32 Replies to “Cave Story – Gestation – Remix”

  1. I love this, Especially know that crystal crisis is coming out with my boy, Astro Boy! And Quote too!

  2. Welp. I played this game so long ago that I forgot about it. But I always remember the sad parts… And that frickin Wild Zone (or whatever it's called with those damned flies and shit).

  3. why ins't cave story's comunity more Popular than undertale's? it's what inspiered asriel and some other shit

  4. As a lover of cave strory, holy hell, this is amazing! Might I add, I actually danced to it first time hearing it. Good job!

  5. Spoilers!

    Ok, I do like this game, and had lots of fun with it. Then I got Curly killed.
    I was like, I'm starting over.

  6. hey electric I'm working on a Cave Story animation with some friends. We need musicians! Would you like to help? Email me at [email protected] . We have a small website online right now, and will update it as the project progresses. Epic remix by the way. http://mimigastudios.weebly.com/

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