[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP09 (4/4)

Director. Is something wrong? Call a special board of
directors meeting tomorrow. To confirm Winner Group’s next CEO. I’ll prepare it. Board of directors meeting? Yes. The focus of the
board meeting tomorrow? Talking about the meeting, she said it’s
the day the bad guy gets promoted. She wants me to stop it. I’ve lived as someone else so far. She wants me…
to reveal myself to everyone. I’ll think about it. I don’t know what the circumstances are…
or what family you’re from. But living in hiding doesn’t fit you. You and I both… have experienced the moment of death. So we know what fear is. But, there’s a greater
fear than one own death. What… is that? Losing someone you love. My parents’ death… I witnessed it right before my eyes. They were being threatened. By chance, if something happens to me,
don’t try to find out. Truth can be painful if known. My father thought my life would be
in danger if I get close to the truth. That’s why he told me to forget it. The murderer dropped
this at the accident scene. It’s a watch. If I return to my place, I’ll face…
this man and an incredible conspiracy. Me, of course. I also have to prepare for
my loved ones to get hurt. Until now, you’ve always encouraged me. It’s my turn now. Don’t be intimidated.
Let’s do it together. When we’re together, we always succeeded. Divorce? Kang-joon wants divorce? He wants the Canvas Building back. What? I can’t get kicked out like this. I won’t divorce. At any rate, until I get my share,
I won’t divorce. I’m going to return to my in-laws, too. I’m going to persevere. And the woman who ruined me… I won’t leave her alone. De facto Marriage Verification Certificate? Although our marriage isn’t registered,
we’re in a de fact marriage relationship. That means division of assets
and alimony is all possible. Are you threatening me? You can say that. What do you want? Until I say so, no divorce. What does it matter? We live separately already. I’m going to return to my in-laws. Let me make it clear. I won’t divorce. Especially for 3 weeks. 3 weeks? Yes. 3 weeks. You two… I’ll get you to divorce. In 3 weeks. Within 3 weeks, I’m going to take
the building and finish Sara. They I’ll divorce you if anything. It’s a contract promising divorce in
3 weeks if you want it. So for 3 weeks, stay quiet. You can’t meet Sara either. Why so shocked? I came home. Hey, is this a spa where
you come and go as you please? You left saying you’re separating.
You came back and left again. What are you doing? Don’t you know to fear your elders? What have you learned? Since she has no parents,
she has no manners. There’s not one quiet day in this house. It’s best for all of us that I come back. What do you mean? You have two daughters-in-law. If one is dead and the other is divorced,
will you marry Kang-joon off a third time? Oh my! What did you just say? You’re in front of your
father and mother-in-law! How can you sneer at us like that? How incredibly rude! This is why you have to
get to know someone first. How can you be so different inside and out? You’re going all out now. Geum-ran never talked back to us once. Maybe because Geum-ran’s birthday is
coming up soon, I miss her a lot. You miss Sa Geum-ran? Then, if she comes back alive, will you
accept her as your daughter-in-law again? Wh…what? You’re so shocking. What’s wrong her? Look at the way she talks, oh my. You come here. Let’s talk. Next time. I’m sorry, Father. After I rest. Ah, from now on,
I’m going to live comfortably. Mom. Hey, is that really Gyo Chae-yeon? I think she’s crazy. Darn it! It’s proof that Lee Kang-joon
forcibly hospitalized your mother. Evidence trying to hide attempted murder. With this additional information, Lee Kang-joon won’t be able
to avoid being arrested. Let’s report it now. Then, you stop the bad guys from being
promoted and rescue your grandmother. I’ll go with you. We don’t know when or where
your broken heart syndrome will attack, I’ll defend you closely. Shim Yeo-ok escaped? How are you handling things? I can’t go because I have important work. I’ll go tomorrow. Mr. Lee Kang-joon. I’m Detective Oh who summoned you. You’re under arrest for the charges of
Sa Geum-ran’s murder. Who are you? Do you know who I am? Let go! Let go! Let go! [Second Special Board of Directors Meeting] Lee Kang-joon, that man,
why isn’t he coming? Release me. Release me! Winner Group’s second special board
of directors meeting will begin. Today, we will elect and confirm the next CEO to take
Winner Group into the next 100 years. The CEO elected today will change the proxy system which has been Winner Group’s
framework for the past decades. He will become a big hope for Winner Group. [CEO Han Min-hyuk] [I’m looking for Dong-geul] Doctor. I’ll go with you. Here’s the sole candidate for
Winner Group CEO, Director Han Min-hyuk. I’m Han Min-hyuk. Our Winner Group is
eighth-largest industrial group. To become such a leading group,
the board’s effort was invaluable. Due to Winner Group’s recent slush fund
allegations, there were unsavory incidents. However, we’ll use them as a lesson to turn
Winner Group into a cleaner and clearer group. I promise you that. Thank you. Is it here, Doctor? The place where the bad guys are? Doctor. Don’t get intimidated. Go! Ahjumma. Thank you. With the unanimous approval of the board of directors, Director Han
Min-hyuk is confirmed as the new CEO. Wait! Tae-hee. Hello. Winner Group board of directors. I am… Dong-geul. Yes, yes. It shocks me, so how must you all feel? But I’m… Han Dong-hoon, aka Dong-guel. My father, mother, grandmother… and me. Dong-geul? Why so shocked? Ahjumma! Ahjumma! How did it go? Was your broken heart syndrome okay? You didn’t faint? You revealed that you’re
Grandmother’s grandson, right? Yes. What a relief. You know it’s all thanks to me, right? It was my idea to come here together. I used my brain. From now on, you can’t tell
me to use my brain or not. Okay. I will never. I earned my keep, right? Anyway, I’m glad I could be of a little help. A little? It’s not a little. Not a little… This is crazy. I can’t do without you now. I need you. Now… we can never part. There are many things
people can’t do on their own. Overcoming a barrier
for the first time in 20 years. Having confidence lost for many years. The force that enables this… is love. After midnight right when it’s her birthday, I want to be the first to congratulate her. I’m a married woman. My heart shouldn’t be fluttering. Think of me as Sa Geum-ran. Doctor. I’m going to clean. You’ll probably lose interest. There’s a woman named Sara. Dig into her background. If you find anything suspicious, tell me immediately. I’m Sa Geum-ran. Sa Geum-ran, an ahjumma who worried about housekeeping. Don’t you want to be happy? Be forthright about it like other women. Doctor, do you like Sara? Or an ahjumma named Sa Geum-ran?

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