Caught on camera: Pregnant beggar with boy drives off in a Mercedes-Benz

a pregnant woman begging for money on the street with a young boy drove away in a Mercedes an outraged viewer contacted team 10 after snapping pictures of that scene team 10 troubleshooter Cristin severance joins us now with more Kristin yes so this 10 News viewer said she'd wondered the story behind this woman for two months then she said she saw her get into her Mercedes and drive away she wants you to know what happened in case you see the same woman asking for money right there on the corners Melissa Smith said she saw this pregnant panhandler and her son at this East Lake Plaza every weekend I felt bad I mean there's a pregnant lady with a little boy and is down on her luck the dad comes out on the weekends and stands with them she held a cardboard sign please help and plenty of people did lots of people give him the money Smith said she was getting gas when she saw the couple at the usual spot they were leaving and I noticed they went into a Mercedes Benz and I thought wow a Mercedes Benz she shook her head got in her car and drove away lo and behold they were in front of us and here they are County money laughing they're little boys not in a car seat or a seatbelt he's all the way in the front seats with them Smith watched him drive to another Plaza on Bonita Road she sits there with a sign he goes parks and Mercedes and they put up the sign in not less than five minutes here she is getting money from all these people she took pictures of the woman in little boy she said the woman saw her the next thing I know she picks up this big boulder about this big goes over a head so I don't know pregnant people can do that but it was pretty big overhead and coming at me with this rock another witness saw the whole thing and called 911 grabs her little boy and takes off through the middle of the parking lot police told Team 10 they did respond with the couple had left Smith gave team ten the license plate number two we ran the plates the car came back belonging to a woman her address was listed here at this apartment complex and Encinitas no answer I left my card and a note to call me we went in the evening and during the day a woman called me back but said she had just moved in the people living there had picked up and left Smith said she wants people to know about this couple before they find a new place to Panhandle with their son in tow I feel bad like don't give these people money they don't need it they're driving a Benz now we have been getting calls and tips about where this woman is we're checking out one of those tips right now and this story has really struck a chord online thousands of people have been sharing and commenting on our 10 News Facebook page homeless advocates say though you shouldn't give people money but there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your donations go to the right people we have a list of suggestions from experts on 10 News com just go to the team 10 section and click on this story I'm content troubleshooter Cristin severance

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  2. You can donate in their name (or picture) to a homeless shelter..Sadly there are too many instances where people like the woman take advantage of sympathy and the gullibility that comes from it.. Make that donation on the promise the donations would go towards that persons benefit.. but they have to retrieve it within two hours otherwise the donation is used as the charity sees fit..If the need is genuine then they will be happy to get the funds/help.. otherwise its probably a scam

  3. leave people to work fat bitch :))) jelous cow hahaha begging its a job for some and a way to survive for others… thats life…

  4. People are stupid that’s what you get for giving them money. They could afford a Benz on your dime lol

  5. Melisa Smith very brave ..for the confrontation, anyways you have a older sister Nichole by any chance? That I haven't seen since high school. If so teller Tom said Hi…..

  6. Are you kidding me!! The news people have nothing better to report then a pregnant Women belittling herself for money?? Maybe that car was given to them,maybe her husband is controlling and she hasn't a choice,or they truly fell on hard times the car is all they have left. What ever the situation when you see people holding a sign for help,either give or dont!! She doesn't represent all people in need holding a sign for help,don't think there unionized. Some do need our help,what's $1.00 not gonna make or break you. Some are drug or alcoholic's at least there not breaking the law. I give and feel good about it,paying it forward.

  7. Nobody should be giving anyone money AT ALL California has an amazing welfare system . We pay taxes for this already ! We have free food drives food stamps etc no reason to be hungry and food stamps offers hot foods where you can eat fast food . Also shelters are available as well as HOTEL vouchers For you and your family . Anyone ! Who hands there hard earned money to a homeless person is insane !

  8. Nobody knows this woman’s situation. Something in her life could have happened where she lost everything and that car is what she has left. She might not have money to feed her kids, or pay for gas nor for that car, and can we say insurance … Temporary downfall, leaving what people think aside and doing what matters in this situation its getting where she needs to be.

  9. that’s my neighborhood 😑. I’m type that gives out money every time I see beggars. now I’m wondering if they all were actually beggars 🤔.

  10. This is just one more reason why I give them NOTHING. Anyone that REALLY wants help wouldn't be out on the streets begging for cash. People out panhandling all have corrupt motives for doing it.

  11. It may not be a new Mercedes but they sure require a lot of expensive maintenance and the car looks in good condition too. I’ve seen a lot of gypsys asking for money recently and they come in packs lol

  12. You know you can have a nice car and still not have much money it just depends on how you handle your money

  13. This happens all the time here in HTX at Walmart’s I just tell them get a job 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. My mom one time have a “homeless” guy some food and he wouldn’t take it, he said he’d rather have the money

  15. I saw a young man sitting outside of a 7-Eleven with asign saying "Fuck you if you don't help me!". I give to the homeless often, but when I read that sign, I said I'll never give money or food to such a person, because the money will surely go towards drugs and the food will be tossed aside

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