Cardiology at the Manatee Heart and Vascular Center

I went to bed about 11:30. I felt a
little bit of discomfort but more of a heartburn type of feeling. I went to
sleep. I woke up about 3:15 – 3:30. Had a very strong feeling of tightness in my
chest muscles it wasn’t a normal situation and I knew
there was a problem. I told my wife to get up, that I was going to call 911. I
told them I was having difficulty breathing, that I had pain in my chest
muscles. They knocked on the door, they rolled a gurney in, they gave me an aspirin. They immediately opened my shirt and started attaching the electrodes for the EKG and
I heard the driver say “Well which which hospital does he go to?” And the technician said “This is one for Manatee Memorial.” When we got there they moved us, moved me right into a room and the team started working on me. And then they said let’s move him into the
stent lab. I did wake up in what I think was the cardiac intensive care ward. I was hooked up to
monitors. The first person that I saw was Dr. Iyengar. It was still dark in
the room. He came up very close to me and he said you know you’ve had a massive
heart attack, but I want you to know that I think you’re going to make it and I
think there will be minimum damage, I think we’ve got it just in time. situation had what appeared to be a a
mild case of indigestion or and chest pain development now we tell every
patient at home that the main thing is if you have these types of symptoms
don’t discount them really think about it they’re not going away after a few
minutes especially after taking antacids or even a baby aspirin get on that phone
call 911 it’s very important that you do not sit back and just try to sleep off
the symptoms because he could be signifying something much much worse and
in his situation it was the smart thing is they did call 911 and they did have
you must arrive who made the diagnosis that the patient was definitely
suffering something much worse which was a semi now a STEMI is considered an ST
elevation myocardial infarction what that means is in St is segment on your
EKG and EKG is something we do quite routinely for patients and its
electrical monitoring of the heart so if we see a segment of the EKG or multiple
segments that are elevated and the patients having significant chest pain
or shortness of breath it gives us an indication that their heart is really
suffering and really needs help quickly will manage more hostile is a chest pain
accredited centre which means that patients were suffering from chest pain
whether be unstable and you know versus a STEMI can all be treated at the center
and the relationship that manatee hospital has with the community with the
EMTs the paramedics with the dispatching units we have a great relationship with our
ancillary staff the EMS will have that with the patient called mercy will let
them know exactly what exactly the patient is going through 50 kgs perform
right there that information will be transmitted to the emergency room
physician who then will make the call of calling the cardiologist on call and
letting us know this is actually a real heart attack the next step is admitting
the patient to the intensive care unit PICU for observation the main concern is that we keep the
patient doing well throughout the procedure and that’s where the nursing
staff that technicians that are involved the on costs after we have our
phenomenal they make a great team effort here because again is not one person
that’s doing this procedure it’s a team effort every single time mental hospital has cutting-edge
technology for cardiovascular care i would tell anyone in the community if
they have issues with it relates to the heart for the fast causes them to have
no doubt that we have the ability to technology and IT team support to take
care of them weather becomes a heart issue or vascular issue very impressed
with the professionalism with their level of training efficiency and they’re
they’re extremely competent I felt like I was being dealt with by the very best

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