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Hi, my name is Mai and today is part 2 of my c-section experience in my last video I went over why I got a planned c-section, what my c-section experience was like the day of but with my twin pregnancy and my singleton pregnancy and today I’ll be going over everything about the recovery and some tips and tricks as well on how to Recover as quickly as possible. All right, so we’ll get right into the video But before we do I have to shamelessly plug my channel Please like and subscribe if you have not already and if you are a current subscriber, thank you so much I really do appreciate you guys alright So where we left off in the last video if you watch that one first Was the waiting room to get to your actual recovery room where you will be for the next few days Once you actually get rolled into your recovery room, you’ll still feel pretty good. You may still have Quite a bit of the spinal block medicine in you so you won’t really feel that much and it won’t be too painful However, my big tip to you here is that you still have the spinal block medication in you, so do not push it Don’t try to do sit-ups Don’t try to break your stitches your glue open. You just had surgery I will reiterate that many times in this video because I Probably needed that reminder the first time I had a c-section after a couple more hours You’ll start to feel your incision and the procedure at that point you’ll have nurses giving you some painkillers to help ease the pain because it is pretty painful Now your nurses may ask you how like what kind of threshold of pain do you want to feel what I did? From the get-go is like zero pain. I want zero pain Give me what will give me zero pain which they did now I wish I knew exactly what they gave me off the bat. I didn’t know I was going to be filming this video So I didn’t like ask for specific notes or anything but what they gave me off the bat did make me feel a little loopy and Out of it, and I just did not like the way it made my head feel it made me really dizzy I told my nurse and doctor that and they ended up giving me These two right here so every eight hours I would take one 800 milligram tablet of ibuprofen and then like in between that time to make sure I never just had nothing in my system every four to six hours as Needed I would take 325 milligrams of oxycodone and acetaminophen mix so I think the Like street name for this street name makes it sound really bad But I don’t know what the term for it is the street name for this is percocet. So I basically Mixed percocet with ibuprofen and would take them Intermittently so that I’d always at least have something in my system because you at no point want nothing in your system Especially the first couple days after your c-section in my case My nurses were pretty on top of getting me my meds when I needed it But I do remember one point in my first c-section with my twins. I Fell asleep for too long. They must have had nurses changed during the night and I woke up in excruciating pain Because I didn’t have anything in my system and I called the nurse in she gave me my meds right away, but I remember those 15 minutes before the meds kicked in were awful word from word from the wise is Put an alarm on your phone or something Make your husband or whoever your support person is staying with you in charge of making sure you get your meds when you need them Especially the first couple days after the procedure now in terms of how long you’ll be staying at the hospital With my twins and with my singleton pregnancy I got 96 hours from the c-section time I know some insurances talking to my friends have reduced that to 72 hours. So be sure to Call your insurance come and see how many days of recovery you get in the hospital free of charge now obviously there are some circumstances if you’re having Complications and a doctor orders it they can extend that time and insurance will cover it. But if everything is going Smoothly as a c-section Recovery should go. It’s 72 to 96 hours Depending on your insurance company day by day recovery from a c-section day one You really are kind of in a fog your focus is on the baby. You’re so excited. You’re on a lot of painkillers So day one is pretty foggy Once day two hits and a lot of like the more intense drugs have kind of worn off I actually felt like day two in both of my Pregnancies was one of the harder days because your mind is right, you know exactly what’s going on You have this new baby with you that you have no idea what to do it you’re recovering and While you still have the drugs in you to keep the pain at bay. It is still painful There’s only so much the drugs can do when you know You just had a major surgery day two is also harder than day one Because they will remove the catheter that they put in right before you got the c-section for me with my first C-section with the twins the removal of the catheter was really painful I honestly don’t know why when it came to my Second c-section. I was the most nervous for the removal of the catheter portion because that to me was like the most traumatic painful thing in my first c-section and then to my surprise With my second c-section, like I didn’t even feel it when they removed the catheter. It was painless So, I don’t know what happened with my first one Someone maybe didn’t let all the air out of the little ball I don’t know exactly but I didn’t know what to expect with my first one So I thought that’s what was normal. But with my second one with it being very list for it to be removed I now realize that it probably should have been a painful experience The next part of day two that makes it more difficult than day 1 of recovery is you are expected to get up Assisted of course and walk around you you got to do this It will hurt especially the very first time you get up definitely have someone there not definitely you must have someone there to Support you the first time you get up the first time you get up. It will likely be to go to the bathroom So for both cases for me I had a nurse help me walk just the tiny way to the bathroom and it was such an accomplishment to finally get down on that toilet seat and go to the bathroom on my own for the first time and nurses You guys are my heroes I had no idea what nurses went through in the you know Maternity recovery ward of a hospital, but they do everything for you I mean even though you have a c-section you’re still bleeding a lot Vaginally just like you would if you delivered vaginally You’re not really able to clean yourself right after a surgery and the nurses helped me get all cleaned up This is really graphic. But this is what it is the nurses just help you in every single facet They’ll help you get to the shower if you want a shower They bring you your medication your food like, thank you nurses You guys are the best you are my hero It’s truly by day three with my first c-section It was a little bit easier It still was painful But it surprisingly did get a lot easier by day three on day two You don’t even understand how you will leave the hospital in a couple days and then by day three you’re like, oh, okay I mean it still hurts, but I feel a hundred times better than I did the day before now with my second c-section day three It was actually harder and more painful now if this is your first c-section you shouldn’t have to worry about this But what I didn’t know or realize with my second c-section is every consecutive C-section gets more painful and harder to recover from I’m not a doctor I don’t know exactly the ins and outs of why but you know multiple Surgery is cutting through, you know your muscle and your uterus multiple times It’s harder on your body to recover every time every c-section apparently according to my doctor would be more and more painful and that’s also why they don’t you know do Seven c-sections on the same person. They usually don’t recommend doing more than two or three So again not trying to freak anyone out If this is your first c-section, you don’t have to worry about that day three being harder on my second c-section I was concerned that something could potentially be wrong, but my OB looked me over Said everything was normal. This is just par for the course when you get multiple c-sections and then by day four, it was a relief because day four it did get significantly easier even the second time around and by day four You definitely are ready in a normal smooth c-section experience to go home It’ll be hard to believe it when you get today for that You actually feel good enough to leave because you know day 2 and 3 can be a little rough But by day 4 our bodies are amazing and somehow We just are so much better that we are actually able to leave the recovery area of the hospital now Even though you are ready to leave the hospital There are definitely a lot of precautions that you still have to take. Once you were allowed to go home. Obviously You’re not driving home from the hospital You need to have someone Drive you back to your home. Even for me it like for the next three weeks I wasn’t allowed to do any driving according to my doctor Of course when you’re on the painkillers, you’re not allowed to drive But even when you’re off the painkillers My doctor said three weeks was my best bet for waiting to drive again Because there still will be pain Your incision site the risk they don’t want you to run is if you have to break very suddenly to avoid, you know an accident of some sort if you are braking and it somehow causes abdominal pain and makes You lift your foot off the brake and then you’re not able to fully control the car the way you would Need to I hope that made sense basically talk to your doctor about it. Maybe the roles have changed My doctor said I wasn’t allowed to drive for three weeks post procedure overall on all these things that I’m talking about This is what my OB told me for my to C-section experiences your OB might have a different idea on what the rules are after surgery So definitely talk to them about it. This is just my experience The other thing I wasn’t allowed to do for eleven days post procedure was use any sort of stairs I was lucky. My bedroom is actually on the first level of my home So not using the stairs wasn’t a big deal for me But I know in my home in Minnesota and a lot of northern homes, the master bedroom is on the second floor So if that’s the case for you, you just got to figure out you know some bed situation for you on the couch or on a pull-out bed or something on your main level because You do not want to push it and do stairs until 11 days after recovery The other big rule to follow is not lifting anything that weighs over 15 pounds now when I delivered my twins with my first C-section that was a pretty easy rule to follow like there’s not many situations where I need to lift more than 15 pounds and My little twins were only about five and a half pounds when they were born So I was able to hold one of them and feed them and still be within you know The threshold that I was allowed not lifting fifteen pounds was a lot harder with my second c-section because the second time around I had twin 22 month old that Love mama Carrying them and hugging them and it really was heartbreaking not being able to Lift them or carry them, you know We just really had to stress to the kids that mama mama has a boo-boo. She’s hurt right here You can’t you can’t be rough. You can’t jump on her She can’t lift you right now if you need something go to Dada or grandma Hopefully you have someone who can help you I mean if you have another child that needs to be cared for you really do need someone else there to help if they’re really little and have to be carried around or picked up to go into a highchair or something because You do not want to lift more than 15 pounds like listen to your doctor on that front The other thing you’ll do in your recovery is you want to check your incision daily? Especially for the first couple weeks right after your procedure Just look at it. Make sure it’s not too painful It shouldn’t be bleeding there shouldn’t be like pus or anything weird coming out of it if there is call your doctor also Just like with a vaginal delivery. You will still bleed like you have a period it shouldn’t be super painful One thing to be cognizant of is making sure there aren’t any you know Big clumps or clots coming out if you have anything larger than like a golf ball coming out of you call your doctor and Really at this point once you’re home if you’re following all the rules and not overly straining yourself or injuring Yourself? It should be a manageable amount of pain. It shouldn’t be Excruciating if you have any concerns or it is really painful Call your doctor. So now that we’ve gone over the things not to do right after having a c-section Let’s go into tips on recovering as quickly as possible number one is Again, don’t overly strain yourself. You just have a baby Through an opening in your stomach cut through muscle cut through uterus. It sounds really morbid But this is how I am stressing to you not to strain yourself One of the things I did to ensure that I wasn’t going to be straining myself as I started cutting back on the painkillers pretty early on Just to make sure that I was able to feel what I was doing For example, if I had kept taking tons and tons of painkillers and couldn’t feel anything I might have injured myself without really realizing it at first which can lead to complications or problems or postpone recovery or Become really painful even through the painkillers So I started weaning myself off the painkillers not only to reduce having it in the breast milk but so that I could feel my body and prevent myself from doing actions that were painful That was you know assigned to my brain you’re hurting yourself stop doing that and then I could stop doing it the other thing to continue so in the last video I gave the recommendation of taking stool softeners prior to your procedure if you were having a planned c-section And if it’s still really really painful to go number two at this point I would talk to your OB about Continuing some stool softeners so that you’re not pushing and straining when you’re trying to go number two The next recommendation is on clothing to wear to help you recover quickly so in terms of just your regular attire don’t wear like pants or jeans or anything that will press on your Incision or rub against it. We’re really loose flowing clothing So a maxi dress that you know doesn’t have a belt or any pressure on your belly a nice robe That ties at the middle which is also really convenient for breastfeeding you have easy access to what baby wants and then some people like this some people don’t I personally enjoyed wearing a maternity belt after Having my babies. It just helped me feel like more secure and Put together and I actually also wore it slightly over my incision especially when I had my toddlers because it almost was like a shield to prevent them from Running into my incision or really hurting me two to three weeks after recovery You’ll start to feel pretty good at this point and you’ll maybe start thinking that you can lift heavy things and things that weigh over 15 pounds Maybe you’re running late to a doctor’s appointment and your husband’s in the bathroom and you think oh, it’s no big deal I can carry this car seat with the baby. That’s definitely over 15 pounds out to the car Don’t do it. You are risking injuring yourself and then making your recovery last even longer Please I know I’ve said this like a bajillion times now But I’m just really stressing it because I care about you guys and I don’t want anyone to get hurt in their recovery Wait, the eight weeks that is recommended by doctors before you do anything crazy The next tip for a quicker recovery is drink a ton a ton a ton of water Take your prenatal vitamins and also take a probiotic Because you just had a surgery they pump you full of antibiotics Which kills your healthy good gut bacteria So starting a probiotic right away after the procedure will help restore that and help you just overall Become a healthier person again next if this is an option for you. I know It’s not always your choice when you have a new baby, but try to get as much sleep as possible You know the saying sleep when the baby sleeps well Do it try to have some family in town to help out Hopefully your husband’s lucky enough that he can have some paternity leave to help out You just had a major surgery. You need to sleep in order to recover So make sure you have people helping you out if possible so that you can get the rest that’s needed to heal I hope this video didn’t scare you in any way please know that if I survived a c-section you can survive a C-section because I am the biggest wimp if you liked this video and if it helped you in any way Please click that like button and also subscribe for more mommy tip videos sending positive vibes your way I really do hope that you have an amazing birthing experience Thank you so much for watching. See you in the next video. Bye

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