26 Replies to “C Section Recovery Kit – Belly band, Faja, Massage,Tips After Care: Binding, Massage & Skin Brushing”

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  2. just did a section omg i cant walk without pain,cant cough.
    can't go on bed without taking forever its terrible

  3. I wish they did this with me! Post c-section advisement is horrible. They SHOUTcast Include Massage therapy And A Belt. If you get a tummy tuck I am sure they recommend some of these things for your recovery.

    They do surgery like this and have no consideration to physical argumentation. They don't talk about weight loss or ways or a time frame on weights loss after a pregnancy or a c-section. Most people have c-section hang and women feel bad about it and abdominal muscles are not strengthed!

  4. hey hey! Have you considered – The Jambella Elimination (just google it)? Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 lose excellent pounds with it. 

  5. C section recovery for me was unbearable pain. My second child I hope to have a VBAC. 38 weeks pregnant.

  6. Yes- you must bind after a vertical incision, please go asap to drug store and get an wide ace bandage and wrap yourself…..you can come to our site or call our office for help
    All the best- you will have to massage your scar for 6 months…..aloha

  7. I sorta had a c section not really, I'm 15 and I had to get my ovary removed because I had a tu or, my surgery was vertical not horizontal like a c section, but it really hurts and I can't stretch it, so woul this help!

  8. i wouldn't even try touching my belly after i had the c section omg it hurt sooooo bad with and without a wrap . I'm hoping to have a vbac this time!

  9. @Natasza313 Brushing thighs after surgery helps reduce swelling by moving the lymph fluid, and it increases awareness in the lower body.

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