Causes of thin uterine lining and how to thicken it

in this video I don't talk about one of the major causes of infertility in women and this is due to teen uterine lining now if you have a right in uterine lining you find it very difficult to get pregnant most times your your cycles your menstrual cycles will be very irregular now if you go ahead and opt for IVF with 18 uterine lining there's more chances that your IVF might feel so the adopter is meant to check the thickness of your uterine lining to make sure that is above its millimeters so now what you you meant to be after is to have a tick uterine lining because it's easier for implantation to take place if you have a thick uterine lining and to have a thick uterine lining there are several factors that can influence it one number one is the estrogen for most and the body the estrogen is the hormone responsible for for the female sex reproductive organs so if the estrogen hormones are very low you are most likely to have a very thin uterine lining and the more the more you age as a woman the more chances that your you have a breaking uterine lining the good news is that there are several Habs and several therapies that can help you increase your estrogen production the second factor or why you might have teen internal lining is due to inadequate blood flow in your body when there's inadequate blood flow in your body is directly proportional to inadequate blood flow in the pelvic region now people who have a sedimentary lifestyle are people who have the x jobs that that doesn't demand them to move around most times have blood flow to the uterus compromised so if you you don't have proper blood flow in your body you might likely experience seen each other online which might lead to infertility so I suggest you find time in the day to move around exercise do you got this cycling in order to improve the blood flow in your body and also improve the blood flow in your public region for you to have a seek uterine lining another factor that might lead to sin-eater lining is also known as uterine fibroid now fabric does this by pressing on the vital organs that supply blood to the endometrium now same in the fat in this factor is also called fibroid embolization this is actually the process of cutting out blood supply to the fibroid cells with the sole purpose of stubborn the fibroid and shrinking the fibroid this process can also cause other vital organs that supply blood to the endometrium and when there's less supply of blood to the endometrium it might lead us to seen uterine lining another factor that might lead to thin uterine lining is D and C are usually doctors keratea and see when there's issues with the uterus maybe after after a miscarriage or after abortion so they do actually remove or clear the tissues in the uterine lining when this is performed wrongly it can actually cause the Vasily's layer of the endometrium to be removed and once this layer is removed the animation might not be able to grow back again another factor on the list and why your uterine lining gets seen is excessive use of clomid clomid is actually one of the first drugs prescribed to women who are having issues of relating now the weight limit works our plumb it works as an anti anti estrogen to help stimulate ovulation in women who so far dysfunction now the problem with this drawer kroombit is when is using SS it can see it can't in the endometrium so in as much as this drawer can be used to induce ovulation it can also cause infertility when using SS and a factor on the list on the list of the things factors that can cause teen uterine lining these long term use of birth control drugs that contains through testing so you need to watch out for birth control drugs that contains protesting because our progestin have been shown to to weaken the uterine lining which might cause week endometrial so watch out for drugs that contains progestin and try not to use them for a very long time some of the best therapies to help increase estrogen levels in women how about a natural remedy so some of the best hubs to use in this case are red clover shatavari Riyad jelly ground flaxseed maca root and ym all the sub have been shown to help increase the estrogen hormone production in women I talked about how inadequate blood flow your body can actually lead to thin uterine lining but I want to give you a list of herbs and foods that can help you in your blood building so the idea here is to eat food rich in iron and also to eat food rich in iron absorption so some of the foods that are rich in iron are beets spinach beans pumpkin seeds and asparagus and some of the foods rich in iron absorption absorption broccolis strawberry tomatoes and green pepper again is to also consider Habs that are rich in and one of my best hubs that I knew that is very very good when it comes to blood Jordan is the don't cry also known as Angelica sinensis again on the list is nettles and raspberry gleeful I really want to take this time to pray with you guys 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