37 Replies to “Cat giving birth: Cat Gives Birth To 6 Kittens”

  1. Poor Dada! He looks like so many human dadas at this moment of their lives—-a complete and total nervous wreck! Lol!

  2. I'm sorry you're out of work but it's not really a great idea to try and support yourself off of your mother cat having litter after litter on YouTube. I hope you find homes for all the kittens & like someone else said maybe it's time to spay her & give her body a break. She must have been exhausted after all that pushing but the kittens are adorable. In the US there are so many homeless cats that there isn't any need to breed them. Don't shop, adopt from a shelter.

  3. Primer comentario en español. Y la verdad que impresión nunca vi una gata tener bebés, la mia no quiere ser madre jajaja

  4. Congratulations! She did so well! She sounded in so much pain but she did well for herself and the babies, she took care of them whilst she gave birth too! She’s such a brave cat and she’s so strong!! The dad cat looked so worried for her too, their relationship is as strong as she is 🙂 <3

  5. It was so tender, and painful but at the end all good mothers feel complete when we see our babies.

  6. If you Don't want that pain that this Cat had tollarated. Then Hit my Blue Button!

  7. Why you not help the cat?Why you stay and film instead to help her?You should take out the placenta at third baby for example.You could comfort the cat because she was in pain,she had big pain and she need your support.Sitting and filming and doing nothing for poor creature show you are not a good owner.Shame on you!

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