C-Section Risks (Obstetrics – C Section)

so let's talk about the risks of c-sections c-sections are very safe surgeries it's something that we do all the time it's the kind of surgery honestly we can do it 3:00 in the morning half asleep and you'll be fine nah because it's not the way you want it to be but c-sections are very safe there are risks of any surgery so the general risks of surgery are bleeding and with c-sections you can bleed but it's unusual to have an excessive amount of bleeding where it's going to cause you problems if you do you might need a blood transfusion but again that's very rare you can get an infection either in the incision or deeper in or anywhere else in your body from surgery and that's a rare event as well and can be treated with antibiotics there's also even a smaller risk of injury to other tissue like your bladder or your intestine or a nerve or a blood vessel and those are very rare injuries and when they are as long as a recognizer can be fixed and generally you end up being okay and then there's a risk of anesthesia which also are extremely small so in general the risks of c-section are very small now the r is a c-section go up with each subsequent c-section and so some people have this sort of magic number you can only have three c-sections or you can only have four c-sections well that's not really true you can have as many c-sections as you want but you have to understand that there's a little more risk with each one that risk still remains small but it slowly goes up and the biggest thing that we worry about with people that have have multiple c-sections are scar tissue and something called placenta accreta scar tissue is the fact that every time you have surgery makes scar now that's just on your skin but even deep down in those tissues and the scarring can obscure the anatomy so that things aren't always where they're supposed to be and that increases the risk of injury to other tissue generally speaking though we can deal with the scar tissue rice taking our time and taking the scar tissue down and still perform your c-section safely Lucena accreta is an issue where the placenta which is the tissue that supports the baby that passes the blood through the baby and the nutrients and the oxygen and that's supposed to come off right after the baby's born that's so called afterbirth very rarely that can actually grow into the uterus itself and become intimately involved in the uterus that that tissues don't slough off like you're supposed to immediately after delivery that can become a major problem in some cases requiring massive transfusion or even hysterectomy where the only way to get rid of the placenta is to remove the entire uterus fortunately that is a very rare complication but that complication does increase with each subsequent c-section and that's really mostly what we worry about when we have people that have had five or six previous c-sections but even then in general most of those c-sections go perfectly well and Joy's calm

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  1. I wish doctors would be so nice like you telling us everything is going to be ok instead of getting mad because we are having so many kids.now I feel more relaxed knowing the risks are not that bad.

  2. Hi Doctor! I have 5 prior csections and currently 24wks pregnant,I'm terrified scared this being my #6, never had any kind of complications with any of them, you make me feel more confident!

  3. pls Dr i have c section 4month ago and mistakely pregant what are my risk am really afried i dont no what to do now

  4. Hello doctor.
    I am having white coat blood pressure and 33 weeks pregnant. What is the best option if my blood pressure rise during delievery???

  5. Hi my name is jessica cox I am I am wondering I had a C-section August 3rd 2015 I also have sleep apnea before I was pregnant but my question is to you guys I had took muscle relaxer after my C-section they told me that I wasn't responding to my newborn baby boy is that supposed to be normal yes or no

  6. I had 4 C-sections the first one was emergency C-section my son's heart was dropping so they had to do an emergency now I'm getting a tubal reversal thinking about having more with my new marriage honestly it's not that bad

  7. C-sections are incredibly safe. Scheduled repeat c-sections are safer and easier than emergency c-sections. Try to focus on your new baby and be excited to finally meet this bundle of joy. You are probably at more risk driving to the hospital than you are having the surgery.

  8. I am still terrified to undergo my 2nd c section. With my first, I didnt bother to research about complications but now that I have I am so scared. So many things can happen. Infection, nick of major artery, blood clots etc… I try not to think about it but its all i think about. I am not enjoying my last few weeks of this pregnancy due to these morbid thoughts. 🙁

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