[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP04 (3/4)

The car is black. The plate number was 814… We need one more digit. Tae-hee. We really did our best. There’s nothing more left. We’ve been at it for 14 hours. Grandmother. We held a funeral for Mong-shil. We laid his ashes to rest. Are you alright, Grandmother? You may leave. Yes, Grandmother. Dinner with your brother-in-law? Our family gathering… Ji-hoon couldn’t make it. It’s okay, right? You’ve been with me two days now. Why does it feel like you’re
doing this on purpose? You’re sharp. Let’s go right after work. Ji-hoon hasn’t eaten all day. My husband killed me? Why do you suspect him? That’s slander. Your land is over
17,000 sq. feet in Seochodong. That’s worth a lot of money. How do you explain the title
transferred to your husband? Your husband is the suspect. My husband couldn’t kill an ant. I think it’s Gyo Chae-yeon. What? You said Gyo Chae-yeon owns
a building on my land. Then it’s Gyo Chae-yeon. You’re blaming an innocent person. How can Chae-yeon know
your email password? You said she’s smart. That car… It looks the same as that car. Are you okay? The license plate number… is the same too. 8147. Brother-in-law. Welcome. Ji-hoon. Sara. Sara! Good-bye, sir. – Okay.
– Yes. Kyung-joo. Geum-ran’s mother. What brings you here? This. Look at this. What is this about? Fertility clinic application. Applicant: Sa Geum-ran? The morning Geum-ran died, she submitted
an application at a fertility clinic. The day she died. The same day. It is. It’s that day. The day she committed suicide. Why would she commit suicide if
she was trying to get pregnant? How can this be? It doesn’t make sense. Isn’t it strange? Yes, Mother. It’s strange. You fainted. Where are you going? You can’t move. I want to get fresh air. Mother! What are you doing? Didn’t you see? Yes, you’d get it if you
got doused with water. Kids. Bring more water. Yes, mom. In-law! OBGYN clinic? So, you think it wasn’t suicide? What kind of nonsense is this? You’re trying to drag my son
down with this sort of stuff! Why did you tear it up? This is evidence Geum-ran
didn’t commit suicide. What in the world! Evidence? What evidence? To me, my son is my religion. That’s how I lived my whole life. When Geum-ran died, I wondered
why she’s dragging my son down. Mom? Since my son is successful, you’re
trying to get some crumb off of him. Don’t you dare lay a finger on my son. I’ll rain rocks down on you instead of water. If your child is precious, you should know
other’s children are just as precious! Geum-ran is the one and only child. After my husband died,
Geum-ran was my whole life. My only daughter died!
Can’t I even ask? Once will become two
times and then three times. Nothing good will come
out in talking with you. Leave. Leave. Leave! Mom! Hold back. Hold back. Mom. What do I do? It’s Lee Kang-joon. In-law! Let go! Geum-ran!
My poor Geum-ran! Clinic, whatever. She would have died even if she applied there. Isn’t that so, Kang-joon? But, they might cause trouble later, huh? I don’t think Kyung-joo told your
ex-mother-in-law you’re remarrying. If she finds out, she’ll faint. If she finds out he had an affair,
she’ll do more than fainting. It’ll be a huge scandal. Who sprayed water in front of the house? Did someone in our family do that? What is it? Did something happen? No. I’ll clean it up. A neighbor gave us
spring water but I spilled it. What are you doing?
Hurry and clean it up. Yes. Go in. What did you say happened to Shim Yeo-ok? She got kicked out this morning. This is all her stuff. Kicked out? Why? Who are you that you’re
bringing out all her stuff? Do you know her son-in-law, Lee Kang-joon? He bought this house a while ago. He’s the owner. I’m their housekeeper. He told me to live here for free suddenly. What luck. Why did he kick my mom out? I… was killed because I was fat
and dumb and burdensome. What wrong did my
mother do to deserve this? It’s okay. I vowed to love him in snow or rain,
in happiness or sorrow. I want to be his wife again. Sara. Don’t copy me. You’re not okay. You’re not okay. Why act like you are? That’s my specialty! You look nervous. Is something wrong at the headquarters? No, it’s not that. Then why are you in such a hurry? Nothing happened. But I’ve had a bad feeling
these past few days. It’s just a feeling. But it’s not good. I’ll find out and let you know.
And it’s good if we end early. Enjoy your last days without Chae-yeon. Well, who am I worried about? You’ve already married twice. So you’ve probably flirted
more than I have. Right? If Someone hears it,
they’d think I’m a player. Kang-joon. You’re a player. Bye. Take it easy. Take it easy. Sara?

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