Can a mature Christian be pro-choice on abortion?

is it actually possible for someone who claims Christ in I guess with the renewing of the mind in Romans 12:2 and also the fruits of the spirit to actually be pro-choice and I'm not talking about a baby Christian I'm talking about somebody who has been in their faith and claims Christ how is that even possible well I am going to come back in part two and do the big picture in which I'm gonna present you with a syllogism which has a major premise and a minor premise and not looking too forward to that right now but but just just trying to narrowly answer your question there's a major premise that I'm going to present to you that no one who claims to be a Christian can reject but there is this minor premise out there that fits into the equation which is the question as to whether the unborn is human okay it's possible to be a Christian and to not know anything about the science of embryology and to be fooled I'll be talking into part two about an abortion doctor by the name of Willie Parker claims to be a Christian he has performed 10,000 abortions and he says Jesus called him to become an abortion doctor and that he is doing God's will and he wrote a 217 page book called a life's work isn't that interesting his life's work is ending life there's not a single footnote or a single EndNote and he goes in there and he says there's this other misconception that I want to clear up that Christians have and that is that life begins at conception and he goes in there and he lies to them and they figure that because he's a doctor right he's credentialed and because he claims to be a Christian that that's acceptable so it's possible for them to be fooled on that that's why it is our obligation you notice I told you to do three things what's the first thing I told you to do you study up and you read three books and you learn about what the science of embryology has to say about the unborn and then once that information is available to Christians then there's excuse it's possible for them to be wrong for a little while but if they're wrong for a long time as Christians it's because the church is not doing its job and I'll repeat it one more time probably many more times for I leave today abortion exists with the consent of the church in America we have to address it thank you [Applause]

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  1. I am pro-life when it comes to normal consensual relationships.
    I am pro-choice when it comes to rape.

    1/ If your 13~14yr old daughter was raped by a man and she gor pregnant, would you ask her to endure the trauma of pregnancy with the life-changing concequences that come with it?

    2/ Would you ask her to give birth to an unwanted baby conceived through rape to then…
    – Ditch-it to social services like a pile of garbage?
    – Make her live with the offspring of her rapist?

  2. I do not believe that abortion exist at the consent of the church

    Thats like saying sin exists at the consent of God.

    Our world is fallen and Satan rules this world and he kills steals and destroys…Abortion is the plan of the enemy, its ritual sacrifice to Mammon the god of Wealth.

  3. Its easy to say no, but as a Christian you need the Word of God in your life not to sin and be holy through Christ. Abortion is a sin, don't get me wrong, but lying to your wife/children, gossip on your work about other workers, having sex before marriage are also sins. My point is just live by the Word, the Holy Spirit and repent everyday your sins through Christ. A sin is a sin in Gods eyes. Im just sharing my thoughts and dont want to attack anyone. Be blessed and God loves you :D!

  4. No true born again, bought in the blood, Bible believing Christian in this day and age could endorse the pro-choice, pro-death position. Albeit, a professing Christian might.

  5. No! There sheep in wolves clothing! God said before we were in the womb he had plan for you. Abortion is a sin! No one has the right to take innocent life! No one!

  6. Willie Parker is doing somebody's work but it isn't Gods. When he takes his last breath in this world and first in the next…he'll find out whose work he's been doing. Good point on the church…same apath/tacit consent is here in the UK (on a worse scale).

  7. A lot of people don't know this but…. If you kill a pregnant woman, you are charged for a double homicide… I wonder why?

  8. Abortion is NOT ok with the Catholic church so wrong comment about it being ok with the church. Which church do you mean?

  9. This is completely wrong!!!
    1. God has given us free will, yes even to sin, so if having an abortion is a sin a woman shouldn't be forced not to be able to do her God given right to a free will.
    2. Abortion exist not because of churches consent that's ubsurd. We live in a democracy with freedom of religion, not a theocracy where the church and its 1,000s of different doctrines are the rule of law.

  10. That doctor is a damn fool! Antichrist! it’s common Freaking sense… an embryo can be nothing else but human life smdh no mature Christian should be so deceived

  11. I'm a christian and I am pro choice. Why? I believe a woman has the right to choose to have sex. If she chooses to have unprotected sex then she must be ready to accept the resonsiblities of mother hood regardless of whether or not she is ready for it. Men are expected to do this as well. Its their choice to have sex.


    There are many misconceptions about what a true Christian is. Let's see what the Bible has to say, shall we? The word Christian appears 3 times in the King James Bible:

    1. Acts 11:26 they were first called christians at Antioch. Why? See Acts 11:18-20/ 5:42. They ceased not to preach Jesus Christ.

    a. Also we need to remember that you can't preach someone without believing on them. And you can't really believe on someone without believing what they said or taught.

    b. I'm a Bible believing Christian. So if we really believe what the Christ says, then we would find these truths of what he taught: 

    1. Christ said he is the way, truth, and life. 
    – John 14:6.

    2. He said he will save us in the end, IF we endure unto the end. 
    – Matthew 10:22; 24:13.

    3. He said he will give eternal life to those who believe and endure til the end. Not now in this life.
    – Mark 10:30; John 4:36; 12:25.

    4. How do we get eternal life? Christ said by believing on him and keeping the commandments. Ten commandments; dietary laws; commandments in the N.T.
    – Matt. 19:16-26; John 3:16.

    Now from these FACTS from Christ's words, then if he's right, then it contradicts what 90% of modern professing Christians are preaching today.

    Since the ten commandments are written on our hearts, then God especially holds us accountable to the commandment "thou shalt not kill". Killing a baby for personal gain is murder. So obviously no it is NOT possible to be a Christian and perform abortions or be pro-choice.

    This speaker really thinks he has to have a part 2 to explain this? Is he serious? This question is easily answered in under 1 minute. It's really pathetic that many speakers who profess to be Christian can't simply yes or no to an a easy question.

  13. I think abortion is evil. But I am pro-choice because I don't think we should impose our beliefs on someone else. They have a free will for a reason.

  14. The problem with the abortion debate is that we are talking at each other rather than to each other. Pro lifers agree that women should have rights to their bodies and pro choicers agree that murdering a human is wrong. What we disagree on is what is considered part of the body and what counts as a human? Our best hope is to provide evidence that a fetus is not part of the body and is, for all intents and purposes, a human life.

  15. 2:30 There is no "the Church" in America. There are several Christian denominations that preach different things. Some are liberal; some conservative. Christians can't stop abortions because there is no unified Christian voice. You have divided yourselves and you are now conquered.

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