13 Replies to “Cave Story (Wii/New): Gestation with Cave Story Instruments”

  1. I honestly like this far better than the actual Wiiware version, it sounds much more rich and solid.

  2. I might be in the minority here, but "Gestation" is one of my most favourite Cave Story Wii tracks. I know the original is definitely more fitting for the game, but this is the one I'd rather listen to on my own.

    As for your arrangement, I think it sounds pretty good. I like how the percussion is captured here and of course, the faded notes. I'm sort of disappointment that the instrument in track 5 is the replacement of a square25. I dunno; I just thought it would be a bit more…buzzy and less "smooth" sounding as it does here. I guess the only other nitpick I could say here is that in sections like 5:15, I could have used more bass, however, I know that the bass is not prominent in the Wii version, so I understand why it wouldn't be pronounced in here like it is there. I suppose that's actually one of the things I really like about the original; the way the bass seems to kick in around that part. Well anyways, nice job!

  3. sounds good my friend 🙂 on my way to go pick up a physical copy of cs+ for switch today and I'm very excited

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