Catelynn Surprises Tyler & Nova | Teen Mom OG | MTV

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] It’s Monday,
which can only mean one thing. Teen Mom OG is brand new tonight. (swooshes)
(rock music) – [Catelynn] I’ve been
in a treatment facility working on my depression and anxiety. But I really miss Tyler and Nova, so my therapist agreed to let
me leave a couple days early. – How are you? – Good, how are you? – Good, good. – [Catelynn] I want it to be a surprise so I haven’t told anyone. So I think it’s funny
that Tyler has no clue. He still thinks I’m in Arizona. – [Kerthy] Did they talk
to you about after care? – I’m gonna see a trauma therapist like three times a week. – Oh, good. – ‘Cause now, they diagnosed
me with PTSD, trauma, – Yeah.
– and panic disorder. – From? The PTSD is from what? – It could be from my childhood
growing up or the adoption. – Yep. (soft guitar music) – So what’s the first thing you want to do when you get home? – Just hug my baby. (chuckling) ♪ We settled into this life, ♪ ♪ So small ♪ ♪ So close ♪ (door squeaking) – [Catelynn] Honey, I’m home! – Hello. – That’s my mom. – No, it’s not. Hello. – Honey, I’m home! – Oh, hey! What! – [Production Staff Member] That’s Momma! Let’s give her a hug. (sobbing) – [Tyler] Crazy! – [Catelynn] Hi, honey! – [Tyler] So sweet. Aw. – [Narrator] After Teen Mom OG is the finale of Floribama Shore where all hell breaks loose. (jazz music) – That’s not remotely what happened. – Aimee. – He said “Yeah, but at least I don’t cry “because I’m overweight or
(bleep) (bleep) stuff like that.” – No, I did not. – I said “If you want
to call me sensitive, “for calling me out because I’m unpacked, “but yet you cry because
someone calls you out “because you’re overweight. “Which one’s more (bleep) sensitive?” – Even though I’m closer to Gus than Aimee I don’t necessarily feel like Aimee’s completely in the wrong. The things that Gus said
weren’t necessarily right, but I know that it’s wrong of Aimee to have laid her hands on Gus. I won’t. – Kortni. – [Narrator] It all starts
tonight at 9/8 central. Only on MTV.

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  1. “ that’s my mom “
    “ no it’s not “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂

  2. And now she's pregnant. She knew she had to do something to make sure he didn't leave her lazy codependent attention seeking ass. Leaving your kid multiple times because of PTSD and anxiety. News flash, millions upon MILLIONS of us have anxiety stemming from PTSD, but we can't just choose to up and leave our kids/family/JOBS to go to a resort style treatment facility hundreds of miles away. She knew damn well she could have went to out patient therapy like most adults with some sense of responsibility to their children do. She's a pathetic lazy excuse for a mother who cries when she's called out for her bullshit to manipulate her husband into feeling like HE is wrong for not "supporting" her. When he takes care of his home, child, businesses, and your farm animals all ALONE because even when you're there you're laying in bed all day because of "anxiety". U know what the rest of us do when we have anxiety? We continue to work and take care of our family, because we don't have another choice. You're sucking the life out of Tyler because ur a manipulative lazy bitch who takes advantage of the kind, generous, empathetic man that he is. Millions of us deal with PTSD due to past physical or sexual abuse, but u can't get out of bed because ur dad left 20 years ago. We all fall into depression, anxiety, and self pity at some point in our lives, but u milk it for all its worth because u have Tyler who will do the job of two and take over all of your responsibilities as if that's what he SHOULD be doing…as if your just his other overgrown child. U know what helps those of us who aren't completely entitled, selfish, and self centered? Thinking about the people in this world who are dying of starvation, terminal illnesses, living in war torn countries where u have to fear for your life every single day…the list goes on and on and on of how many MILLIONS of people in this world have a much harder and much worse life than u. But because you're an attention seeking manipulative selfish person you only focus on your own "problems". If you spent some time thanking God for the family and husband u have, or for the millions of dollars you make from a reality show, not having to work and struggle to pay your bills like billions of other people in the world, maybe you wouldn't feel so sorry for yourself. Guaranteed if you had NO CHOICE, meaning no reality show, and NO Tyler, and u absolutely HAD to get up every morning and work 40+ hours a week while taking care of your child, you're "anxiety" would not be so crippling because distraction of any kind whether it be work, social interaction, exercise, etc is what actually reduces anxiety…not Xanax or marijuana or any other drug. Drugs mask anxiety but do not treat the cause…and in your case the cause is u having no responsibilities whatsoever. Because anything u don't "feel like" doing, Tyler will do. So u have all the time in the world to lay in bed and dwell on your past, thus creating more anxiety. And the reasons you're a shitty person is because most moms wouldn't even be able to leave to an inpatient facility because of the guilt they'd have from leaving their child. Your selfishness makes u put yourself before your innocent daughter. So you claim "suicidal thoughts" to stop everyone from looking at u as the selfish asshole that u are and instead see as the victim…which u love. When Tyler said he's repulsed by u, he was in every right to say that and I applaud him for speaking the truth. Any other GOOD mother who left their child because of "anxiety" would be on the first flight back home after seeing your daughter on a FaceTime call crying saying "don't leave me". U knew Tyler was fed up so u got pregnant with a second child u won't take care of just to further take advantage of Tyler's amazing morality. Youre not the first woman to get pregnant when u know your man is about to leave u. And you're TRASH for bringing another human being into this world for that reason, when you're a terrible mother to begin with.

  3. I do wonder if Nova will be messed up as an adult because her mother is constantly away and is not mentally or spirit present when in person. The cycle continues.

  4. So cute I loved it, you could tell Tyler was so happy to see his wife and he had the biggest smile on his face, that put a smile on my face I love both of them

  5. Tyler is such a great guy. He’s been thru soo much but he never gives up. He’s strong ❤️ catelynn deserves every part of him. He’s good for her.

  6. Kids having Kids…How Responsible…And they make a Show out of it…Your Future Walmart Door Greeters…Good luck

  7. Why do ugly people always last the longest in relationships not a lot of options 😂😂ain't no one want Tyler gay ass or Caitlyns fat used u p ass looking 40 in her 20s

  8. As sweet and touching as that clip was, I think Nova recognized Caityln's voice easier cuz she's used to only taking to her on the phone. She's been hearing her mom's voice that way since before she could form a sentence. I feel for Cate & Tyler and I've been worried that all their trauma would catch up to them cuz they seemed too well adjusted have been through all of that in their childhood and come out unscathed. I really didn't want it to happen. I'm praying so hard for their healing.

  9. Honestly if she started with taking out all the bad shit she puts in her body she will feel better and may take on more of her therapy. Bad eating and smoking weed everyday will do a lot to your mental wellbeing. Sometimes people need to start with basics

  10. That’s like the worse kind of childhood trauma. As a child you have no idea what happen but when you’re old enough to realize things, all those dark and negative feelings come back and just unload on your mental state at once

  11. im a teen mom too i can’t wait to have my baby and you inspired me to make my first video which i recently posted keep up the good parenting💙

  12. im a teen mom too i can’t wait to have my baby and you inspired me to make my first video which i recently posted keep up the good parenting💙

  13. I no people really don’t like her and I know it was her choice but can you imagine the heartbreak of giving up your first child that probably haunts her everyday! Idk maybe I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt?

  14. this t.v show is the most morally repugnant show in human history. if it were up to me, these producers and director should be stoped and never allowed to work in this field ever again.
    aLL YOU people whome support and watch this disgusting social stranded destroying show really should not its evil and you are propagating this destructive show on are youth.

    1. This tv show has 7 seasons still follws same people makes no ssence shows called teen mom not tween mom

    2. This show claims to show the hard life of a teen mother ages 13 to 19, as to why you should wait to have a child, these "teen" moms now have multiple kids with multiple men, Yet they all own there own homes have brand new vehicles. If you were a teen watching this show what opion of there life would you draw… not one bases on there reality of being on a paid tv show.

    3. This show is all about rateing. for the simple fact they follow the same people threw 7 seasons even bringing back the sex tape girl. producers of the show will interview and pretend to care for these misguided, clearly uneducated "teen moms" for rating/ for money… thats just pathetic in my opinion.

    4. this t.v show has created new life for your entertainment, by providing these uneducated wemon with an income soruce. bedside that discusting fact and it is a fact.

    4a.THE FUCKING CHILDREN FOR GOD SAKES, being forced to play apart in this capitalistic entertainment industry, haveing there lives documented for the world too see, am I watching a natural geographic. People the children my god. This seems like a different shade of slavery from birth.

  15. Bitch your lazy ass always going away. Stop making excuses you fat tramp and learn to be a mother to your kid!! You're disgusting!

  16. I am struggling with depression, knowing it may break my marriage but you need to work on yourself for your family. On a daily basis. I hope she will do that.

  17. Its crazy how Carly and nova look like twins… Man Tyler them made beautiful little girls and im so proud of cate she came along way.

  18. "Your therapist Agreed to let you go earlier"? But the therapist said that the last few days were crucial last clip. It's a voluntary rehab so they can't force you to stay

  19. The weed is messing her up. She needs to stop smoking and get a hobby. Taylor should work out with her.

  20. Someone needs to go take that horse away from catelynn . It’s not being cared for properly . ASPCA should be called ASAP

  21. I don't think any of this is real, or she's wasting her money. I have everything she has & I ain't in Treatments every month. Plus Fighting Cancer

  22. Tyler said "why!? Crazy!" Because he's dang well paying for this treatment and she left 3 days early!? Why would you leave your family if you're not even going to finish it?

  23. Que a pasado con la última temporada?? Soy de España y nos quedamos en que Amber estaba embarazada y dejaron de ponerlo,veo en el YouTube si ay capítulos nuevos en inglés pero no se porqué an dejado de ponerlo en MTV

  24. Wow you could have gotten the same treatment at home and been there for your young daughter who is clearly struggling with your constant absence. Sometimes what's best for you isn't what's best for your kids so you choose your kids over yourself. That's part of being a mom.

  25. I think the adoption really took a toll on her. I have two kids and I couldn't live this life without my oldest son.

  26. Why does Cate always look so uncomfortable around her own baby. It so damn sad. Scoop your baby up and give her the love she deserves. Stop having kids because you are NO Mother, Cate!

  27. I have PTSD and anxiety/panic attacks, all from my childhood too. I'm 25, even when you move on, forgive, forget, whatever, you can't stop how your body still reacts to the trauma or memories that sneak in your mind on its own. I understand Cate in not understanding or finding ways to cope with it and help it. I'm dealing with it too, but im not as in a bad shape as she is. I do hope she gains happiness and peace within herself. She's still around her family(even tho they've improved), and I completely cut ties with mine, I wonder if that's a difference?🤔. It's been 8yrs since I seen/spoke to anyone, but i still have PTSD and I have attacks only when it creeps in my mind or when I'm around other people's families. I'm proud of her for still fighting and still not giving up. 🤞🏽💚

  28. its best to stay the full time thats needed to complete treatment to acheive the best results if your going to leave early dont go at all just saying xxxxx

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