C-Section Recovery Tips

hey guys so this is going to be a video on some tips that I have for a c-section recovery and these are basically four tips while you're in the hospital and how did you know best or you know make your recovery the best that it can be and you know recover as quickly as possible as most of y'all know I had a c-section and I've got oh my god little Jake right here there he is oh yeah all right so I'm gonna put him back down here my lap and we're gonna get started all right so my first tip is to take your pain meds stay on top of your pain meds guys when don't try to be like some superwoman and not take your payments because you're going to be in pain and it's going to suck so just stay on top of it don't let your pain get on top of you whenever you know you can have your pain meds take them definitely those first couple days because those are the worst days and I promise if you stand top of your payments you will be able to manage that pain through your recovery and you will be okay another thing they my Hospital provided a binder for me and it's just like this long piece of like stretchy fabric and you wrap it around you kind of like a miniskirt sort of and it helps you feel together well it helped me feel like you're together and like your guts aren't going to fall out of your stomach basically it just gives you that like security it helps with pain a ton I love my binder I'm still wearing it actually it just it helps so much with pain and it helps you feel comfortable and like just together so I totally recommend a binder I also recommend ice packs I put ice packs on top of your incision my hospital provided ice packs they were about this long and they came in like a little fabric sleeve and I would put it up on my incision and then put the binder on top of it to hold it in place and it helped so much like oh my goodness I cannot tell you how much ice packs helped with my pain relief so I totally recommend ice packs okay where the hospital pads in the hospital underwear that they provide for you you're bleeding is going to be pretty heavy the first few days so I you know don't don't use the little tiny pads that you can get at the at the grocery store or you know wherever you get your your pads don't wear those because it's not going to be enough you need the heavy-duty hospital-grade pads and they will provide all that for you also wear the mesh underwear um that it really you know it's comfortable it goes up high enough over your incision you don't you can throw it away you know you don't need to worry about ruining a pair of underwear by getting it bloody or you know anything like that so really wear the hospital pads and wear the hospital underwear and if you have extra take it home wear it at home as long as you need to all right another thing get up and move as soon as you possibly can that is crucial to your recovery the sooner you get up and move and the more you get up and move the better you are going to feel I know that sounds kind of weird and kind of like well how is that even possible I wouldn't getting up and move to make you feel worse no it makes you feel better I promise so get up and move you can do it like I totally believe in you you got this and yes it is painful but it is so worth it you know it helps you know getting your bowels moving it helps blood flow it helps you heal faster it makes you feel better you know so definitely as much as you possibly can you know walk around postpartum walk around your room walk to the bathroom you know just get up and move another thing is shower as soon as you feel you are able to you will feel so much better when you are clean when your hair is washed you know you will just feel so much better when you're clean and it you know showering that first time just feels so good the water you know on the incision it's warm and it feels nice and I you know definitely shower as soon as you possibly can and also if you're not comfortable standing in the shower a lot of places will provide shower chairs that you can just sit in and you can you know like hold the little shower nozzle and you know shower yourself off that way or just let the water you know fall down on you so um you know definitely definitely shower as soon as you possibly can okay eat drink and sleep okay you got to eat to fuel your body to recover I know you may not be hungry the pain meds make you lose your appetite you just had major surgery that kind of makes you lose your appetite but you got to eat you need to eat in order to keep your strength up so you know it make yourself eat eat little things eat like fruits vegetables you know high-fiber things you got to eat and also you need to drink water is so crucial to the human body and after you have surgery it's even more important and also for breast feeding water is super super important it helps you keep your milk supply up gives you energy so definitely you know eat drink and then also sleep as much as you possibly can while you're in the hospital take naps when your baby's napping nap all day if you can you know nap between the feedings just sleep as much as you possibly can I know that's hard with a newborn and it's hard in hospital too because you know they're coming in every if you want to check on baby check on use but seriously as much as you can just sleep also stay in the hospital as long as you need to don't let your doctors or your family or whoever pressure you into leaving before you are ready with my first c-section I stayed four days and four nights and I needed to my doctor at that time which was not my doctor for the c-section but my doctor before tried to pressure me into going home early at two days postpartum there was no way in heck I was ready to go home at two days postpartum and I knew that so you know I stood my ground and I stayed for four days and four nights and I needed to stay for those four days and four nights with this little guy I stayed I had him Thursday evening and got to go home Sunday morning so um you know that and I I felt ready to go I I didn't feel pressured I felt like it was my time to go home you know so that was that was really good so you know be honest with yourself and stay as long as you need to stay and also accept as much help as you possibly can if you if you know your husband or your significant other is able to stay with you that is absolutely perfect um it's really important that you can get that you know that postpartum support and whatnot and also the nurses are there to help you they they're wonderful and they will help you you know the nurse your nurse is the postpartum nurses they're there for you so accept that help alright that is all the tips that I have if you have any questions on postpartum recovery for c-section definitely leave them below and I'll answer it answer them as soon as I can I'll show you jakey one more time hi baby yes hi guys hi guys oh you're hungry alright well I'm gonna go feed him my all right so I will see you guys for my next update and so will hey bye guys you

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  1. Ladies one of the best tips I got was to buy depends instead of pads. Less risk of leaks and they hold a lot more and are very comfortable. Plus side is you don't have to worry about panties until the bleeding is manageable

  2. I recently just had a c section, had my son at 6:54am I was up and moving by noon. The only thing I have problems with is coughing. Hurts so bad!!!

  3. I agree move as soon as possible but take it easy. I was in bed the full day after and as soon as they let me up I was STANDING taking a shower walking all over the room and ended up over during it. sometimes the epidural and spinal can stay and your system a while and make you not feel pain which is what happen to me and hurt my self. it been almost 4 weeks and I honestly believe it wouldn't be this bad if I would've started out slower then what I did. Remember you just had major surgery. even if it doesn't feel like it!!

  4. I'm not pregnant or planning to be anytime soon but when I have a baby I'm gonna do a scheduled c section just by choice but I'm terrified I won't get numbed in time and will feel it all 😰 (no matter what way I gave birth)

  5. Ireland don't recommend binders as they can apparently cause adhesions inside your stomach I was raging I had a baby one week ago and wanted to wear one and they asked me not to wear it for 4 weeks minimum

  6. Mesh underwear are my favorite I still had awhole bag than my nurse gave me awhole extra bag to take home and the pads are a good choice as well as nice shower and my meds are a lifesaver I had my son 1/4/17 and they rushed me pretty much to be discharged on 1/7/17 I felt so type of way and pretty much was on my own after that like I said I am getting through with the help of my meds and I try not to over do it at all

  7. Yes and make sure you take enough mesh underwear! I was washing mine over and over because I didn't take more pairs home.

  8. i got up after 6 hours and they put these heating pad things on my legs that made me sweat so bad i just moved my legs for 6 hr straight and had hubby massage them yo prevent blood clots

  9. I had a vaginal birth & tiny 5lb 8oz bbb but pushed for 5 hrs bc his head was turned to the side. Anyway PPD was so bad I don't ever want to give birth again EVER!

  10. My best advice…
    LADIES, TAKE YOUR STOOL SOFTENERS!!! LOL…I know it sounds gross, but I didn't take mine, even if I didn't think I needed them…I had them in a drawer…Not a good place when your first bowel movement, is like you're crapping out a Cadillac, with a side-dose of SCREAMING!!! To this day, I wonder why the neighbors didn't call the cops lol!
    10 years later & it still sticks with me!
    So take them even if you think you don't need them 😉

  11. most here is great advice. however- pleaseeee!! do NOT move "a lot" as she states in this video. your job after giving birth ESPECIALLY cesarean birth is to REST. you can seriously hurt yourself and damage your healing large wound or hurt yourself from being under narcotic use for pain management. PLEASE rest. no heavy lifting except your baby. 2 weeks should be devoted to resting and not over exertion.


  12. HELLO ,, thank you so much for yr tips 🙂 after long delivery I have passed also C section 🙁 but it was urgent so i was compleatly sleep,,, second baby i am planing c section straight ,, no more drama ,, i have done all you said :-)) and b coz i do leave in Czech republic over here you have to stay in hospital after regular delivery min 3 – 5 day and after cesarian about 7 day minimum,,, which was soooo nice ,, alone in the room tv on ,, wifi on,, loved it,,, ok my questance is ,, this time i would love to be a wake when c section will be done,, how is it ? to be woke and doctor opening yr belly?? please honestly ,,, i am little nervouse,, kiss and big thanks simona from czech republic

  13. This was a horrible experience for me have been home for one day after having my c section yes binder was great and yes don't ruin your panties and the hospital pad are better take more home was on magnesium for 30 he's after procedure and diluted the hospital wouldn't allow me to shower so I did feel better once home b/c of meds wasn't allowed to drink and once food came was given broth and fluids asked for extra day and was denied was there five days but could have used extra day…would have a vaginal birth w twenty stitches if done again my first birth was a breeze compared to this but we are both healthy and that what matters 👑👑👑💏💏💏

  14. ok this was a great video. I agree. with you on everything 100percent. .. I'm fixing to have my 2nd second was stuff the healing process and every easier are no.. I'm so nervous..

  15. So the hospital will allow you to chose to stay longer? I'm under the impression that doctors and and nurses rush your labor, which often turns into c-section, and then they rush you out to free up the room. I'm not at risk for a c section but I'm terrified of having one.. After watching "The business of being born" I have a very negative outlook on hospitals.. Yet I have to deliver there because I am a single mother and I need the money I stand to gain from AFLAC by delivering in a hospital. I'm sure each hospital is different but in general you think I can say "I don't think I'm ready to go home may I please stay a little longer"

  16. Getting up and walking does help sooo much! Sadly I didn't have a baby though, I had an ectopic and had to get the pregnancy removed

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