[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP02 (2/4)

3 weeks until their wedding. We don’t have much time. We’ll skip the preview and prologue
and jump right into the highlights. Seduce Lee Kang-joon. Go straight to rated R. With that, we’ll break up
their impending marriage. Admiral Yi Soon-shin took
on 133 ships with only 12 ships. With his mindset, we can do anything. “If you thrive to die, you’ll live. If you wish to live, you’ll die,”
said Admiral Yi Soon-shin. Okay? I get it. In the game of Go, you can lose
everything trying to avoid one thing. Just for it. Good! Men in Lee Kang-joon’s social
status never make a risky move. To seduce such a man,
an official reason is the best. Lee Kang-joon’s party. Attend it as a VIP. Wear that dress. VIP. Sara. Get a grip. Shake off your jitters. It shows! What if he recognizes me? Still, he’s my husband. He might recognize me. He won’t. You’re perfect. Okay. But… What do I do? Think of what you like most. Kimbap, spicy rice cakes,
blood sausages. Think of that. Oh, kimbap, spicy rice cake,
blood sausages. Honey… Your husband saw you. You remember the painting? The birth of Venus. Show your neckline. Neckline. Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone’s smile. It’s now. Action. Action. What do I do? Forget it. Let’s go to plan B. B. $100,000 plan? Donate $100K to the charity. You’ll get a chance to talk to
Lee Kang-joon alone. Where do we have $100K. Is that the issue? Alright Come here. You said you have 1,000 things
you’re curious about me, right? I’ll tell you one of them. It’s about my identity. Do you know Korea’s top leading group in entertainment,
restaurant industries and arts? Winner Group? Even HBS was acquired
by Winner Group. I’m the son of that Winner Group. What do you think? $100K is no big deal, right? Doctor. Good job. Thank you. I finally don’t feel nervous anymore. Indeed, joking around is best
for relieving anxiety. Right? Look at this lady… It’s true. It’s not time to laugh like that. As to pressure you slightly, let me give you an update
on funds donated. Total funds donated in HBS founding celebration charity
event exceed $37,000. We deeply appreciate your support. Thank you for being here. Have a good time. Thank you. Donate $100K. If Lee Kang-joon talks to you,
pretend to fall and flirt with him. As we practiced. We must have a special guest here. There’s someone who donated $100K. It’s someone named Sara. May we introduce you, Ms. Sara? Ms. Sara? Are you Sara? Nice to meet you. I’m Lee Kang-joon. Yes, nice to meet you. I’m Sara… Are you alright? Yes. Lady. Flirt. Flirt. Jeez. A glass of warm water and
caramel candies, please. It should help. Honey. Here’s a glass of warm water
and caramel candy. It works best for hiccups. Say ah… Kang-joon. The CEO of TBS is here. Excuse me. Thank you for today. Do you know how important
that place was? The two of them looked
so good together. Even though I’m this pretty. He didn’t even look at me. You’ve been married. You’re the happiest 3 weeks
before your wedding. Right? You should know it won’t be easy
to get between them. Why are you crying? You lost your husband
because you’re so soft! Forget it. We can try again
when Chae-yeon isn’t around. Let’s find a place where
Lee Kang-joon will be alone. Cheer up. We have three things. We have Korea’s top beauty,
this genius mind… and the hole in our hearts. Okay? CEO. Your bride’s wedding dress is ready. What do you think? You’re beautiful. Very. No decisive last word? I’m waiting. Thank you. You never say ‘I love you.’ You know even if I don’t say it. No, I don’t.

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