up straight may really really hurt even for a c-section I've spoken to other moms who have had like the second or third c-section and they say but again I wasn't as painful as the first five seasons but when you get a c-section for the first 24 hours you're not as mobile you are encouraged to stay in the bed for Oh bed rest and then after 24 hours you will have to get up and move around you just make your recovery a little bit more easier a lost con I just want to slip in there is if you obviously you get stapled and then you get stitched your incision gets staged on one knee skin um I got internal stitches so my stitches didn't show and my scar healed up quite nicely Michael Scott my incision healed up quite nicely at scarring quite nicely even that's a weird thing to say but one of the cons is your dissolvable stick or staples on my shoe which one it is I'll just create myself but I'm editing this video you can actually start to come through your skin now sometimes you may feel it and might be like a little bit of a stinging pain and then after a while you'll see it a kind of looks like a pump all but when you place it or you take it out with tweezers it's plastic and that's the dissolvable stitches this doesn't always happen but if the dial 70 you don't freak out because it will usually be along your incision and there is a corner because I definitely freaked out the very first damage so what I think the first time I saw was when I was two weeks postpartum and I thought it was a poem poem because my sister was cleaning my incision and she was like oh you have a pump away and it first of all was an Engram because obviously the hey dummy it was pretty long because I hadn't shaved it would two weeks so I thought it was an ingrown and then when I paste it it was like a hard piece of plastic I just googled it and I think that's no normal Lavin happen to everybody but if it does happen to you then obviously that's kind of a bold is just the dissolve also making its way through your skin which is so creepy to think about that is all for my c-section pros and cons I'm sorry that I had to rush to do this but I have to keep Bob Sadie for the day because he has been napping on and off say still in his pajamas and he's a daily emcees you guys can see so if you guys enjoyed this video then don't forget to give it a thumbs up also don't forget to subscribe and share my channel or my videos to any other mummies that you know that would love this weenie other pletely woman that you know that would love on my channel and if you guys are interested in makeup and beauty I do have a second channel that is dedicated to all of those kinds of videos I leave a link down below for you guys as well and see ya the next one bye

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