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hey guys welcome back to my channel um I'm just gonna talk a little bit about my c-section story whoa guys so I'm just basically trying to give you guys overview of why did I have to get a c-section the process and what to expect after c-section so as you guys know I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she's now two months and um let's just go into how it all started okay so I went to my doctor's appointment I was a day before my due date so I arrived and II checked me and everything and everything seemed fine she asked was having the contractions I actually wasn't I didn't start contracting until I was actually at my doctor's appointment and I just died feeling cramps and I mean they was mouths and they started getting a little heavy then it got mouths again so you know the accent did you want us to call the ambulance and I was like no I'm fine so after she checked me or whatever she said on if your contractions continue just follow up with the hospital because you are a day before you due date so my husband was home um I went to the doctor's appointment by myself I don't even know why I went with myself maybe I wanted a little break from him I don't remember but I end up one by myself today he's just driving he's scared you don't know what to do I mean I wasn't panicking at this point because you know this is my third baby I pretty much know was expect or at least I though I don't know what I was expecting so I get to the hospital by this time I'm like tears just falling down my eyes I'm in so much pain they come they see me they rushed me into intake I don't even think I had to fill out any forms because everybody can clearly see that I was an active leaver so I got upstairs only checked me I was 7 to 8 centimeters already so from the time I went to my OB appointment and by the time I got back to the house and then went to the hospital I have dilated that much oh I forgot to show you guys once I got checked when I was at my OB appointment I was only I believe three centimeters so I just sent you home um okay so I'm at the hospital checked me I was seven eight centimeters um I didn't go to the hospital that I was supposed to go to because I heard this other hospital was better for delivery I mean this is my really first year in Orlando so I don't know too much about the hospitals so they rushed me up to the delivery room um my husband called his mom and she a calmness kummel with me while I was in that room and I just felt you know the spirit was talking to me and said don't yell don't scream fathers would you relax so something just came over me and told me to do that and that's exactly what I did so by the summerhouses delivery room I wasn't yelling I wasn't screaming that bad at this point I'm not yelling or screaming I'm like pretty calm even the doctors and nurses they was like I cannot believe you're so calm at eight centimeters I mean something was just you know I was just like every time I was having those contractions I was just breathing and I would just be quiet when the contraction was coming I was just praying in my head I prayed in my head prayed in my head so they would come I'll be calm I pray in my head and then you know until they today was done so on they checked me maybe three three more times after um I actually arrived in the delivery room and for some reason little Missy wasn't coming down um at some point you know they have you wrapped up a monitor to check the baby's heart rate her heart rate rate kept dropping they notice that it was hot dropping said it would turn me to laughs it would drop it on me said of ready to drop so after about five minutes of switching me over from the left to the right and continue to check my cervix to see if I was pasty centimeters or to see if she dropped any they thought that it was best if they perform a c-section now I've never had one I was completely nervous I was scared when she told me that um mrs. Lloyd you know it's time for you to you know have a c-section because she's not coming down heart rate is dropping and at this point we don't want anything happens to the baby I was very scared very nervous they said mrs. big Rome I had already received epidural um even though it wasn't working out well because I came in at 8 centimeters so they just gave me a stronger medicine in my back I'm not too sure but then the name of the medicine was um so after they did that they took me into the operating room where I was pretty much from the waist down covered and the only thing that anybody can see on my husband is because he was kind of sitting back to me boys from here on up I didn't feel I didn't feel them cutting me I just felt like pulling and rumbling in my stomach area it wasn't painful but it was a little discomforting I was kind of dosed up off medicine so I didn't feel it that much but I did feel pulling and tugging and then next thing I know she came out and I just heard screaming and crying and um they gave the baby to my husband I don't remember too much of afterwards because I like I said I was kind of doped up and they took me into another room after that after they sold me and stitched me and everything and I'm I went to another room now that was her she was out and everything was good so I thought so I get to now the room oh you know I talked about you you gonna talk about you now I'm in the room where they're supposed to be where I'm going to be staying until I'm a bit of a home and the first night I mean it it was okay I mean they gave me oxycontin so I was pretty drugged up dachshund couldn't meet me itch alot I wasn't too drowsy but I mean I was a little comfortable I know there was pain I couldn't walk that well I needed help getting out of bed you know that was pretty much it for the first name now the second night that was the night I mean that second a second – you say it was terrible oh my goodness like I had gas um I was just so much pain on another car so yeah but that second day I was like in so much pain like I the gas was like alright so gas creeping up my shoulders I was like oh my goodness like I couldn't even shower I couldn't put my under clothes lon I needed like I was just in so much pain and discomfort my husband was working overnight at the time and my son he was staying at his his own his mom's house Oh child was released from the hospital so I was just I was bad I wasn't really bad sheet like I mean okay okay I wasn't really really really really really bad shape just amount of pain you know that I was in so they finally got told me I had to get up and walk to try to get my boughs to move around and get my body just to get back adjusted to you know think how things was before you know I gave birth and it was pretty bad you know in the hospital I mean it was just him he wasn't coming up to the hospital come see me my family I'm I live in New Jersey so my all my friend is a New Jersey Silver's just him you know at the hospital and I was like it was bad I really need to help the nurses they was helping me you know as much as they can but it wasn't you know it was bad like tell me you guys make sure you have that family support make sure you have people coming there helping you bring you food whatever you need guys because you're gonna need all the help we can get so fast forwarding I finally managed to go the hospital we took my little beautiful girl home now the worst came once I got so they sent me home on a narcotic I don't remember the name of it and 800 milligram room which I was supposed to take and just you know rotate between those two pills but it didn't really help that much as far as with the pain I helped song but not that much I mean I couldn't get out of bed like it took me at least 30 minutes to get up and win it just to get my body up that's how bad it was I didn't sleep in my bed I slept on the couch too cuz the couches lower to the floor so it wasn't I didn't have to do too much work to get up but it was still was it was terrible then I was breastfeeding so I had to breastfeed her change her and just get around I couldn't walk that well I needed help and I have to shower my husband doesn't much as he can but I can he works overnight and he had to come home and he had to help me and it was just horrible it was it was it was bad it was really bad like I I was one of my most one of my most challenging points in my life wake I was like childbirth is a beautiful thing but I I would never anticipated my body would be so beat down after you know having a c-section so like I said if you have family if you have friends if you have anybody that would be willing to come over and help you know just be child don't be he ashamed don't be embarrassed because you're gonna need the hopeless trust me I needed the help I just didn't get it but I didn't need to help like I you know my husband he was my support through the whole process but I mean it was it was bad it was rough I think when I hit three weeks after I gave birth I was able to walk a little better I was still in a little pain but it was much better once I hit a month I was able to walk like maybe from my house to my car which is made me big minutes away without any pain I was still a little wobbly you can tell that I just had you know I just gave birth but it wasn't as bad once six weeks I was pretty much good I was like you know I was back to my normal stuff I was getting up I still have it was still a little tense down here but it wasn't as bad as it was before um I didn't feel like completely myself until exactly the two month mark yeah completely like myself two months like I had not at this point I can go to the gym I feel fine go to the gym that gonna exercise there's no pain down there there's no discomfort I can walk on my own I'm pretty much okay so I mean that was you know as far as my body healing but you know I still notice little things like I do have a little pouch down here that I didn't have before I gave birth but I mean I work out so hopefully it goes away if it doesn't I mean I mean what can I do like I said my best advice for anyone who has to have a c-section or you're pregnant and the doctors told you you may need a c-section or you've had one before I'm just like at this point like my best advice if I couldn't give some advice to anyone definitely reach out to family members of friends and get help in advance like you know if you already know you have to have a c-section prep your house like you know making close to you prep food you know like I said I breastfed but I mean you might formula is gonna help because I mean it's hard when there's so much pain you have to put the baby see impressed you pay if you can I mean it's your choice if you want to use formula you can use it that helped it will help you know have a conversation with just about us before see if you can take some time off work a week or two you know whatever however many days he can take them because you're going to need the help it's not something that you can do by yourself you know and you know kudos to all the single mothers out there who were able all who had no other choice but to do it by yourself but I mean you're gonna need help this is not just something that you know you you're gonna experience by yourself and it's like you know I'm strong I can deal with it it was it was very painful for me especially because I had two children vaginal and I had I experienced no problems after a couple days I was pretty much okay but I mean like I said you guys are definitely gonna need help I mean now she's what two months in a week so my body is pretty much okay now I'm fine you know she's healthy and I mean like guys I just want to share my whole birth c-section story with you guys um I'm blessed you know I have a beautiful little baby girl who's so keen and she eats a lot I mean a lot and so thank you guys for watching the comments you guys can ask me any questions you want I'm free to listen and you know just enjoy to see you

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