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  1. HeIIo the greatest resuIts that lve ever had was by using the Gabs Gender Guru (just googIe it) – I found it the most usefuI naturaI method l've tried.

  2. before taking part in surrogacy it is very important to learn all information about legislation. Intended parents should be fully protected by the law. it is even hard to evaluate how information or advice can be important. Two years ago I arrived at the decision to undergo reproductive treatment. Due to my diagnosis I needed surrogacy with egg donation. I must confess how many doubts I had. Actually most doubts were ethical. I was not sure about my decision. It seemed to me very contradictory issue. But I couldn’t find another way out. I started looking for information about the possible options where it is legal. Then a lot of doubts appeared with the abundance of advertisings. I really saw amount of advertising. Every clinic or agency tried to demonstrate their service at the best way. All those advertisements were colorful with brilliant logos. It seems like a fairy tale. However, we didn’t forget that advertising was used to masterfully engage the mind of the people to motivate them to use their services. You can find so many promises. But who knows if it is truth. Also I tried to read the stories shared by different people. I was surprised that so many people were seeking information concerning the clinics in the forums on the Internet. I was in contact with some couples who had the same problems. During several months I was looking where I could have surrogacy with egg donation. But opinions differ. Personally for me it was hard to define which clinic should be chosen. Moreover, I was very afraid of failures. Sometimes the nightmares haunted me. I couldn’t sleep well. I feel if I failed I would not have more efforts for another attempts. It seems to be that failures could break me. I was very scared to think about negative results. But I am sure that it is better to read information before. You have a chance to compare it in order to be more aware. The useful advice can help you to prevent from some mistakes. All of us understand how such programs are expensive and stressful. You need to possess so much patience efforts to overcome all the process. In any case it is very important to inquiry some information. In advance you can be aware about some difficulties or peculiarities. I think the personal experience is the most valuable thing.

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