a c-section is a surgical procedure where they do an incision on your skin and then also on your uterus to deliver the baby c-sections are done for a variety of reasons some of the reasons are done are for baby reasons but also for other reasons as well some of the baby reasons could be due to the baby's position so a baby that's breech a but first and most facilities are most providers will not encourage a breech of vaginal birth especially with someone having their first baby sometimes babies are not tolerating labor or they're not tolerating the uterus as at home any longer and so the most rapid way to have a baby is to have a c-section a lot of times people also have c-sections with twins one baby may be in the right position the other baby may not be in the right position may be breech some mothers choose to have this in section as they're out of their deliveries other reasons may be because women have pelvises that do not allow vaginal birth another reason some women may have a c-section is they failure they stop dilating and so we try everything in our power he's tried medications other interventions to help women get to that 10 centimeters and sometimes they just do not and so a c-section is recommended in those situations as well

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