hello welcome to my channel my name is Heather and I'm really talking about how I have I'm about to have my fourth c-section and how it's not as scary as you think it will be in case you're going to have a c-section or even if you don't think you are but you just want to be kind of prepared in case a pregnancy goes that way this video is for you so I it's interesting my mom had eight children she had them all completely natural and so I just assumed that half her genes this is going to be great I have nothing to worry about and that just wasn't not the case I I used to actually be when I was pregnant with my first Thomas I used to watch a baby story every single morning except for the mornings that there was a c-section on and if there was a c-section on I just didn't watch it I'm like that will not be me and I was just adamant that I was not going to have a c-section and so so come to find out I was 42 weeks pregnant and still not a single sign that I was going into labor or you know nothing no progression on that that end of the oven so I ended up going in and getting induced and it was you know I was pretty sad about that so I wanted to do it you know as natural as I could at perfect least and that just was not the case so so they induced me and gave me a medicine that get taste going and I knew I wanted to feel the contractions in case I ever had a daughter I really wanted to feel it and be able to relate to my daughter like what what it felt like and that kind of thing so so I ended up you know getting induced and and I think it was maybe four five centimeters into it I said okay I need any drugs like this is really intense and I have heard when you're enthused it just gets really intense much quicker and it's not it's harder on your body like sub pain is until so anyway I got drugs and so better after that and I woke up the next morning and you know the doctor came in text me and I was 10 centimeters and he's like looks great well probably has a baby by noon and so I was like all about it I was so excited and my mom was there with me and my husband was gone at the time that's a whole other story but so so I was excited I was like good good progression all that thing was the doctor you know check again he's like the baby has not dropped which usually the last couple weeks of your pregnancy even up to a month you can your baby will usually draw you know and be ready for to get ready you know to come out and Thomas never drop so I always had him like you know up in my lungs kind of thing so he just never dropped and so they put me in a bunch of different positions to try to help him to drop and he just never did now my body was font like was fine but Thomas his body his heart rate was starting to drop and it started dropping graduate and then it was drastic and so did pretty much panicked and said we are probably going to have to do an emergency c-section and I started bawling I was not prepared for that in any way I just thought my body would just naturally do you know what what it needed to do for this baby you know to survive and all that so so I was pretty much heartbroken at the time my mom was right there and we both like started crying because like I knew that's not what I wanted but that is how it happened so with him like I think a half hour Thomas was out and you know and the best feeling in the world was hearing him cry and I met she was okay and all of that my recovery with Thomas wasn't that very good it was by far the hardest out of the three and my I don't notice because my body was preparing to give labor or or what like mentally or what it was but I just it was so hard and painful and a hard life you know I thought it would be like the most joyful day of my life and it was obviously to some extent but it was like just so incredibly hard at the same time um just the pain of you know just being cut open and not having a baby and that you know not getting to do it the way that I wanted and all of that so I would say recovery with my first was pretty hard they did yeah you know they gave me pain medicine and all of that a very leery to take it because I didn't want because I was breastfeeding I don't want the baby to get all these medications and all that and so so once I left the hospital I actually didn't really take any pain medication and I did and actually with all three of them I did it once I left the hospital and and I I guess I just have a higher pain tolerance maybe I don't know but um but it was fine and and stuff so so that was my first and it was by far the most heartbreaking the hardest one and just everything motherhood and stuff that was you know everything was you know such a shock to me and not having my husband there it was just a very hard time in my life even though I had waited you know I wanted babies since I was in high school pretty much so so that was hard it was hard if not how I thought it would go then with Jacob I bet pregnant with Jacob as soon as my husband got back which was five months later and so I and it was really hard to get pregnant with sheikha or with Thomas so I just assumed it would be hard to get pregnant with my next one and that was not the case it's not been the case with any of them after so um so we didn't even do an SP or anything because I just assumed that you know I'm still breastfeeding my body will naturally not you know need need to worry about that and so I didn't even get a period or anything like that and I didn't find that I was pregnant till 10 child is ten weeks pretty much and and it was a shocker I was just not expecting that and they and I didn't know this at the time but they said like but you should not try to get pregnant till you are at least a year after your c-section nobody told me that and I didn't do any anything to prepare or you know think about that that just wasn't on my radar like I said my mom dink it you know she nursed and she didn't get her period for like three years after because she nursed that long and so I did this soon which was my problem that that was me you know and that kind of thing so anyway Jacob was our little surprise they the closest hospital that would do a VBAC was over an hour away and I had little Thomas with me and my husband was working long hours and it was just too much so I'm like okay I'm just going to have a c-section and so I was prepared that it would be just as hard to have a you know as Thomas's and that kind of thing but um but I had Jacob and it was so easy like I don't like it was bizarre how I told my mom you know because she had a tin can palm a chiral and like I feel like I cheated like I knew the event stays that I was having with c-section yeah I could plan everything out and you know I was mentally prepared for it being physically still hard but um but with Jacob I don't know if it was the doctor or what but they filled me up and I was up and walking that day like my mom stayed for six weeks after but I was you know cleaning the house and doing pretty much everything within a week like Miette I felt like pretty good within a week and it was incredibly different from my first defection so I'm just here to tell you like they are so different you know if you had a really hard for c-section your second one might be much easier so after Jacob I had daiquiri and we were doing NFP 1/2 an MSP coach to do the creak method and our coach is really good she was very thorough like you know how to check the mucus all of that and so we were doing pretty good actually like we we could awesome and then my husband was getting moved to China and it was an extremely stressful time in our in our lives because we didn't know if we could go with him and the moom and all that so it was just kind of a a very stressful time and so what we think happens was I'm pretty sure I double peak and then here comes that great little miracle he was such a a shocker hi and especially because we're moving to China so that's a whole another story of God's grace and trusting in God and all I could tell you all that story but um so so that was a big shocker broad we you know I found out the day the mover the day before the movers came that I was pregnant and I freaked out and actually the reason I took the test was because the movers were coming and they weren't allowed to take certain things we weren't allowed to take some things to China and so I was just using my pregnancy test just to use it up pretty much because I was otherwise going to throw it away so I'm like oh I'll just use this and I did literally I took the test and I walked you know started to do this cleaning doing everything I totally forgot about the test until I came back to the bathroom to clean something and at the very end of the day and and I looked at it and I was completely and totally blindsided I was so shocked about being pregnant like a adult words cannot describe how shocked I was because we were literally about to move to China and I just thought I was pregnant and I'm like I cannot have a baby in China you know I just anyway so thankfully my husband came home and that it was only five minutes before he was home and stuff so anyway he called me down and he begged me to come with him to China and so went to China with him and but I came back to have birth to this guy and so anyway that's sorry that's a long story but so I because I had two c-sections before I knew I was going to have a c-section again and so with Zachary I had a c-section and and his recovery was I would say image between Thomas and Jacob it was not as hard as Thomas's life Thomas was very hard but it was not as easy as Jacobs it was kind of in between so the doctor said you know my uterus time because they can see your uterus and that's kind of the big thing about if you should be able to have more kids or not is if you have a straight uterus and and with Zachary they said it was great you know and I think that's because I waited two years to get pregnant with him so they said hey you it looked great and that I could have another one that I wanted so my husband and I were so over the moon because I just I knew I wanted marques I love being a mom like I know this is my calling like hey you know was just over the moon my husband I think was even more excited than me and stuff so so we were really excited that email that we get to have more kids and that everything should be safe and that kind of thing so so here I am you know Zachary will be and they said wait a year before you get pregnant so over a year we waited in and Here I am pregnant with 24 we are over the moon we're really both so excited and just wants a girl so I yeah I'm so excited and so I don't know how the recovery will go with this one I'm 12 you another video about how goes and all of that if you having a c-section it's okay it's really not as hard as you might think you know as people have been doing it for a long time doctors are so advanced in knowing what to do and all of that and and I just encourage you just put your trust in God even in your c-sections and whatever it is just a fully trust and God in that and I hope this video help feel free to you know ask me questions about c-sections I know that can be pretty scary and pretty from the palm you know in society and that kind of thing but you know whatever helps you in the baby be safe that is what we ultimately want and if that's you know having a c-section then so be it but anyway I hope this helped and I will talk to you all next time bye


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  2. I had an emergency C section with my oldest so I had a c section with my son and youngest. With my last one the worst part was the spinal. When the stuck the needle in I felt what seemed like sparks coming out of my left hip. Probably due to my sciatica. I can't go through one more c section not with something like that.

  3. Just a week after my emergency csection here. 4th baby. All other pregnancys we're wonderful and natural. This time I went into labor early and he wasn't in the right position. He was oblique, not engaged, and had his arm above his head. The on call Dr broke my water and attempted to manually move his arm out of the way. It didn't work and I was whisked off for an emergency c section with a midwife holding him in on the way there. They put me under. My husband was not there because we couldn't get a babysitter yet so he was tending to our 3 children in the waiting.
    Our little Henry was ok, no complications for him thank goodness. I however, wouldn't wake up. I could hear them but was paralysed. It was terrible. Then when they removed my tube, I couldn't breathe without intervention for a few hours.

    The Dr said she gave a horizontal cut on the outside, but my uterus has an inverted T cut and that it's extended to the top and pretty severe. She said I would have problems conceiving. She also said if I was to become pregnant, it was extremely dangerous, and highly advised against.

    I'm terrified. We're Catholic. Only bc we will use is nfp but I'm 30 and 20 years seems like so long. I'm terrified what the future holds. Friends tell me that they are probably being overly severe about it all and I should get other opinions. They did say my uterus looked good and went back great and my recovery seemed amazing. Truth be told mentally I'm a mess right now.

    Any advice? I ask for prayers please…for peace, hope, and trust. I just keep thinking I could have done something different for a different outcome.

  4. Omgoodness I am SO HAPPY I found you & your channel & so grateful you shared this story! I just had my 2nd csection and I was so sad because I had everything so planned for my first I was 100% ready to have her naturally and the same thing happened I was 42 weeks and never even felt a contraction! The induction didnt work nothing progressed, it was so sad for me and I always wanted many children and now fear for my 3rd..if there is to be a 3rd. I am so happy to meet you & just subbed to your channnel Thank you so much I cant wait to hear how your 4th goes!

  5. I went 42weeks with my daughter before my water broke at home, I got all of the inducing meds and after 24 hours I would not dialate past a 3. So I had to have a c section. I so wanted to deliver natural

  6. May I ask how old you are now? So sorry if that’s rude- I only ask because I also am high risk due to my age here with my second pregnancy- I’ll turn 37 ten days after his birth this August! I’m always curious about women who wait till later to have children. I’m also considering giving over to God the number of children we have in the future.

  7. Im hoping for option of elective c section but im high risk and likely will get one anyway. Ive had back surgeries,tummy tuck,breast augmentation, spleen surgery, appendectomy and broken bones so its just another surgery lol a perienal tear a bad one can be permanent damage

  8. my fiance and I are Christian and I have always been drawn to catholicism. My father's family is Catholic but I wasn't baptized as a baby I was when I got saved at 19. We want to start RICA but baby will be born before we get first communion. Our local parish is small to be honest not welcoming and judgmental we are 30 years old not that we are any different than a teen unwed couple but im wondering if we can get baby baptized. I will go check with a bigger parish, we believe in and understand understand the sacraments of the church. Just haven't had time to take adult catechism

  9. I wanted babies since I was at high school, didn’t you think of studying or growing up first ? Misleading message for young girls , believing that is ok to go and have babies as soon as they can.

  10. Have you had any problems with scar tissue? I am having my 3rd c section soon and am a little concerned about long term problems. I havent had any trouble with the 2 I have alread had. Thank you!!

  11. Hi, God bless you guys for being open to life after those c-sections. Have you ever looked into vbacs after multiple c-sections? I have a few friends that have had vbacs after 3 c-sections, and have spoken on the phone with a mom who a VBAC after 4 c-sections. I myself had a 3VBACs after having 3c-sections.

    May God continue to bless your beautiful and growing family!

  12. I was young and not educated at the time. I trusted the doctor and ended up being induced too early & having a c-section. I am having my 4th & last c-section due April 2018!! 😊

  13. I could not deliver natural either. My oldest daughter weighed 10 lbs 5 ozs and she had gotten stuck in my birth canal and could not go any further. They told me c section for her benefit. I was forced to have c sections with my last two due to this. We had to choose life at this point. I wanted my children safe

  14. I had a c section with my first. With my second I am trying to have a vbac. I am so nervous about the possibility of another c section. Thanks for the informative video!

  15. I'm having my first child next week and Dr scheduled a C section because my daughter is weighing big and I'm very petite. This has been helpful. I haven't been heartbroken about it. I feel the doctor knows best on what to do and my only concern is getting her out safely. In the long run I'm very happy with the c section. Very helpful to see this! Thank you!

  16. So happy i found this video I’m going to be having my 3rd c section however my last child was 12 years ago so i feel like I’m starting all over and I’m super scared!

  17. You are a blessing to me. I'm going to have my 4th c section. Catholic mom here!! I love your channel!

  18. Thank you for making this video ! My first pregnancy went similiar to yours resulting in an emergent c section. I am curious were you ever scared of the possibility of having a hysterectomy due to repetitive c sections? I love the fact that you have such a positive approach when it comes to delivering via c section. Please share your thoughts as i am afraid.

  19. God tends to take you down a notch when you say, "I am NOT going to do X/Y/Z." He did that for me with natural birth and nursing. 2 days in and out of hospital. Had to be induced, still didn't progress. I was given the choice between epidural and c-section. I finally, after asking permission from my natural-birthing mom and grandmother (who were like, "OF COURSE TAKE IT! ARE YOU NUTS?!"), took the epidural and cried more from pride than pain. Had my daughter in my arms a few hours later.

    THEN… Was supposed to exclusively breastfeed. Had no idea my milk hadn't come in. She was admitted to the hospital for moderate dehydration at five days old. I was put on a pump and got about 10ccs. I cried and cried and cried. Severe post partum. I wouldn't go into the stress center of course. Wouldn't take the Zoloft either. Wore myself thin on an endless (and sleepless) nurse, pump, supplement regimen. Still had to supplement until she turned one. Then I find out the reason was a thyroid disorder.

    And that's all just with one baby.

    Our second is in the arms of Mary. Ectopic. He died before the surgery. His placenta kept growing and ruptured my tube three times over a two week period. There was so much blood they had to do the ten-inch incision instead of the three small ones. They said my tube looked like hamburger. That finally brought me down a notch.

    We live in a world and in bodies broken by original sin. To think it should be this or that way instead is nothing short of pride. Only one woman had no pain in bearing her child. None of us are immaculate.

  20. C sections are sometimes necessary but remember, your child's immunity will be much, much stronger if they can go through a vaginal birth.

  21. Thank you so much for making this video! I'm currently pregnant with my 4th and will have my 4th c-section later this year! I have been searching for other mommas like myself and I am really happy I found your channel! I have two boys 13&10 and a daughter who is 2 and this baby will be a girl as well!

  22. I am on my 4th csection as well. My 1st was a 14 hour induced labor and my epidural failed… I ended up in an EMERGENCY csection… They didnt even wait till i was numb so i feltneverythinf but ended up knocked out. But i was ok and so was baby. Recovery was hard and hurt a lot.
    Second was planned… Easy, quick and enjoyable.
    Third was planned even EASIER i loved it.
    Hope in 5 weeks its easy again!!

  23. I finally have an evening to catch up on your videos! I'm glad you made this one in particular. We have somewhat similar stories. My first was an unplanned c-section, and the recovery was awful. I had no idea that it was because my body was also trying to recover from 37 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing. I did get a VBAC with baby #3. The recovery was so beautiful, I was up bouncing around the hospital room 2 hours later. I just assumed all of my future labors would go as smoothly. My scar with baby #3 became dangerously thin and I had preeclampsia so we had to schedule a c-section. Granted, the recovery was not a walk in the park. I needed pain meds for several weeks and could not easily walk the first week. However, I felt a lot better than I did with my other section. At least the pain was local to the scar, and not all over my body as before. I do seem to recover slower than most though, as I have friends that seem to bounce back within 1 week of a scheduled section. Still, being mentally prepare for it really helped me a lot. Plus, without it being an emergency, I was able to have a gentle family-centered one. Those are wonderful.

  24. Thank you for this video!! I had a c-section with my daughter and we are going to be trying for a VBAC when the time comes, but it's nice to know that if that doesn't happen then it's not the end of the world! I love hearing stories like this ❤ We are also Catholic and of course we want lots of babies! 👶👶👶

  25. Thank you for making these videos. I am a catholic mother aswell. I'm trying to live my life for God and it is lovely to see other catholic women encouraging other's in their faith xxx

  26. I have a 10 year old boy and I waited 9 and a half years for second child. In between that time I had 3 miscarriages and I came to realise how much children are a blessing from God. That experience baught me closer to God and lead me to realise that I was to leave it in his hands. I have a 10 yr old now and a almost 2 year old and a 6 month old, I thank and praise God for them. I don't believe in contraception; I'm leaving it up to God but I like you my babies hearts go under stress and I've tried twice to give birth nautrally and it didn't work out. How do you feel contraception and about the doctors saying your family is limited if you have to have section. Thank you for making this video. God bless you and your family xxx

  27. This couldn't be more timely for me! How did you know I've been watching c-section recovery videos? 😂 Just teasing! I had an emergency c-section with my first after being in labor for almost 3 days, and I recovered so well it surprised me. We're heavily considering a scheduled c-section with this baby due in Nov. because the surgery after such a prolonged labor was traumatic for the both of us. I wasn't scared to go into a c-section with the first because my gut just told me- "this isn't happening- you're in pain- let's do whatever we need to to get kiddo out." I'm much more nervous about doing a scheduled surgery because I get anxiety and have time to worry about all the "what if's." Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! Do you pray certain prayers or to a particular saint before your surgeries? My husband and I call on St. Gerard quite often.

  28. Love your attitude! Csections do have such a negative stigma. My sixth was a csection because she was breech. Thanks for sharing your story!

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