[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP07 (Full)

Sleep together? Us two? Your room is locked. In the living room, my husband
and in-laws are sleeping. We have to sleep here. It’s okay. I won’t eat you up. Han Tae-hee… is in love with Sara. Fine, Sara. We may be sleeping in one room,
but there’s a hierarchy. When there’s one bed,
where does the lower one sleep? I’ll sleep on the floor. Why can’t I fall asleep? You’re dreaming, right? Of dying. It is, right? This lady really… I’m first in line… What’s up this late? It’s 3 am now. You said to come anytime. Let me crash. I missed you. Okay, okay. Oh yeah.
Tell me about the psychoanalysis results. What did it say? The analysis results show…
Han Tae-hee… is in love… with Sara. Who is she? The woman you love. Hey. You’re giving me goosebumps
on my scalp. What love? It’s not to that extent. Absolutely not. You just acknowledged it. You acknowledged. “Not to that extent” means
something similar to love. Who is it? What kind of woman is she? I said it’s not. Just… she looks pretty… My heart beats a little. Just… once or twice, I took care of her. That’s it. That’s not love. Right. That’s it. That’s love right there. No, it’s not. Oh my, just wait. You’ll take her side no matter what. That means you’ve completely fallen for her. You found your match. Tae-hee. But it’s not ‘ahjumma,’ right?
(“ahjumma=a married woman; aunt) Those initials saved in your cellphone… Why does that keep making me
think ‘ahjumma?” Huh? I’m sorry. It’s an insult to you. What “ahjumma?” Why am I sleeping on the bed? I must have come up during sleep. Doctor will throw a fit if he finds out. Doctor… Where did he go? Is the bathroom here? Hey, the more I think about it,
the more I dislike Chae-yeon. I mean, did she have to tell your father
that I threw water on Geum-ran’s mother? Since we gave her the Canvas building,
she should’ve licked her in-law’s floors. How dare she act up? After all we did to make Geum-ran’s land ours. Good thing we persuaded Geum-ran to
make the land community property. If not, after Geum-ran killed herself, it would’ve been difficult
handling the land claims. We did the hard work. But Chae-yeon got the land. Stop talking about the land. Now that we’re on this topic… Geum-ran is so naive. To the end, she believed you
married her for love, Kang-joon. When you were in debt and out of job,
you considered Geum-ran as a way out. There’s the saying, “give and take.” Use a good expression. And am I the only one who got land? Geum-ran got a husband. It’s enough she got to be married. Yes. That’s true. At least she got to be married. It’s better she died. If she found out while she was alive,
how unjust she must feel? Unjust? No way. Even in her death, she would
be taken advantage of. Yes, Ahjumma. What? Ahjumma! Did you kill them? Did you poison them? They’re sleeping. I put a sedative in their food. Two or three hours.
They won’t know if they were kidnapped. I gave them food that
will upset their stomachs. Especially, Kang-joon will
have hard time walking. He always has diarrhea
after eating abalone. Doctor. Come with me. I called you for that. You’ll become an evil wench? I found out for sure how
horrible and evil my in-laws are. They suck the juice out of
me and threw me out. No… They even killed me. Trash. To go against those evil people,
I have to become worse. I stole the house key from Mother-in-law. That’s all fine. But this is trespassing. Look, we’ll be recorded on the CCTV there. That’s just for a show. It’s broken. Sara! Still, let’s be law-abiding. Why does a model citizen like me
have to become a rioter? Well, I don’t care. After getting an announcer
daughter-in-law, what a sight. They won’t be able to
tell if I broke another one. Sara. This is a destruction of property. Sara. We’re breaking criminal
code article 319 clauses 1. It’s three years imprisonment
and a fine of $5,000. This is burglary. It’s not burglary. I maintained the house with the
money my father left me. I saved and saved to make
this house what it is now. This is my house! Sara. The jewelry from the
marriage is important. This is thievery. It’s mine! Wait… Three years for destruction of property,
three years for burglary. And thievery gets three to six years. In total, that’s nine years in jail. As an accomplice, I’ll be charged
as an accessory to the crime. Sara! Degree? Doctorate, no way. Become a human first, you murderer. I know… you… killed… Sa Geum-ran. Sara. You’re going to leave this behind? This is too bold. We might get found out. They’re sure Sa Geum-ran is being
a pushover in the afterlife. Why would I get caught? Trespassing? Burglary? I’ll do more than that! I’ll become the most evil
villain in the world! Okay. Do as you like. How can you live with such frustration? You have to unplug it in order to live. I’ll take care of the aftermath. So destroy everything! Okay. Good job! Just wait. You’ll take her side no matter what. That means you’ve already
completely fallen for her. You found your match. Kang-joon didn’t come to work? Unbelievable. He doesn’t come home or to work? Did he call? Where is he now? Actually… I don’t know. Director Han Min-hyuk is looking for him, too. I don’t know what to do. [Chae-yeon] 11 am? Hello. Kang-joon. Where are you? I’m busy right now. Let’s talk later. Kang-joon! Mother. Mother. Min-young, get up. It’s 11am. What’s with my stomach? What on earth? Why did I sleep so much? Jeez, my stomach. My stomach hurts. What’s wrong with me? Eat? As much as I want? Eat. Why are you letting me eat? When you go home, your in-laws are there. You’ll lose appetite if you see them. Are you… looking out for me? No. Our plan to send Lee Kang-joon
is reaching the highlight. I’m pushing you to be strong. Ah. Yes, Doctor. I’ll be strong. I’ll send that jerk to jail. Add the bill for this food
to my list of debts. The restaurant is opening soon. I’ll work to my bones and pay it back. Eat mine too. I’m going to meet someone. Eat. CEO. Mission complete. We infiltrated Lee Jung-shik’s home in Jongrogu Pyungchang 80 road
and completed our mission. I brought all kinds of equipment to
his house and got it under control. We rehung the newlywed’s picture. Fingerprints and every last hair, we erased all evidence
anyone had ever been there. They won’t suspect an ant came in,
much less you. Good work. But… you left that, right? Yes, as it is. But, CEO. What is this all about? Can you give me a little hint? You don’t need to know. It’ll be over soon. Ah, CEO. There’s one more thing. It’s about Grandmother Park Man-deuk. Winner Group’s Madam Park operates a
food truck in front of Jongrogu Chungmae Park. Good job. You can go. Wow, she’s so pretty. She’s slim. But how can she eat like that? She’s the greatest. She’s so pretty. She’d be a hit on the internet. She’s totally pretty. Wait.
I want to upload too. People are watching because she’s pretty. But she’s only happy when eating. The title will be
“Birth of a food show beauty.” Doctor. I ate it all. You bought me delicious food.
Now you’re bringing me here too? Is today a special day, Doctor? Don’t be such a country bumpkin. Others come here everyday. Here’s two glasses of cappuccino. For me… instant coffee is fine. That’s your problem. You’re still being frugal when
only your family benefited? You said saving makes it go wasted. For whose sake do you save? It’s expensive. Just drink that. Yes, Doctor. It’s a gift. Buying me food and coffee? Yes. And I’ll get Lee Kang-joon for you. Let’s get him to confess he
murdered you and put him in jail. In three days. Is that possible? We just need to move up our plans. I got rid of all traces
of you at your in-laws. I left the threat to Lee Kang-joon. [I know you killed Sa Geum-ran] Torment Lee Kang-joon mentally. And we’ll get him to confess to murder. That’s my gift to you. Don’t be happy. This is my first… and last gift. Why… the last gift? After putting Lee Kang-joon to jail,
I’m leaving. Leave? Where to? Then… I won’t see you forever? Must I chase Lee Kang-joon my whole life? This honest genius became an accomplice
to trespassing, destruction and burglary. And, how long do I have to live with you? Not just the same house,
we’re now sleeping in one room. Will I ever get married if this gets out? In my whole life,
I’ve never talked with ahjummas. But look now. I’m stuck with weirdest of
all ahjummas all the time. I might have a mental breakdown
doing all the strange things. I’m doing and thinking things
I’ve never done before. It has to stop. Let’s end it. End it. Doctor. You’re really stressed, huh? It’s understandable. Yes, Doctor. As for debts, I’ll take responsibility
and repay it the rest of my life. Just drink your coffee! No. I can’t fall for her more. Hey, what are you watching? What is it? It’s got over 200,000 views in one day. It’s a big hit. Awesome. It’s got 200,000 views. She’s so pretty. Uh? Isn’t that girl who was eating kimbap,
spicy rice cakes and blood sausage before? I shot a video of her eating. Really? I’ll post it. She’s going to get so many hits. I’m jealous. There are no female security members? All female staffs are over 50 on desk jobs. None are in uniforms. But, there was something suspicious. What? The staffs at the publication ceremony
are not our employees. The woman you spoke of is one of them. Ah, yes… I have another job. I’m a chef. Who is she? Kang-joon. It’s time to take
Grandmother to a quiet place. Has the plan been moved up? Expose Winner Group’s corruption. A surprise attack through news and
educational programs on the same day. Yes, Director. Blame Winner Group’s corruption on
Grandmother and send her to jail. Once she goes to jail,
she won’t live long as she wishes. Assistant Son! She’s still not here? Ma’am! Did you call, Mother? Wait… Who are these people? As of today, I’ve replaced all
the employees with my own. With whose permission! Mine. Treat the elder with respect. Yes. How dare… I’m going home early
because I don’t feel well. Wrap things up. Kang-joon. Where did you sleep last night? Don’t bother me. I have upset stomach. After we got married, you’ve spent
more nights out than at home. Did you know? Is that my fault? Is it mine then? Am I the one who had
an affair and slept out? I’ll be home.
Come after work. If that’s how you are… I have my own ideas. What do you mean? You’re avoiding me with no
thought of consoling me. Am I nobody? Then, I have something
to show you as well. Where’s everyone! Where’s everybody! The house is a total mess. Where are you! Dear. We’re all at the hospital. We took a nap after breakfast
and got upset stomachs. We shouldn’t have
napped right after we eat. All three of us can’t move because
our anuses won’t contract. Just wait until you come home! Bye! What do we do? Sara. We three had such bad
stomachs. We called 911. Our plan worked, Doctor. Then… next, I’m going to tell
Gyo Chae-yeon the family slept here. I have selfies of us together last night. Now? Not yet. “I know you killed Sa Geum-ran.” There’ll explode on Lee Kang-joon soon. It will only get in the way. Wait. That’s right. Then, I’ll go spy upstairs, Doctor. Do a good job. So, I can be at ease after leaving you. Yes. You’re really leaving in a few days? Yes. Why? We’re always stuck together. Unknowingly, I never considered
that we’d separate someday. If we separate, I think it’ll be weird. It was more strange for us to be together. We don’t fit at all. Go spy on them. [I know you killed Sa Geum-ran.] I have my own idea. Then, I have something to show you as well. Come home right now. Let go. Let go! Are you crazy? You’re the one who’s crazy. Look. “I know you killed Sa Geum-ran?” You dare threaten me over a few fights? Does this make sense?
How could I write this? I’m involved in her death too! She’s involved in my death? When her car fell into the ocean,
I was there, too. I watched that woman die. If I had called the paramedics,
she would’ve lived. If you committed murder,
I was an accomplice to murder. Would I have left that? You threatened you’d show me something! I was talking about separation. Gyo Chae-yeon… How could you… suspect me? True, because you’re this psycho,
no wonder you killed your wife. I hate even a day. Not another day do I want to be with you. Sara, where are you? I brought a package for Lee Kang-joon. Is she in the room? Let go! Let go! For me, Chae-yeon’s
happiness always comes first. I can’t leave Chae-yeon live with a murderer. I have to rescue Chae-yeon. What are you doing? What’s up? No, why did you break this? This is my gift to you. My first… and last gift. Chae-yeon. What’s the matter? It’s Ji-hoon, Tae-hee. Chae-yeon came over? Separation? Yes, Tae-hee. She’s having a hard time. Can you come now? She relied on you a lot. Alright, Ji-hoon. It’s my gift to you.
My first… and last gift. Doctor. I brought the pen you mentioned. Sara. Write a letter to your
husband in your handwriting. Let’s send this letter and
let him know you’re alive. Here. Skip the third step. We’ll go straight to
Lee Kang-joon’s nervous breakdown. Get his confession when
he has a nervous breakdown. What are you hiding, Sara? I don’t want another day. Not even one day. “I know you killed Sa Geum-ran?” You dare threaten me over a few fights? Does that make sense? How could I write this? I’m involved in Sa Geum-ran’s death too. When her car went into the ocean,
I was there, too. I watched her die! Had I called the paramedics,
Sa Geum-ran would’ve lived. If you committed murder,
I’m an accomplice to murder. But do you think I’d leave that? Doctor. You can’t find out. If you find out about Gyo Chae-yeon…,
it’ll be too hard for you. When you find out the one you love is evil,
the pain you feel… I know. I don’t want you to have to
experience that pain. That’s a very difficult thing to do. How do you like this dress? Honey. Hi.
Ta-da! Who is it? Who did it? The annoying ex mother-in-law finally
found out about Kang-joon’s affair? His mother-in-law came
but you threw water on her. Hello, In-law. I’m Kang-joon’s father. Can we meet? [Please reveal the truth of my
daughter’s wrongful death] Geum-ran’s death is strange? Yes. The morning of her death, she went to the OBGYN because
she wanted to get pregnant. How could she commit suicide? And at the time, Kang-joon…
already had another woman. It’s strange. You’re my in-law. But you’re also a brother
from my hometown. Help me. I beg you. Please? It’s a registered mail, CEO. Mail? From whom? Sa Geum-ran sent it. Sa Geum-ran? Leave. [Sa Geum Ran] Sa Geum-ran… Honey. Long time now see. Congratulations on your marriage. I went to your wedding to
see you and your bride. You… and Gyo Chae-yeon
looked really happy. I’ll see you soon, Honey. It’s you, isn’t it? What on earth… Why are you doing this? Let go of me and talk! You threatened me, huh? How dare you threaten me! Threat? Aren’t you afraid of God? Dead Geum-ran is watching! Geum-ran is watching? Mother? Is that you, Mother? Shim Yeo-ok. So put her in a mental hospital? She lost her mind because
her only daughter died. It’s a crucial time for the company.
It has to be done quietly. Registration for mental hospitalization.
It’s a family member’s release. I’m her son-in-law and her only family. With this, we can put her away. I understand. The moment Sa Geum-ran’s car
went into water, I was there too. I watched that woman die! If I had called the paramedics,
Sa Geum-ran would’ve lived. It’s Sara. To commemorate sleeping over
at my house, we took a picture. Chae-yeon. Manager Jung? Do me a favor. Someone needs to be punished. Doctor! It’s ready. Food for a broken hearted? Yes, Doctor. They’re good for your heart. Mushroom stew. Almond and
walnut anchovy stir-fry. Brown rice. Steamed fish and tomato. Steamed egg, fried mackerel. I also made soy bean milk. My heart… is going to
be broken again. Is that it? Is there something that
you’re keeping from me? No. It’s not that at all. You and I have so many socking
events that will get our hearts drop. Right? Especially you go through heart
stopping things everyday. You know… Yes, Doctor. So I’m taking preventive measures. Eat, Doctor. Tomorrow is the restaurant opening.
I’ll go clean. This… is a dessert. Hey, look at the comments. A million? What a big hit! Look at why they say. “Who is this beauty?” Did you see the number of views? Amazing. PD. “Birth of a food show beauty.” This video is amazing. Kimbap, spicy rice cake, blood sausage,
Potato stew eating footages are being made into animated
video clips by the netizens. The number of views has
exploded in a couple of days. Wow. She’s pretty. The national leader in entertainment,
broadcasting and restaurant industries, Winner Group is under investigation
by prosecution for the crime of hiding millions in slush funds.
It’s shocking news. It has a good aroma. Winner Group’s largest
shareholder Park Man-deuk… Are you that happy? From now on, all we
have to do is enjoy, right? I’m in front of the prosecution office. Currently, the prosecution is investigating
Winner Group’s head Park Man-deuk and whether she’s directly involved
with the slush funds. Park Man-deuk directly manages
Winner Group’s cultural foundation which holds the largest shares. What kind of person is Park Man-deuk? She’s the eldest person
in Winner Group family. She’s the mother of deceased Winner
Group Chairman Han Myung-hoon. She’s hidden in veil because she’s not directly involved in
the Group’s management. Take Mother to the vacation
home for a few days. Soon the prosecution will
summon Grandmother by force. It’ll be ugly for a few days. Stay away. I want to see that old lady being
dragged in with my own eyes. What a shame I can’t. Lately, the internet is frenzy with the
“Birth of a food show beauty” video. The video with that title is spreading rapidly. In contrast to her hearty eating, she has beautiful looks and a slim
body with not an ounce of fat… Come in. Yes. It’s that woman. The woman I was looking for. It’s not bad. There are seven kinds of spaghetti dishes. Five of them are perfect. Now, I just have to test two more. Is this her restaurant? I know because my sisters-in-law work here. Tomorrow is the opening. She’s probably here. The hearts are one. The feelings are one… What is this? Since you do such childish things like this. I came to warn you childishly. A warning not to mess with me. Coward. You were scared to come alone. You can only do things
with a manager, huh? How dare you. Are you the one who’s
bothering Gyo Chae-yeon? Yes, I did that. What! What’s with this woman? You saw right. My nickname in high school
was King Kong Bayaba. I’m not a woman. I’m King Kong Bayaba. Come on! Come on! I was just going to talk
but you keep acting up. Before something bad happens,
apologize to Gyo Chae-yeon. Come on. Come on! What’s with her? We can’t go easy on you
because you’re pretty. Bayaba…
How should we do with this pretty Bayaba? Let go of her! Tae-hee. Are you alright? Doctor. Doctor? Stay away. I can’t. Tae-hee. Ji-hoon. Meet me now. I have something to ask you. What happened? Do you know that woman? I told you. This is my restaurant. She is the chef. When and how did you meet? You don’t know each other. At the family gathering. You invited us. Because of that, you’re working together? It just happened. Let’s talk later, Chae-yeon. Next time. Tae-hee has a woman? When? Is it recent? Yes. I think so. He wanted to know his feelings,
so he did an analysis. I also heard him talking
on the phone with her. What’s her name? Is it Sara? Sara? No. It wasn’t a name like that. He stored her initials A, J, and M. A, J and M? At that moment I thought ‘ahjumma.’ But it can’t be it, right? Tae-hee wouldn’t date an ahjumma. Ahjumma? Anyways, Chae-yeon. Go back your in-laws now. Separation… isn’t good to prolong. Lee Kang-joon, that jerk. This time, I’ll pressure you through email! It hurts, huh? It doesn’t hurt. Normally, I would’ve used one arm. But using both arms,
the muscle was shocked in this arm. Sara. I’m saying this because it’s passed. With so many men,
how could you jump at them like that? It could’ve been bad. I know you’re strong but
you’ll get hurt that way. Be careful! What about you? You could get hurt that way. Did you want to show
off to Gyo Chae-yeon? You think I was showing
off to Chae-yeon? I did it to rescue you. You’re so clueless. You ate that up too. But Doctor. Why are you being good to me? You buy me dinner and coffee. And you rushed the
plan to get my husband. Saying it was a gift to me. Today, you rescued me in
front of Gyo Chae-yeon. Is it okay to do that in front of her? Why did you do it? By chance…, do you like me? Me? Like you? Did your delirium return? Ah, it’s a wild fancy. Anyway, TV is the problem. There are so many shows with a bachelor
liking an ahjumma (married older women). So ahjummas lose touch with reality. They think as they like. Stop watching TV. Instead, become a woman
with a sexy smart brain. How can I like you?
What nonsense… Comprehensive analysis results? Han Tae-hee… Sara… You’re in love with Sara? How dare he touch her? Separate! Promise you won’t leave me. Yes, Kang-joon. It’s Sa Geum-ran. Sa Geum-ran is alive. How dare you come in here? This is my bedroom. I think it’ll become mine soon. What did you do with Geum-ran’s mother?
What did you do! You can’t get in touch with her mother? Since when? Ahjumma, you? Why is Sara “ahjumma”? Help me find my mom. I can’t reach my mom. Mom?

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