[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP04 (2/4)

What’s all this? There’s so much. What’s all this, Mom? Hello. God of Restaurant! We’re from the restaurant
consulting company. We’re CEO Han Tae-hee’s employees. We’re here to do volunteer cooking. We were just about to die over cooking. You saved us. Where’s the CEO Han Tae-hee? Thank you for inviting me. I’m Han Tae-hee. Welcome. I heard you’re like family to Chae-yeon. I was deeply touched by your
food truck charity work. The most beautiful women in
the world are those who cook. There was truth to that saying. Beautiful. We welcome you. Hello. What are you doing?
Move it. Bravo! You’re pros. We didn’t do as well as usual. Min-young. Jin-young: Were your ears plugged? No, Dad. No, no, no, no. Real, no way. I heard from the audition judges. They said you can hear better
with one ear plugged. That’s why, right? Of course, that’s right.
That’s why. Sister-in-law is right, Father. Look at her wit. Dear. If Chae-yeon moves in,
we won’t need to turn on the heater. She’s so warm, right, Dear? That’s right. I can’t wait until you join our family. Yes, Father. Then, to help digestion, I’m going
to take a walk in the garden. Kang-joon, why don’t we play chess later? But where is the garden? I’ll show you. No. I will. I’ll show you. Hey. Do the dishes. I’ll show you. Will you show me the second floor? A will? My pig sister-in-law’s will? Yes. I heard she left a will. She’s always smiling
so brightly in all the pictures. I’m curious what her last words were. Well? She didn’t say much, right? She did say something. Isn’t talking about money a big deal? Money? Sara, you’re so curious. Where’s the will? Can you show it to me? The will was in email? Yes. Sender ID: sgr1234. It’s my ID. How did they know my password? This… is a conspiracy for sure. Who would do this? Father, Mother. Please forgive me. I feel like a useless person. I don’t want to live anymore. I’ll leave the decision about
my property to my husband. [Transfer of Ownership] [Owner: Lee Kang Joon] Where’s Sara? She went to the bathroom. What? Seokchodong Canvas building…
belongs to Chae-yeon? The famous building designed by
Bill Weber… is Chae-yeon’s? Don’t hate me because it’s
my second marriage. I’m trying really hard. Why are you coming out? Go inside. I’ll bring juice. Go in. Jin-young! Weren’t you in the bathroom? That’s Kang-joon’s room.
Why are you coming out of there? Well… I… You couldn’t find the bathroom? Go downstairs. It’s down there. Okay.
Thanks. Canvas building… belongs to Chae-yeon? Where did she get the money? She didn’t have that kind of money. Why aren’t you playing? You’re serious even when you’re winning. Ji-hoon is coming now
since his surgery is over. Oh, okay. Chae-yeon. I’ll get some air outside. Kang-joon, let’s call it a tie. But… next time, it’s a big match. The will was in email? Then the person who knows
your password is the culprit. And Sara. Do you know the Canvas building? How much money does Lee Kang-joon have? I don’t know. Let’s talk about the land first. I’m the only daughter. So my father left me a land. But my title was transferred. My mother has no money besides that. What will she live off of? What do I do, Doctor? Land? What land? Where? It’s land in front of Seocho District Office. in front of Seocho District Office? Seocho District Office? Canvas building. Tae-hee. What do we do? What do we do? Come here. What are you doing? What do we do? Jin-young? Let’s have coffee together. Stick close. Close. Jin-young, stop! Freeze. Why? That is… my pants zipper broke. I was… trying to fix it. Your pants zipper? Oh my… Why there of all places? I know.
Why there of all places? But, Doctor. Why is your heart beating so loud? It’s really loud. It’s because your arms are so strong.
You’re squeezing my chest too tight. Tae-hee. So, were you be able to fix it? Should I help you? No. I will do it. Then, I’ll wait here. If we get caught, we will get investigated. Of course. What do we do now? My arms hurt… Why can’t I see it? Jin-young. Can you bring me a flashlight? Sure, Tae-hee. My arms hurt. Ji-hoon. Where are you?
Let’s meet now. Tae-hee left because his pants zipper broke. Something came up for Ji-hoon.
He can’t come today. Sara went home because of a bathroom issue. What is this? She left her coat behind. Forensic hypnosis? What kind of nonsense is that? Treating obesity with hypnosis. You wrote your doctoral dissertation
and received an award for it. You’re the best field expert. That’s for the obesity treatment. I haven’t done forensics. There’s a first time for everything. Fine. Who do you want to investigate? When? It’s a person. It’s okay. There’s a really bad person. I have to catch him. Put that person under hypnosis and
make them recall a car accident. So find out the car that hit them
and the license plate number. Let’s start the forensic hypnosis. Mong-shil died? Why would a healthy dog die? He suddenly collapsed
foaming at the mouth. Secretary Son! Secretary Son! Grandmother. What’s wrong? What’s the matter? Did you call me, Mother? Mong-shil is dead. Mo… Mong-shil died? But why? I’m sorry, Mother. I didn’t know. That dog was your responsibility! Grandmother, please calm down. I’ll look into it. If you’re upset, your health
will suffer, Grandmother. Bring water. Calm down, Grandmother. Did you do that on purpose? Did you poison the dog or something? Yes. It felt good. Mother. You promised to be careful
until the shareholder’s meeting. Will she run an autopsy on the dog? Nobody will know. She’ll think the dog had a better fate. I got rid of the dog in one shot. But that old woman… I won’t let her go so easily. My grief built over 35 years. I’ll pay her back.

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