Can You Guess the Meme?

Hopefully you know
what a meme is. I am going to show
you a picture or a GIF from a meme without
words, and then you’re going to have to guess
what the caption is. Who thinks they
understand this game? All right, where’s Andy Zenor? He’s going to bring
someone down to– Andy when I said– Who thinks they know? Andy, I was joking when I said– [INTERPOSING VOICES] Hi there, what’s your name? Amy Lisa Edwards. Hi there. All right, so here’s
the first one. All right. What do you think the
caption would be on that? You said you knew
how this game worked. Raise your hand. I did. I did. It’s very hard. I said it was almost impossible. What would the caption be? Monday morning after work? Monday morning after work. So she works– she works
at night, and she’s– Well, I get home from
work in the morning. After work on a Monday morning. And the dog is saying why did
you start working at night. All right, no. Let’s see what the caption is. Yo, they’ve been looking for
you outside, I bit a kid. So close. All right, thank you. All right, the banana
has picked a new one. All right, Andy help
her with the mic. Hi. Andy has a broken hand, and yet
I’m making him– there you go. There. Hi, Ellen. Hi. All right, let’s
see the next one. What are the correct
words for this meme? I’m going to give you a hint. Whatever it is,
you’re probably wrong. It’s time to come out
of my turtle shell now. Oh, that’s a good one. That’s good. All right. Very close, actually. Let’s see it. For those of you
who’ve never seen it, this is what
childbirth looks like. All right. Thank you. Thank you. All right. Andy, the back of your
banana outfit is opening up. The split is near your split. All right, pick another one. He’s coming, this guy. All right. Right here, bud. Hi. What’s your name? Alex. Hi, Alex. You look thrilled to be here. Settle down. Just calm down. Here’s the next one. You want to guess? When mom says
there’s food at home? No. No, you don’t want
to guess again. All right. Let’s see what it is. When you’re watching a movie
someone keeps asking questions. All right. Here’s another one. We got this one. Come right on down. All righty. How’s that microphone for you. That’s right, Andy. You figured it out. Hi, what’s your name? Carly. All right, Carly. Let’s look at one more. Any idea what the right
caption would be for this? When someone gives you bad news? No. Well, kind of close. Let’s see the correct answer. When the person in front
of you pays with a check. One more. She’s it. You come here. All right. What’s your name? Sam. Sam, all right, I’m going
to try a different strategy. OK. Just guess a caption
before we see anything. OK, well, can I
get a little hint? No. OK. Well, since we
have dogs up here. This is just one dog. There’s two dogs. One dog. When dogs hear the W word? When dogs hear the W word? When dogs hear the W word? Yes. Like you can’t see the
W word, because I’ll get too excited, like walk. Oh, walk. I see. All right, let’s see if
that would match this. Let’s see the– no. You want to guess again
now that you’ve seen it? Yes. OK. When the person in front of you
orders the last thing you want. OK. All right, let’s see what
Jason Bateman’s meme is. When you think it’s Friday
and it’s actually Thursday. Oh. Oh, no. That’s how you play, Do
You Know What I Meme?

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