Can you get pregnant if one tube is blocked? TTC Tips

Women have two fallopian tubes. Is it
still possible for a woman to get pregnant if one of those tubes is blocked? Stay tuned to the end I’ll give 4 tips for how to improve your fertility if one tube is blocked To get pregnant, the following things need to happen: A woman must mature and then release an egg from the ovary This is known as ovulation. The egg must then be captured by the fimbria or fingers at the end of the fallopian tube she must be exposed to sperm close to the time of ovulation and the sperm must
make their way into the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg Finally, the embryo must move down the fallopian tube and into the uterus to implant If a woman does not have fallopian tubes or if both fallopian tubes are blocked then it is impossible for her to get pregnant without either opening the tubes or using IVF If a woman has one blocked tube and one open tube then it is possible for her to get pregnant but it might not be as easy as having two open tubes It has to do with how easy it is for the egg to get into the fallopian tube where fertilization occurs If a woman ovulates on the same side as the open tube then for that month there is likely no impact of the tube blockage at all If she ovulates on the opposite side the side with the blocked tube it is still possible to get pregnant How do we know this? There are documented cases in which
a woman with only one ovary and one fallopian tube – on the opposite side – have been able to get pregnant So we know that a tube can capture an egg even if it is released from the opposite ovary How can you improve your chances for
pregnancy if one tube is blocked? There are four methods. Number 1 – Open the blocked fallopian tube To learn how to open blocked fallopian tubes without surgery – Check out this video. Number 2. Have ultrasounds with your
fertility doctor to determine which side an egg is going to be released on. An ovulation predictor test will tell you when you’re going to ovulate but not which side . An ultrasound done shortly before ovulation can tell you which side
the egg is going to be released on You can then focus your attempts on those
months when ovulation occurs on the open side. Number 3. Use fertility medications to get more eggs to be matured and released This helps in two ways. It will increase the chances for getting eggs to be released on the side with the open tube and it results in the release of
multiple eggs which can improve the chances for at least one of the eggs to
be fertilized Use ultrasound to determine how many eggs are matured and which side they are on for maximum impact Warning! This does increase your
chance for having a multiple pregnancy Number 4. IVF. Since IVF bypasses the
tubes it doesn’t matter if you have one tube blocked, both tubes blocked or both
tubes open. IVF will work equally well in all these circumstances Check out this playlist for lots more information about IVF Before you go, be sure to LIKE this
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