[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP07 (3/4)

Where’s everyone! Where’s everybody! The house is a total mess. Where are you! Dear. We’re all at the hospital. We took a nap after breakfast
and got upset stomachs. We shouldn’t have
napped right after we eat. All three of us can’t move because
our anuses won’t contract. Just wait until you come home! Bye! What do we do? Sara. We three had such bad
stomachs. We called 911. Our plan worked, Doctor. Then… next, I’m going to tell
Gyo Chae-yeon the family slept here. I have selfies of us together last night. Now? Not yet. “I know you killed Sa Geum-ran.” There’ll explode on Lee Kang-joon soon. It will only get in the way. Wait. That’s right. Then, I’ll go spy upstairs, Doctor. Do a good job. So, I can be at ease after leaving you. Yes. You’re really leaving in a few days? Yes. Why? We’re always stuck together. Unknowingly, I never considered
that we’d separate someday. If we separate, I think it’ll be weird. It was more strange for us to be together. We don’t fit at all. Go spy on them. [I know you killed Sa Geum-ran.] I have my own idea. Then, I have something to show you as well. Come home right now. Let go. Let go! Are you crazy? You’re the one who’s crazy. Look. “I know you killed Sa Geum-ran?” You dare threaten me over a few fights? Does this make sense?
How could I write this? I’m involved in her death too! She’s involved in my death? When her car fell into the ocean,
I was there, too. I watched that woman die. If I had called the paramedics,
she would’ve lived. If you committed murder,
I was an accomplice to murder. Would I have left that? You threatened you’d show me something! I was talking about separation. Gyo Chae-yeon… How could you… suspect me? True, because you’re this psycho,
no wonder you killed your wife. I hate even a day. Not another day do I want to be with you. Sara, where are you? I brought a package for Lee Kang-joon. Is she in the room? Let go! Let go! For me, Chae-yeon’s
happiness always comes first. I can’t leave Chae-yeon live with a murderer. I have to rescue Chae-yeon. What are you doing? What’s up? No, why did you break this? This is my gift to you. My first… and last gift. Chae-yeon. What’s the matter? It’s Ji-hoon, Tae-hee. Chae-yeon came over? Separation? Yes, Tae-hee. She’s having a hard time. Can you come now? She relied on you a lot. Alright, Ji-hoon. It’s my gift to you.
My first… and last gift. Doctor. I brought the pen you mentioned. Sara. Write a letter to your
husband in your handwriting. Let’s send this letter and
let him know you’re alive. Here. Skip the third step. We’ll go straight to
Lee Kang-joon’s nervous breakdown. Get his confession when
he has a nervous breakdown. What are you hiding, Sara? I don’t want another day. Not even one day. “I know you killed Sa Geum-ran?” You dare threaten me over a few fights? Does that make sense? How could I write this? I’m involved in Sa Geum-ran’s death too. When her car went into the ocean,
I was there, too. I watched her die! Had I called the paramedics,
Sa Geum-ran would’ve lived. If you committed murder,
I’m an accomplice to murder. But do you think I’d leave that? Doctor. You can’t find out. If you find out about Gyo Chae-yeon…,
it’ll be too hard for you. When you find out the one you love is evil,
the pain you feel… I know. I don’t want you to have to
experience that pain. That’s a very difficult thing to do. How do you like this dress? Honey. Hi.
Ta-da! Who is it? Who did it? The annoying ex mother-in-law finally
found out about Kang-joon’s affair? His mother-in-law came
but you threw water on her. Hello, In-law. I’m Kang-joon’s father. Can we meet? [Please reveal the truth of my
daughter’s wrongful death] Geum-ran’s death is strange? Yes. The morning of her death, she went to the OBGYN because
she wanted to get pregnant. How could she commit suicide? And at the time, Kang-joon…
already had another woman. It’s strange. You’re my in-law. But you’re also a brother
from my hometown. Help me. I beg you. Please? It’s a registered mail, CEO. Mail? From whom? Sa Geum-ran sent it. Sa Geum-ran? Leave. [Sa Geum Ran] Sa Geum-ran… Honey. Long time now see. Congratulations on your marriage. I went to your wedding to
see you and your bride. You… and Gyo Chae-yeon
looked really happy. I’ll see you soon, Honey. It’s you, isn’t it? What on earth… Why are you doing this? Let go of me and talk! You threatened me, huh? How dare you threaten me! Threat? Aren’t you afraid of God? Dead Geum-ran is watching! Geum-ran is watching? Mother? Is that you, Mother? Shim Yeo-ok. So put her in a mental hospital? She lost her mind because
her only daughter died. It’s a crucial time for the company.
It has to be done quietly. Registration for mental hospitalization.
It’s a family member’s release. I’m her son-in-law and her only family. With this, we can put her away. I understand.

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