[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP03 (2/4)

You’ve practiced Kamasutra to
the point of nosebleed. Enough. Good. On your date tomorrow,
just smile at this angle. Is that all? If I do this, I can sleep with my husband? I’ll take care of the rest. As you wish,
I’ll let you sleep with your husband. I’m so happy! You have a beautiful smile. Thank… you. But Kang-joon. Are you hot? You’re sweating a bit. I guess so. Why am I the only one hot? If you’d excuse me, I’ll take my jacket off. When are we going to the hotel room? Where is the doctor? Hello. Our restaurant… has an event every season. We select the best couple
and give them a gift. You’re the most perfect couple…
for our restaurant. Since the lady is beautiful, I get lucky, too. Thank you. There’s one more thing. It’s kiss time. What? Kiss? Kiss! Kiss! She’s dying of happiness. Are you that happy? Honey… It’s been so long! CEO. They… checked into the hotel on
the 9th floor of this building! Success? Good work, everyone! CEO Tae-hee. Aren’t you coming back to work? Why take off three months for a break? You’re not even going abroad. I know. You’re totally like Robin Hood. Our consulting company, God of Restaurant, is getting tons of inquires about
stocks and collaborations. But we need you to be here to discuss. Come to work, CEO. Alright. My popularity. I’ll come to work soon. Relax and play until I get back, okay? Yes, sir. Honey… I came round
and round to end up here. But it’s okay. If, by doing so, we become a
married couple again, it’s fine. Sara. Yes? Yes… What’s wrong? I’m sorry. Let’s stop here. Is it because I cried? I ruined the mood, right? I want to save you. Save me? Why? It’ll be wasted. Don’t save me. When I brought you to this hotel room,
I thought it’d be a one night stand. But when I saw your sincerity,
I’ve changed my mind. Think it over one more day. And if we still feel the same,
let’s meet again tomorrow. Then I, like you…, will be sincere. You just came back? Nothing happened? We put so much energy
boosting things in his food. Does Lee Kang-joon have
some problem physically? No. He wants to think it over
one more day and be sincere. When he saw you crying, he thought
you’d become tiresome. He stopped because he was alarmed. Sincerity, yeah right. If he wanted to fool around, he wouldn’t
have promised a meeting tomorrow. He was true about being sincere. He’s putting up a show. He wants to feel it out
before fooling around. He’s comparing you and Chae-yeon. Lee Kang-joon, that jerk,
is making an art of having an affair. He’s the master artist in affairs. Are you disappointed? I just need to wait one more day. Sara. Don’t you think
Lee Kang-joon is a bad guy? He’s a cheater. He dumped you. Now he’s cheating on Chae-yeon too. My husband is just a romantic. You want to be in love too.
With Gyo Chae-yeon. So Lee Kang-joon is not bad? How can a person be so blinded? It’s to the point of being dumb! I vowed to love in rain or snow,
in happiness or sorrow. I’m not being dumb. It’s a marriage vow. You don’t get it because you’re a bachelor. If you’re that sure, fine. I hope that certainty lasts forever! Kang-joon. Try winning once in a while. Someone might think
you’re losing on purpose. What are you saying? I tried with all my might. Are you killing me twice? Let’s go. How’s HBS’s union situation? Don’t worry about HBS. Just keep control over
Winner Group headquarters. About the union issue, I’ll take care of
it before the shareholder’s meeting. I’ll make sure it doesn’t negatively impact on you becoming the CEO,
Director of Strategic Planning. To be called the Director of Strategic Planning, the strategies and
planning have to be good. What kind of Director of
Strategy can’t stop a union? That’s useless. Right, Kang-joon? The union… I’ll wait for the call that…
it has been dispersed. I’ll give you two hours. Yes, sir. Our next match is this Friday. Try winning that day. Yes, Director. Call me ‘hyung’ (older brother). Bye.

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