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(pop music) – [Announcer] Mondays on
MTV are all about moms. First up, it’s Teen Mom OG where Catelynn deals with
her anxiety, head on. – Hi. – Hello. – You can have a seat with um… – Okay. – How’s your little one? – Oh, she’s doin’ really good. – You have one? – Yup, well, we have two, but one is uh, yeah, she’s been placed for adoption, so. We can still talk during
the Summer, but… – Oh, good. – Yeah, but they’re uh, they’re both doin’ really, really good. – Hi. How are you? – How are you? How was that in-patient facility? – Oh my gosh, amazing. They were really great. – What was the most
important thing you learned from being there? – Um, I think that how like, my anxiety and panic
stems from like, trauma. – Mhmm, adoption, miscarriage. You know, some of the
issues in your family because all of that is a loss. – Yeah. – You have an Achille’s heel and it’s anything around pregnancy. – I know, which is like,
– babies, adoption. – I don’t want it to
be like that and so… – And it’s sort of like, you’re sort of looking around your life and anytime something triggers that, – Yeah. – It sort of (deep
inhale) panic fear, right? – Right. – But I’m just really proud of you that you are uh… Being a voice because you know, we’ve come so far in this country when we talk about mental illness, but we haven’t come far enough. – Not at all. – There’s just so many people like you and I think you can be a voice for them. You know, people tell them, “You’re not strong enough. What’s wrong with you?” – Oh yeah, I get that too. I can’t even go on Twitter right now. – Really? Why?
– People are ruthless. – They’re just ruthless. – What do they say?
– They think that it was like – I’m just running away
from my problems or not wanting to like, be a mom. – [Announcer] Then, it’s the return of Teen Mom, Young and Pregnant. – I’m not ready to move yet, but I don’t wanna Kyler, ’cause I’m worried how he’ll react. – You can get all cozy now. – Hi. Well, is it nice to be back home after your trip to Arizona? – Yes, but I miss the like, hot weather. – I know it’s — – It’s so cold here. – So I know you guys were kind of just goin’ on vacation there, but you’ve also mentioned about possibly movin’ to Arizona. Did Kyler happen to bring anything up? – He’s like, “Moon, do you ever see you
living here in Arizona?” I was like, “Yeah, well, my mom would have to move
down with me.” (snickers) And he got all grumpy and he’s like, “Well, your mom doesn’t have to come.” I’m like, “Yeah, she does.” – Hmmm. – I think he wants
like, that independence. He was sayin’ like, he wanted to move, like, us. Like, right after graduation. Like, I know, this is like, how every teenager is, like, “Oh my gosh, after graduation, I’m moving. Like, I wanna be out.” You know? Like that’s a nice dream
in a perfect world, maybe. But, here’s the thing. You gotta think about this as more than just teenagers that wanna leave. Like, you have someone
else to think about. Sorry.
– Absolutely. – I think getting maybe, like
an apartment or something here before we were to move out, would be the best bet. Just like for that, like, see if we can move, do it. – Mhmm. – ‘Cause I’d hate to, like, go down there, end up not being able to like, like not, completely prepared or anything and having to move back up here. Like, that’d be terrible. – And a big waste of money too. – Yeah. – [Announcer] It all starts a 9/8 central, only on MTV.

79 Replies to “‘Catelynn Isn’t Running Away From Her Problems’ | Teen Mom OG | MTV”

  1. She is not wanting to talk about things with Tyler I dont think she is a bad mom but if you have anxiety and panic from giving Carly up which was for the best and I admire them for that decision but the adoptive parents make things hard to even get to see or visit their daughter which adds to Catelyn's problems and a miscarriage is very hard and you always feel like you did something wrong to cause the loss but having another baby when your husband feels like there are things that need to be worked on in your marriage and isn't getting dealt with only makes the problems worse

  2. Love you cate and Ty been watching you since 16 and pregnant keep it up guys you can get through this 😘💖💙💜💗💕😍

  3. Kyler is such a douche. He’s one of those people who wants to isolate his girlfriend so he can continue to treat her like trash away from her family. Is girl has a good head on her shoulders. She thinks they should stay in the area just in case something happens. She knows wassup.

  4. I don't think that a 16 year old should legally be allowed to make a choice for adoption or something that serious involving their child. U can see she really didn't understand the consequences fully and now she is still suffering. I wish there would have been more counseling at that time and maybe if someone could have shown her and Tyler how to get financial support for their child and a place to live things would have worked out better for her.

  5. Do you know what its like to wake up and relive something every day? To the point you do everything people ask you, think positive, eat healthy, keep positive people around you, and no stinking thinking. I have social anxiety, so everytime i go outside. I get scared because of my trauma. I feel everytime, i step outside my door. Im scared i rhink someone is going to rape me because its happened before, or drug or kipnapp me because things have happened. And i when i was pregnant. It took me 5-10mins to go outside. Its not we are running away. She needed the extensive help she should have been offered when she was younger. She didn't have the strength to do it then but you don't tear her down for it. Everyone posting negative comments and her husband is partly negative to her. So you guys are making to worst.

  6. Cate is so fucken ugly bro. Like ughh she doesn't care enough yo look decent in any scene. Like ever. Eww. Probably smells too. Tyler get yourself a slim fine woman. I know you can

  7. Getting pregnant takes effort. Its not an accident! What's the point of a disclaimer of using protection if no one is going to pay any attention to it. If you're depressed fix you first!

  8. Why are these people on teen whore? They gave their child up. They didn't deserve to have another child. This show needs to be off air. Showing why white trash shouldn't be making kids

  9. Caitlyn is worthless,she's not a good example of depression or aniexty,she doesn't try,she always looks like shit,she's lazy I'm tired of her feel sorry for me.

  10. If you have problems with pregnancy then you shouldnt be off birth control. You arent ready to be a mom if you cant handle life alone , let alone someone elses life ?

  11. Wish MTV would go to her & say “I think if we cut your contract from the show, your anxiety & depression will be a lot better. Not only will you be out of the public eye, but you’ll be forced once in your life to get out & work an actual job. Which in turn with having a job, will keep your mind off things for a while & you’ll feel maybe just a little more important to yourself”

  12. This comment section is a great example on how much ignorance there is on mental health and how little empathy there is left in society.

  13. I can't stand Catelynn. Everything is always about her. Thats it. Annoying as hell. And Tyler can and deserves so much better.

  14. At what point are Catelynn’s mental problems going to be damaging enough to Nova where the state comes in and removes Cate from the home? I think she’s playing all of us, I’m calling bullshit!

  15. Therapist are raking in the money cause everyone has some sort of mental issues. It's a a millennial thing grow up people have rough childhoods and move on her parents drank. OMG so what. For that she's subjecting her daughter to have the same feelings of abandonment by leaving to work on herself
    Thank God Nova has a good dad that puts her before himself and yea his dad was or is s druggie but he manages to take care of everything while Catelyns riding horses and swimming in AZ. Funny no place to get help near her home

  16. "Catelynn isn't running away from her problems" really? In the episode she won't fill out a questionnaire that would benefit her and Tyler's relationship because "she is not ready" to do so 🙄😒😒 This girl gets on my nerves!!! She is her worst enemy. She has access to psychiatrists, counselors, therapy sessions, medication, a rehab facility she can drop everything and head to, and whole bunch of support that the average person struggling with depression/anxiety may not have easy access to, and she still not progressing. And that's because of her LAZINESS!!!! She is fucking LAZY!!!.

  17. The issue I have with Catelynn is that when Tyler brought up possibly having her and him sit down and actually talk with his and her therapist, she got defensive. Not to mention she didn't follow the instructions they gave her, including staying off of social media. I knew a classmate who is bipolar and she said, "Just because you have a mental illness doesn't give you the right to treat people like shit. When they call you out on it, the difference is learning to adapt to it instead of blaming it." And that stuck with me because I see Catelynn isn't changing for the best. She hasn't lost the weight, was supposed to have stopped smoking when the doctor talked to her when she was trying to get pregnant that first time and wasn't doing anything when she came back. I will say that I'm sending her good vibes on her pregnancy.

  18. I really hope that Catelynn gets her life situated before this new nugget-to-be is born. Nova is definitely affected every time Catelynn leaves home to go to rehab / therapy. Catelynn & Tyler don't need to have any more children until they are stable, which might never happen.

  19. That's exactly what she's doing.. running away to "rehab" to lay around and watch movies some more.. do you think we're all stupid, Catelyn? You can tell when someone is a fat slob by the way they choose to nourish themselves and catelyns choice of food isn't the best considering the way it's rounding her out

  20. She is making a habit out of rehab. She needs some serious help. Also. Soooooo sick of 👂 about everyone’s mental problems and triggers. Grow the hell up. Weak ass generation of fools.

  21. For Pete's Sake, why can't she do better for her daughter, (a future woman, wife, mother)??? The poor little girl will never have a solid, decent woman to look up to or learn from. And if I was Carly's MOTHER, I'd b** slap Cate back into reality and over to the sidelines where her self-centered azz should be!!! JMO

  22. I feel what Catelynn is going through BUT Tyler is also depressed and stressed and his feelings are disregarded because only her voice is being heard and that is dangerous also. Can Tyler leave for 6 weeks….NO because he has to watch Catelynn and the kids. The only reason I say that Tyler should stay is because Catelynn can't be the best parent on her own, she needs help parenting right now. This whole situation is too much for such young souls because unfortunately this all stems from the adoption and they will go through this for the rest if their lives. So sad.

  23. This bitch treats mental illness like it's her job oh I got mental illness in winter I have go to Florida for winter

  24. Love these two. Pray she can work her depression out because
    Tyler is suffering just as much. Carly was his daughter too, just as the baby they lost was. She put alot on Tyler and he's thinking like most would "What about me"? Maybe if Cait's mom would have been more responsible and supportive at the time, but hindsight is 20/20. She needs to figure out a way to feel more grateful for the blessings she has already. Maybe a part time job would help her to feel more worthy or just get off the show out of the prying eyes of the public. If that happens ya'll will be missed! Ya'll and Maci and Taylor are my favs! God Bless!

  25. This bitch was so judgmental towards Farrah. Farrah lost the father of her baby and never will get to experience having a father for her child and Vice versa for her child having a father. She sloppy and lazy judge mental and self-righteous. She gives his younger generation the wrong concept of dealing with things. Self loathing as a motherfucker. She such a fucking Lazy bitch. Maybe if she worked out she would feel more motivated. There’s so many people that deal with depression and I get up and take care of their kids and work out and go to work and do what they got to do as an adult. There’s people to deal with sexual abuse or have dealt with sexual abuse and still get up in the morning and be an adult. She’s a fucking joke. I hope all these millennial’s don’t believe the shit that comes out of her mouth or this show.

  26. Catelynn and Tyler need to come to the realization they only have one child they have one daughter. Carly is not their daughter they really just need to drop the subject altogether Carly is with her parents Brandon and Teresa. I'm honestly getting sick and tired of Catelynn and Tyler talk about Carly as if she's their daughter and Brandon and Teresa have no right to razor or something if I was Brandon and Teresa I would seriously change my number and tell Kate and Tyler if they were to talk about my daughter I will pursue legal action because they do not want Carly talked about on the show and what does Kaden Tyler do they talk talk talk talk talk about Carly against Brandon and Teresa's wishes honestly I think it's time that Brandon and Teresa to Catelynn and Tyler 2 court and made it to where there will be some serious legal consequences for talking about Carly on this show or for any other reason Catelynn and Tyler just don't know when to quit

  27. She's stupid..if she cared for Tyler..she'd let him go. Forcing another kid on him….geesh girl…he's not happy…let him live…let him go.

  28. I respect everybody’s opinion but I can’t fathom putting down and bullying a woman with serious mental health issues. If you’re criticizing her, you need to re-evaluate your life.

  29. You know what the funny part is is that it's okay for her to leave everything behind even her child just to go fix her problems at therapy but when she went and she came back only home for a couple days and wanted to go back to therapy and then if you noticed Tyler is having really a hard time now and he wants to go to therapy and she doesn't think that's okay that he goes to therapy and fixes himself but it's okay for her to do it

  30. Ok yall I have a question but wouldn't carly feel some type of why that now they just spitting out babies after the fact they said they wasn't ready for another

  31. When you're a wife and a mother you don't get to run away from your family for months at a time. You made a life long commitment to that family. You don't go states away to get help for your depression and anxiety. You see a psychologist/therapist in your own town and take your medication. You work through your problems with your family. She's continuing the vicious cycle of abandonment and trauma by passing it on to her daughter. She's selfish and she is running away from her problems. Stop making excuses for her.

  32. All Caitlyn needs is a gym membership and a new man she's over weight been with her step brother thru the best years of her life. And keeps popping out kids straight trash

  33. Can we all acknowledge that most moms don't have the opportunity to run to rehab every time depression or anxiety kicks in. She needs to learn coping skills that work while living the life she created for herself.

  34. Comments are here is hateful. You've all never dealt with depression. Or any other huge problems. And you don't just walk away from someone you love. That's why they took vows.

  35. Omg when is MTV gonna stop recording these old pathetic broads. She spends more time INPATIENT than she does raising her kid. Bitch we all have anxiety, get over it

  36. If she's going through all of this, why have another kid? They can barely handle Nova, who is already showing signs of being affected by Catelyn's problems.

  37. Everytime I tune in to teen mom 2 cates storyline is the same old shit about her anxiety I have it and I deal with it without talking about it 247 and if she was dealing with it she would have by now and have a healthy coping mechanism like mine is exercise

  38. I’m sorry…but I have depression and I am fighting – she is running from her problems. Instead of getting better she is pregnant again AVOIDING her menthal health because she can’t deal with it. You need time, you need to heal what you don’t need is playing „happy family”, getting pregnant again and put all the pressure on your partner.

  39. The title of this video is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong- WRONG! She was there watching movies and being the non-mom, lazy person she's always been. Her pregnancy photos- that was no baby bump, that is a Big Mac bump! You know that feeling you get when you are actually embarrassed for someone? Yeah, that was me.

  40. Why isn't anyone asking Tyler how he's doing? He suffers from depression just like Catelyn. A person can only be strong for everyone for so long! He's going to snap

  41. I really hope everyone who judges her and adds to get depression and anxiety goes to hell. I hope you all BURN IN HELL.

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