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  1. I’m definitely late I still haven’t got it it’s October 18 and still nothing I’m worried about menopause at age 25

  2. My period started on September 22 end on the 28 but it feels it will start again before I have my kidney stones surgery.

  3. im 17 nd having the problem of irregularity from the satrt of the cycle my hormones are working accurately even my altrasonnd report Is ok but the problem of irregularity and pain is still

  4. My period is weird.. I have my period and then 3-4 months later it comes again. I am a little bit worried but I don't mind my period going away for a little. Buttt I know that this isn't normal but Idk what to do. I'm 16 now, I had my first period at 14. Help me someone? I don't really want to go to the doctor for this but I I have to I guess ill go and see what is wrong with me.

  5. I got my first period when I was 13, last girl in my class I never had a regular period. The first time it came, it didn't come the year after. The only time I got my period this year was the day before my birthday lasted 7 days but I bleed for 11 days.

  6. I guess, I also have irregular period because I have a period every 15 days plus….. I'm still 13 and every time I have period, the blood is little..

  7. I'm 13 years old and I don't had a period for 3 months ..do you think what is the problem about my menstruation ??.pls answer thank you

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  9. Hey, if you have heavy periods, look up menorrhagia. If you have weird period cycles, look up PCOS. You can also look up endometriosis. The worst it could be is cervical or endometrial cancer. God bless:)

  10. im 23 yrs old.. i just have 4tymz a year menstration, can u help me .. and the blood come out from its color dark blood.. wats the problem of me.. thank you

  11. im 23 yrs old.. i just have 4tymz a year menstration, can u help me .. and the blood come out from its color dark blood.. wats the problem of me.. thank you

  12. I'm a virgin girl of 23 and I started my period earlier at age 10. 3months ago, have been having my period twice a month, sometimes after 12 or 15 days, recently is 10days ago and now am menstruating again, have never take any kind of period or fertility drugs in my life and now am scared. pls what could have been the cause for this

  13. I'm having something similar but iv been having my period for 17 days with spotting for 2 days than another heavy period and its heavy I'm only 15, this isn't the first time iv had this my longest one has lasted almost 1 1/2 months. i really haven't told anyone i kept thinking it was normal I'm really confused

  14. When I was in 2nd yr high school I never had my period for the whole year. And in my 2nd yr college I never had period for year too and now I'm on my 3rd yr sometimes there's a month I can have my period but it's just for like 1-2 days unlike before that I changed my pads 3 times a day in 7 days because it has a lot blood going out on me. Help me I want my normal period back.

  15. I'm 20 and I have an irregular menstrual cycle, last time I had was June this year it's been like 2 months now it kind of worries me since its way too long now. If I don't get my period this month, I swear I'll go see my doctor for consultation.

  16. I'm 17 and I have long term abnormal menstruation. last I get a regular menstruation cycle on july and after 6month I get my periods on February now again my march skip. my blood, urine and thyroid all reports are normal. but I also suffering from stomach pain when I dont get my periods. why this happen?

  17. I'm 17 and I'm constantly having irregular periods. and when there were moments it WAS "regular" it was on a 43 day cycle. now its changed to about every five months. I'm not quite sure what's the cause of it anymore. my habits are the same.

  18. My period is always irregular and it's annoying, I don't plan on having kids I'm 12 btw I don't want to deal with this stiuiped shit. is trans bending another choice, does it atop periods? so fucking sick of my clothes being ruined, werid blood smells when my legs are open, and cramps. men thinks it's funny and it's not. on my 13. 16. birth day im.a wish all men had periods and femeals dont for atleast 2089 cause im done with this shit.

  19. I'm 12 and a half and I got my period today and I'm REALLY afraid I'm gonna be really irregular like my sister and my friend. I drink a lot of Coke and I have been very stressed lately and getting awful amounts of shut eye and I'm really hoping I'm not irregular. Someone pls help

  20. my wife has suffered irregular period, her belly is big like a pregnant but she said there is no sign of having a baby inside. What is it???

  21. can fasting or starving cause delay in periods? or may be postpone it completely to next month?

  22. What If you have extremely few periods during the year I started my mental cycles when I was 14 and only had the once or twice at the most each year and now I am 17 and last month I had a period for the first time in 11 months,… just shy of a year. I also have extremely light cycles with minimum bleeding

  23. I been mentsuating for two months and im stress now cos is long time is it normal cause I dont understand why

  24. Hi m 24yr old n m nt with regular period..n my tummy swel like belly fat..its been long tym with started my periods..i often talk to my mother but she says thats not a big prblm..can plz someone suggest me

  25. I'm 24 and I have never had a regular period. And I've never gotten it once a month like normal people, I get mine once every 3 months, if that. I'm not sexually active and I don't take any medication. I was always stressed out at school so there's an excuse for that but since I've graduated, my period still won't normalize. Maybe I should see a doctor but I don't experience any abnormal pain or excessive bleeding…and I'm not too fond of dealing with a period every month either…also the mention of "surgery" has kinda scared me away from getting this thing checked out xD

  26. I've had my period four 5 now and iv never been regular!!! It's so annoying bc I never know when it's coming next (of course yah symptoms) but I feel I should have some regularity … I've gone 5 months two years ago nd my mom won't take me to the doctor :/

  27. I am 13 years old and I got my period on the 2nd August and again 41 days later 12th September and my 3rd period hasent come I need help I dont no what it is and why its no t regular cycle can anyone help me? Plz x

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