[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP01 (4/4)

What do we do? Who is it?
Is it a bear or what? You’re the doctor on Change, right? Please make me beautiful. I’m sorry. I can’t. What’s up? Why are you doing this to me? I don’t think I can do it. Let this go. Please doctor… I can’t die like this. I want revenge. Please help me, Doctor. Help me, Doctor. I understand. Then… Doctor. Help me. Please… Help me. Help me, Doctor. Indeed, teardrop shaped
implants are the best for breast. Yes.
Luxurious diamond belly button. A little more. More. From head to toe, you risked
your life to get plastic surgery. You even got hair implants. Even your voice was enhanced with
collagen implants to your vocal cords. You’re delusional right now. You think you’re a celebrity. Because you… had too much anesthesia. It’s the side effect of general anesthesia. You’re suffering from delirium. [Delirium: often caused by general
anesthesia, major operations or infection. Shown in severe hyperactivity,
vivid hallucination, and anxiety] It’s for delirium. This happens if you skip your medications. I’ve been chasing you
to give you the medicine. How dare you throw me aside and
change the home passcode? That’s my house! For now, take you medicine. How can I trust you? What if it’s bad medicine? When you saw Sa Geum-ran on TV,
she didn’t look like a stranger, right? You even went to her 49-day ritual. Was it because you’re nosy? It’s because it’s personal. And… you threw me aside,
tripped my ankle and twisted my arm. What’s all that? What is it? It’s Judo techniques. Sa Geum-ran did judo until high school. You have delirium. But your judo skills came out intuitively. Hold on. Throwing and gripping. Ankle tripping. Arm twist. It’s true. Look at your hand slowly. Breathe out and put your
thumb in the front of the collarbone… Doctor. I prepared food. I did wrong. You operated on me and
gave me a place to stay. But I… messed with you. Messed with me? You picked me up and threw me
and almost broke my arm. Just messed with? Is that why I have bruises all over? I did an ungrateful thing. I will never do it again, Doctor. Please eat. It’s all organic. There’s no MSG. Raw oyster dish is full of minerals
and good for fading bruises. [Contract] What… is this, Doctor? Slave contract. I’m super-sized first and dominant. You’re a tiny nano-sized
latter and powerless. It’s filled with unimaginable conditions. It’s a total of 50 pages with 99 clauses. To sum up this this contract,
it’s you’ll do whatever I ask. After going through this absurdity,
I thought I should make a contract. What are you doing? Read it. Why? You don’t want to stamp it? No. I won’t ever defy you. Tell me now. How will you get revenge on your husband? You must’ve thought of something. I’m pretty. I’m this pretty. Why would I need a plan? It’s me. Where are you? Home? I’m headed to you. We just separated at the airport. I’m going in for the last segment soon.
I’m almost done. I’ll be there in 30 minutes. [Lee Kang-joon] These are the news on the internet. Announcer Gyo Chae-yeon’s
chic airport fashion. A trip overseas with a
nameless handsome man? More important than the trip they
took abroad together is… the date. It’s today. Today’s my 49th ritual. Then they came back from a trip today? They don’t care… about the dead, fat wife. Now. [Lee Kang-joon’s brain composition] Using Lee Kang-joon’s information on big
data, your personal information and cultural human resources psychologicall
statistics, I analyzed his brain. Look carefully. Now. “I will succeed.” That thought fills this
much space. 50%. 50%. Thoughts about the HBS CEO
inauguration. Here. 10%. 10%. And “I like Gyo…” “I like Gyo Chae-yeon.” 30%. And “I want to be a good son.” Here, huh? Jeez. What a jerk. 1%. 1%. Thoughts about his fat,
dead ex-wife Sa Geum-ran. Here. Do you see a faint dot? This little faint speck. You see a tiny speck, right? That is 0.1%. Huh? 0.1%? And you see the dot next to it? Here. It’s slightly bigger. See it? That’s 0.2%. 0.2%. These are the thoughts about the
buzzing mosquito in his room last night. So, you’re… less than a
mosquito to Lee Kang-joon. Lee Kang-joon is fully preoccupied
with other thoughts. If you show your pretty self to him, do you
think revenge will happen automatically? What do I do, Doctor? Help me. That’s right. Regular people like you
need a genius like me. Fine. Since you’re my work of art,
I’ll help you as warranty. To get revenge, you have to
become a completely different person. You’ve changed on the outside. But inside… You’re still the same inside. You have to change down to the bones. Make your husband deeply fall for you. Then you can destroy him. Abandon Sa Geum-ran. Become a completely new person.
Can you do that? Good work. Kang-joon. I didn’t know you’d come to the studio. Our pictures were on the internet. You’re still not formally the CEO yet.
Is it okay? Congratulations. It’s your first time as the main MC. Isn’t that CEO Lee Kang-joon? What’s this? Are they dating? How shocking. It’s time to reveal our relationship. Thoughts about your dead wife. 0.1%. To you now, that’s probably all I mean. But Honey, everything will change. I will make it so. The clothes I wore when I was fat… It’s good-bye to Sa Geum-ran. I’ll become a new
person down to my bones. We have Korea’s top
beauty and a genius mind… Revenge? Don’t worry. We can do it! Seduce Lee Kang-joon with powerful physical intimacy. “Lee Kang-joon is two-timing.” “He threw away his devoted wife.” Create a scandal. Total body plastic surgery, warranty, diet, exercise, and even my delirium. Why did you help me? Is Gyo Chae-yeon the reason? Your husband and Chae Yeon’s marriage can’t happen. We’re getting married in 3 weeks. I’ll stop them from getting married. I’ll block it. It’s 3 weeks until their wedding. You’ll die if determined to live. You’ll live if determined to die. Think like General Lee Soon-shin. We can do anything. Sara, right? Nice to meet you. I’m Lee Kang-joon. I’m Sara. Nice to meet you.

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