16 Replies to “Cave Story 3D music – Gestation”

  1. Sound like something going through a skyscraper canyon city (New York City might be effective when listening to this) :T

  2. Wow, after totally screwing up the Wiiware version of this song, they totally NAILED it in this version!

  3. @elementalpowerstar
    Yes please! I was just barely able to make it to the seal chamber to get the music, so there's no way I'm going to be able to get Toroko's theme and White on my own.

  4. @Aviarmew In addition, I'm trying my damned hardest to see if Toroko's Theme and White made it into the game or not. If I happen to beat Ballos without dying under the alotted times, I can record it similar to how you do. Would you like them to upload?

  5. I'm just glad they didn't kill my favourite song. I was cringing as I hit play, but I think they handled most of these new songs rather well tbh.

    Only gripe I have is that the more melodic parts are a little drowned out by the bass – hopefully it sounds better on the actual DS, but either way it still sounds nice.

  6. Oh my god, they handled this perfectly. It captures that same dawn-like feeling this song was supposed to inspire. Opens a little too quickly, but hey, it's good!

  7. @FluttershySays Hi *Flutterhuggles* ^_^
    My favorite track has been reborn to the new generation by the wonderful mind who did the Super Meatboy Soundtrack.

  8. I've waited forever to hear this…Thank you for the upload. It's nice to hear this version for the first time…

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