24 Replies to “Cardinal Movements at Birth”

  1. I use this to explain the cardinal movements to nursing students. Thank you for producing it. At the end, an ad for another movie pops up and cannot be minimized. It blocks the end of the movie. It is very frustrating.

  2. before I don't really understand this by listening to our teacher &reading books. luckily I passed the exam..

  3. Great tutorial. The whole process seems so much more intuitive after listening to the explanations here than with other sources I've come across.

  4. An excellent summary. Thank you. I might be drawing upon stereotypes here, but I suspect that you're from India, which I regard highly for the quality of its medical education-I have many excellent teachers from India. I was wondering about doing a residency or something in India one day. Do you have any advice?

  5. Awesome explanation…. I had to learn this short note for.my exam….. Now I don't need to learn it…. I have a clear picture in my mind about the stages now…… Thank u so much…

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