[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP09 (Full)

Liposuction from Ji-hoon… Plastic surgeries by various
plastic surgeons per body parts. So, no one can recognize her. As expected of Tae-hee. Sa Geum-ran. Now that I know the truth, you’re finished. Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready. Doctor. How do I look? Do I look good in uniform? Do I look like a high schooler? Let me see. Your ribbon is crooked. Wow, you look just like
a high schooler in this. Did you get some extra surgery to
look younger without me knowing? We’re always together.
How could I? Anyway… I look young, huh? You’re grinning from ear to ear. Of course I would. It’s the moment Edmond Dantes
becomes Count of Monte Cristo. Okay. Let’s begin. Now, smile. More to the left. Killer smile. Good. Bigger smile. Let’s give you a new identity with this. You’re being reborn as a perfect daughter. And when you become famous,
your high school album will be sought after. To prepare for that, a flawless
graduation photo is a must. There’s more. Here. I got you an ID card. A resident card and a driver’s license. Even a gym membership card. Kim Deuk-soon? I wanted to find you a prettier name… It’s okay. If you read it fast, it’s Kim Ddeuk-soon. It fits me well. Kim Deuk-soon… Kim Ddeuk-soon. Do you know what your greatest charm is? A positive mindset.
A willing heart. Do you know what your
image is saying this to me? Like the magician David Copperfield. The most skilled. Really? Getting complimented makes something
hot well up from the bottom of my heart. Honey. It’s me. It’s a mistake.
If she had been alive, she would’ve appeared. She can’t be alive. [Honey, I’m watching from the car ahead] Then, who is it? [The day you killed me. Do you remember?] Someone is definitely behind this. Who are you? Who are you! Where was Sara then? Can it be…? Be quiet. Do it slowly. Kang-joon. Is he still sick? Why isn’t he down? He said he would. Here he is.
Kang-joon, sit here. Talk to me. Geum-ran sent you a text? Geum-ran couldn’t have sent a text. Someone is probably pulling a prank. He imagined it because he’s weak. Hey, eat some ginseng chicken soup. Here. Kang-joon!
Kang-joon, the police are calling. They want to question you. This is Lee Kang-joon. I’m Detective Oh Hyun-ki
from Seongbuk police station. Someone reported you for
Sa Geum-ran’s murder. We have to verify. Come in. I understand. What’s going on with you? Why did the police call? There was a collision. It’s a simple car accident. I’ll be going first. Hey, hey. Eat before you go. HBS. And Winner Group Headquarters. Are you nervous? In here, Chae-yeon and Lee Kang-joon… And Winner Group that controls HSB. Those powerful people are inside. Do you feel a little intimidated? No. I’ve got the top beauty in Asia. With a broken heart. I have you, too, Genius doctor. I can do it. Because I’m pretty. You took the words right out of my mouth. Go rescue your grandmother. I’ll show you I can do well without you. Sara. Nice to see you. Sara is here. Let me go see her. You’re so beautiful. You’re more beautiful in person. Thank you. I came for the profile shoot. PD! It’s Sara. Hello. Oh, can you be a guest in our show? Sure. Can we take a picture together? A kitchen maid debuts as a celebrity? Enjoy it while you can. Before everything is exposed. I’m Lawyer Kim Phi-ho
representing HBS CEO Lee Kang-joon. He won’t appear at the station. He can’t be investigated because he’s a VIP? I don’t think it’ll be easy. We’re going to create a
segment introducing you. Do you have a best pose? Eating and laughing? Show us. Shoot it. Show us another pose. Good, good. Keep going. You can go bigger. Bigger, bigger! Okay. What happened with your grandmother? I’m waiting for the legality
of detention review for her. Are you doing well? Of course. I’ll tell you the details later. Do a good job. Sweet smell. I smell the sweetness from here. What sweet smell at a courthouse? That’s what I’m wondering, CEO. By chance, are you in love? With the ‘ahjumma?’ What if someone hears! I’m not in love. And why would I date an ahjumma
(middle-aged or older woman) even if I did? I’m a bachelor. People are looking.
It’s embarrassing. Just get to work. I want to request the review of the
legality of Park Man-deuk’s detention. I prepared the request
form through a law firm. Park Man-deuk already requested
a legality of detention review. The court already refused. So, another review is impossible. Who is her lawyer? Which law firm? It’s a legal representative
appointed by Winner Group. Winner Group appointed? Sara came to headquarters? She’s debuting on HBS’s show Big Hit. She’s filming her profile
photos and promotion videos. Hello. It’s our fourth meeting. Hello. I heard about your first shoot. Congratulations. They’re beautiful. Thank you. By the way. Who are you that you
keep appearing here and there? How did you get in here? Entry is forbidden. Actually, I work here, too. So you’re an employee. But be careful. You might get fired playing hooky like this. It’s tough to get a job these days. You should do well while you have a job. I should. I’ll be careful. Remember me. I’m your number one fan. I have a fan? Right. Whether you use money or threats,
resolve it no matter what. It must go over quietly. Yes, I understand. Sara is way prettier in person, right? She’ll be a total hit when she comes on air. It’s the birth of a beauty. Sara? We’ll take a few more shots at the cafe. Touch up your makeup in the dressing room. Okay. Kang-joon. I guess you weren’t just pretty in my eyes. Yes. I’m a hit. But Kang-joon. Are you okay after collapsing that night? What happened? That night… where were you, Sara? I went to use the bathroom. I was alarmed because you had disappeared. When I went after getting a call,
you had collapsed. I was so startled. Who did that to you? I don’t know yet. I’m looking into it. That shouldn’t ever happen again. You look awful, Kang-joon. Thank you. For worrying. Your wife is here, Kang-joon. Although we’re separated,
we’re still married. And we’re at work… Flirting in public? With Sara? Like someone say, you’re a master adulterer. But take it easy. I love… Sara. You love Sara? I’ve never felt like this before. You never said that to me once. But you can with Sara? You love Sara? Sara is special. When I’m with her, I feel comfortable. You love… Sara? Stop it. You love Sara? If you find out who she really is,
you’ll faint. You don’t even know. But you love Sara? Let’s divorce. What? We’re not legally married anyway. There’s no need for formalities. Let’s just end it like this. it’s not that we didn’t legally marry.
We couldn’t. Since Sa Geum-ran is missing,
you’re still legally married to her. No need to talk long. Let’s divorce. True, it’s not surprising. You threw away your first wife. Second time is easy. You’re more than capable of doing this.
I was an idiot for trusting you. Give back the Canvas building I gave you. And leave with nothing else. You killed your first wife. And you’ll chase out your
second wife with nothing? Watch your mouth. We’re at work. Did I say something false? Murderer. What about you? An announcer who is
an accomplice to murder. Do you think you’ll survive that? I have more cards than you think. I know things you don’t. You’ll regret asking for divorce. Since you’re like this, I changed my mind. I’m going to become more cruel. All I need is Sara. Like you said, we’re over. But… know this.
I’ll decide whether we divorce or not. Sara, you were absolutely fantastic today. Your judo stances were awesome. Good work. Thank you for your hard work. See you during the show recording. Okay. Bye. Are you happy? You think you have it all, huh? Are you jealous? You’re not the only one who can be famous. Fine. Come up. Come up high to where I am. My thoughts exactly. Only, with one difference. I won’t rise up to where you are. I’ll go much higher. I’ll go higher than you. Sa Geum-ran. You fake. I won’t let this go. Let go. We’re no different. Likewise, I won’t let this go,
Gyo Chae-yeon. Fine. Mock me. I’m not going to reveal
that you’re Sa Geum-ran now. Come up higher. At your happiest moment,
I’ll thoroughly destroy you. Shim Yeo-ok? Your medicine. Since you take your medicine well,
I’ll let you see your son-in-law. Don’t worry. Open the door! Let me make just a phone call! Yes? Kyung-joo! Kyung-joo, it’s me! Geum-ran’s mother? Where are you? Hospital? Hold still. Bear it a bit. Ugh, those rose thorns. Let me see your hand. What did you do to get pricked with thorns? I got into a staring fight with Gyo Chae-yeon. You did? Gyo Chae-yeon was just as livid. We’re going to be on the show
“The Birth of a Chef” together. I think we’re going to have
at each other at the station. So did you do well today? I didn’t show any trace
of being Sa Geum-ran. I was perfect. I have a fan, too. Now you don’t have to
worry about me anymore. But still you got three
rose thorns in your hand? You’re like a kid left alone near water. Today… I was worried about you, too. Worry about what? About rescuing your grandmother safely. Really? We worried for each other? Eun Kyung-joo? Yes, Team Manager Choi. Yes, okay. I’ll be there soon. The leader who accused
Madam Park is Lee Kang-joon? Why would he? HBS’s Lee Kang-joon and Winner Group’s
successor Han Min-hyuk are one team. Lee Kang-joon is fighting
in Han Min-hyuk’s place. In short, villain duo. Han Min-hyuk is deceased
Chairman Han’s illegitimate son. Chairman Han’s assistant Son Ji-sook
got him drunk and had a son secretly. Even so, how could he send his
own grandmother to jail? Isn’t that too cruel? Assistant Son… Assistant Son, get out! Get out! Didn’t you hear me? Strictly speaking, Min-hyuk is
this family’s eldest grandson. Please let Min-hyuk live in this house. You’re determined to
destroy my son’s family. You evil wench. You’re consumed by money and bore
a child of a man you don’t love. I’ll give you money. Don’t even come near this house. Got it? Aren’t you leaving? Should I call someone? No. I’ll leave… on my own. Let’s go, Min-hyuk. Han Min-hyuk… I remembered who he is. He’s Han Min-hyuk,
the director of strategic planning. He’s the future chairman of Winner Group. Where are you? Meet me now. Doctor. I’m going to the hospital. I found out where my
mom is being hospitalized. I’m on my way. What? You went by yourself? Which hospital? I’ll be right there. Don’t move. Where are you? It’s dangerous if you’re alone. Tell me where. Hurry. I’m at the hospital, Doctor. Lee Kang-joon. The one who’s getting
revenge for Sa Geum-ran… Her mother must know. Doctor. Wait. I’ll call you back. Lee Kang-joon is here. You might run into… Hello? Jeez, really. I want to visit Shim Yeo-ok. Why can’t I see her? I’m Shim Yeo-ok’s guardian. I want to visit her. Why did you go to the hospital? Don’t you know you can’t? How could I not? My mom is locked up there. You have to think. Even if you’re not brainy beauty,
you must have a brain. What’s a brain got to do with it? Do you use your brain to
rescue your grandmother? You just do what you can. I’m doing the same to rescue my mom. Don’t you understand how I feel? I’m not saying not to save her. You got a new life. Are you trying to ruin it? What if you had run into Lee Kang-joon? Your life would be over. Is that important? When my mother is like that? You could’ve told me. If I told you? What then? I’ll rescue her! How long must I take your help? What? You’re not going to help me forever. We’ll part anyway. Then, in the end,
I have to take care of myself. Right? We’re… strangers in the end. You’re right. We never said it. But there was something between us. The psychoanalysis weirdly
said it was love or whatever. Yes. I flirted with you a little. It’s true, but it’s just flirting. We’re strangers in the end. So, stay out of it. I won’t from now on. What are you looking at? Don’t you know the contract clause? Lower your eyes! Oh goodness. Glaring at me like that. He almost ate me alive. Use my brain? I won’t! What! If you’re going to throw a fit, just do that.
Why worry? Why get mad worrying about me? I’m not the only nosy one. There, you’re male meddler. Doctor. Eat breakfast. Are you still sulking? How can you be sulking till now? So petty. Come out and eat something. Hurry. Doctor? I’ll rescue your mother, so wait. And… lower your eyes! Doctor… Room 303… His grandmother’s name is Park Man-deuk. Where is she being detained? There was a memo around here. Seoul Prison, Park Man-deuk. It’s not time for my medicine. I’m not a nurse. My name is Han Tae-hee. I know your daughter well. Geum-ran? Yes. First, you must get out of here. Follow me. Wh… who are you? I won’t go? Where will you take me now? I also despise Lee Kang-joon. I’m here after getting a
word from Eun Kyung-joo. Here. I brought you change of clothes. Hello, Grandmother. Nice to meet you. I’m Sara. So this is… Doctor’s grandmother. I don’t know you. Why did you want to see me? Until he tells you himself,
I can’t tell you the details. But I wanted to tell you to be strong. There’s someone helping you. He’s trying to get you out. He always does what he sets his mind to. So you’ll be sure to be released. Until then, take care of your health and wait. Be strong, Grandmother. Yes, Doctor. You rescued my mom? Mom… Eun Kyung-joo is coming. She needs treatment in the hospital. After a few days,
bring her to our house to be safe. She doesn’t know who I am,
so she won’t come with me. I’ll think of something else. Thank you. Truly. Doctor. Actually, today… I visited your grandmother. You were worried about her. I visited her in your place. Thankfully, she’s healthy. I told her to be strong
because someone is helping her. Grandmother… Ahjumma. What, Doctor? I can’t find out my
grandmother’s situation directly. So, you…meet her on my behalf. Yes! Doctor. Tell me the shape of the bread. In order for your grandmother to believe
Dong-geul’s alive, the bread has to be round. Is the dough ready? I just need to kneed a bit more. Look at you sweating. Give it to me.
I’ll do it. No, I’ll do it. I’m strong. Strong? I’m stronger. I will do it. No. I have to do this. I will do it. It’s okay. Fine. Let’s do it together then. Let me see your face. You got flour on it. Doctor. Thank you for rescuing my mom. And… for acting up yesterday, I’m sorry. Yes. So why act up? Don’t do that anymore. I’ll lower my eyes if you tell me to. This is the taste. Indeed, it’s baked all the way through. Doctor, okay? You came again? Yes, Grandmother. Bread? Young lady. By chance,
are you playing a joke on me? No. Look at this bread closely.
Does it remind you of anything? On Dong-geul’s birthday,
you gave me bread, right? I baked the same kind. How do you know Dong-geul? And… how do you know I
gave him bread for his birthday? Dong-guel is alive. He’s trying to get you out. Tell Han Min-hyuk that
Dong-guel is here to see him. He’s waiting for me more than I do. You have to go through Director
Han Min-hyuk’s secretary office to see him. Is he the President or something? Hurry up and contact him. I’m sorry. This is driving me crazy. Here he comes. Hey, Han Min-hyuk. I’m Dong-geul. Hey, Han Min-hyuk. Stop there! Who do you think I am? You’ll regret later. You’ll be in big trouble later. It’s true. Wasn’t Dong-guel smart
even when he was little? He must’ve been thoughtful and kind. No, it can’t be. Dong-geul is dead. No, he’s alive. I heard about the accident. Due to accident trauma,
he’s not able to appear before you. When he recalls the accident,
he collapses from broken heart syndrome. That’s why I came instead. So this is how you want to play? I’m the genius Han Tae-hee. It’s the fire alarm, Director. Just in case,
you’ll have to use the emergency exit. Director? Director! That way. Run! What is this? You’ve got a killer pose. Let me cut to the chase. Release Grandmother. If you just release her,
I’ll disappear quietly. Grandmother? Park Man-deuk whom you
framed and had imprisoned. Crazy fool. Jeez. It’d be nice if it ended
with Lee Kang-joon. What’s this bad feeling that a
worse character has showed up? You came to Sewondang
when you were 15, right? I saw the hole in your sock. I was the one hiding in the study. Dong-geul. Release Grandmother. Then I won’t come back. I’ll live quietly as I have. Director! Director! Director. Is something wrong? Call a special board of
directors meeting tomorrow. To confirm Winner Group’s next CEO. I’ll prepare it. Board of directors meeting? Yes. The focus of the
board meeting tomorrow? Talking about the meeting, she said it’s
the day the bad guy gets promoted. She wants me to stop it. I’ve lived as someone else so far. She wants me…
to reveal myself to everyone. I’ll think about it. I don’t know what the circumstances are…
or what family you’re from. But living in hiding doesn’t fit you. You and I both… have experienced the moment of death. So we know what fear is. But, there’s a greater
fear than one own death. What… is that? Losing someone you love. My parents’ death… I witnessed it right before my eyes. They were being threatened. By chance, if something happens to me,
don’t try to find out. Truth can be painful if known. My father thought my life would be
in danger if I get close to the truth. That’s why he told me to forget it. The murderer dropped
this at the accident scene. It’s a watch. If I return to my place, I’ll face…
this man and an incredible conspiracy. Me, of course. I also have to prepare for
my loved ones to get hurt. Until now, you’ve always encouraged me. It’s my turn now. Don’t be intimidated.
Let’s do it together. When we’re together, we always succeeded. Divorce? Kang-joon wants divorce? He wants the Canvas Building back. What? I can’t get kicked out like this. I won’t divorce. At any rate, until I get my share,
I won’t divorce. I’m going to return to my in-laws, too. I’m going to persevere. And the woman who ruined me… I won’t leave her alone. De facto Marriage Verification Certificate? Although our marriage isn’t registered,
we’re in a de fact marriage relationship. That means division of assets
and alimony is all possible. Are you threatening me? You can say that. What do you want? Until I say so, no divorce. What does it matter? We live separately already. I’m going to return to my in-laws. Let me make it clear. I won’t divorce. Especially for 3 weeks. 3 weeks? Yes. 3 weeks. You two… I’ll get you to divorce. In 3 weeks. Within 3 weeks, I’m going to take
the building and finish Sara. They I’ll divorce you if anything. It’s a contract promising divorce in
3 weeks if you want it. So for 3 weeks, stay quiet. You can’t meet Sara either. Why so shocked? I came home. Hey, is this a spa where
you come and go as you please? You left saying you’re separating.
You came back and left again. What are you doing? Don’t you know to fear your elders? What have you learned? Since she has no parents,
she has no manners. There’s not one quiet day in this house. It’s best for all of us that I come back. What do you mean? You have two daughters-in-law. If one is dead and the other is divorced,
will you marry Kang-joon off a third time? Oh my! What did you just say? You’re in front of your
father and mother-in-law! How can you sneer at us like that? How incredibly rude! This is why you have to
get to know someone first. How can you be so different inside and out? You’re going all out now. Geum-ran never talked back to us once. Maybe because Geum-ran’s birthday is
coming up soon, I miss her a lot. You miss Sa Geum-ran? Then, if she comes back alive, will you
accept her as your daughter-in-law again? Wh…what? You’re so shocking. What’s wrong her? Look at the way she talks, oh my. You come here. Let’s talk. Next time. I’m sorry, Father. After I rest. Ah, from now on,
I’m going to live comfortably. Mom. Hey, is that really Gyo Chae-yeon? I think she’s crazy. Darn it! It’s proof that Lee Kang-joon
forcibly hospitalized your mother. Evidence trying to hide attempted murder. With this additional information, Lee Kang-joon won’t be able
to avoid being arrested. Let’s report it now. Then, you stop the bad guys from being
promoted and rescue your grandmother. I’ll go with you. We don’t know when or where
your broken heart syndrome will attack, I’ll defend you closely. Shim Yeo-ok escaped? How are you handling things? I can’t go because I have important work. I’ll go tomorrow. Mr. Lee Kang-joon. I’m Detective Oh who summoned you. You’re under arrest for the charges of
Sa Geum-ran’s murder. Who are you? Do you know who I am? Let go! Let go! Let go! [Second Special Board of Directors Meeting] Lee Kang-joon, that man,
why isn’t he coming? Release me. Release me! Winner Group’s second special board
of directors meeting will begin. Today, we will elect and confirm the next CEO to take
Winner Group into the next 100 years. The CEO elected today will change the proxy system which has been Winner Group’s
framework for the past decades. He will become a big hope for Winner Group. [CEO Han Min-hyuk] [I’m looking for Dong-geul] Doctor. I’ll go with you. Here’s the sole candidate for
Winner Group CEO, Director Han Min-hyuk. I’m Han Min-hyuk. Our Winner Group is
eighth-largest industrial group. To become such a leading group,
the board’s effort was invaluable. Due to Winner Group’s recent slush fund
allegations, there were unsavory incidents. However, we’ll use them as a lesson to turn
Winner Group into a cleaner and clearer group. I promise you that. Thank you. Is it here, Doctor? The place where the bad guys are? Doctor. Don’t get intimidated. Go! Ahjumma. Thank you. With the unanimous approval of the board of directors, Director Han
Min-hyuk is confirmed as the new CEO. Wait! Tae-hee. Hello. Winner Group board of directors. I am… Dong-geul. Yes, yes. It shocks me, so how must you all feel? But I’m… Han Dong-hoon, aka Dong-guel. My father, mother, grandmother… and me. Dong-geul? Why so shocked? Ahjumma! Ahjumma! How did it go? Was your broken heart syndrome okay? You didn’t faint? You revealed that you’re
Grandmother’s grandson, right? Yes. What a relief. You know it’s all thanks to me, right? It was my idea to come here together. I used my brain. From now on, you can’t tell
me to use my brain or not. Okay. I will never. I earned my keep, right? Anyway, I’m glad I could be of a little help. A little? It’s not a little. Not a little… This is crazy. I can’t do without you now. I need you. Now… we can never part. There are many things
people can’t do on their own. Overcoming a barrier
for the first time in 20 years. Having confidence lost for many years. The force that enables this… is love. After midnight right when it’s her birthday, I want to be the first to congratulate her. I’m a married woman. My heart shouldn’t be fluttering. Think of me as Sa Geum-ran. Doctor. I’m going to clean. You’ll probably lose interest. There’s a woman named Sara. Dig into her background. If you find anything suspicious, tell me immediately. I’m Sa Geum-ran. Sa Geum-ran, an ahjumma who worried about housekeeping. Don’t you want to be happy? Be forthright about it like other women. Doctor, do you like Sara? Or an ahjumma named Sa Geum-ran?

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