[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP16 (1/4)

Who called me out? Come out! If I use Sara’s identity to call him out,
he’ll have no choice but to come. I’m worried about CEO Han Tae-hee. Please just save him. I’ll separate… if you want me to. If you just save him, I’ll do anything. Please just save him. What happened to Sara? She’s still not answering her phone? She was just at the station. What’s going on? If we’d known earlier,
we could have prepared. Sara is being too irresponsible. I’m going crazy. Call her again. Okay. Team Leader Choi. Is Tae-hee okay? Tae-hee! Tae-hee! What happened? Tae-hee. He’s still unconscious. The CT scans show
no abnormality. I believe it’s diffuse axonal injury. For now, we can’t tell
when he’ll wake up. Monitor his vital signs
every 10 minutes. Yes. Tae-hee. Who is it? Who did that to Tae-hee! We’re still trying to determine. It’s your fault. It must be because of you. As soon as I found out about you,
I should’ve removed you from Tae-hee. Get out of here. Get away from
Tae-hee immediately! Tae-hee is in a coma. I can’t leave him. Please let me stay. Please, Grandmother. Secretary Kim! Get this child out of here. Don’t let her near
Tea-hee’s hospital room. I beg you, Grandmother. What? He’s showing signs of tachycardia. Add more saline. Change the IV. Doctor. His condition has worsened. What? Tae-hee… Grandmother. Han Tae-hee is in a coma. He has an abnormally fast pulse. His condition is worsening. Did Han Tae-hee have
pre-existing conditions? Yes. He had occasional
lower blood pressure shocks. It’s a symptom of
broken heart syndrome. His brain injury is mild. But his psychological issues
are making the situation worse. Please just save him. Please… just save him. There’s nothing to do but wait now. It’s important to create
a peaceful environment to avoid necessary stimulus. Then… Elder. I’ll stay here. Please go home. Chae-yeon. Escort her home. Let’s do that, Grandmother. Grandmother. Are you okay? Mother. How’s Tae-hee? He’s still unconscious. Go rest for now. Escort her to her room. This way, Grandmother. Go on inside. I’m against you, too. But I think the one Tae-hee
wants to see most is you, Sara. Thank you. Thank you. When we come back here,
we’ll be a married couple. Not “ahjumma.” But “dear.” Tae-hee getting hurt… Are you involved with it? Han Tae-hee got hurt? He’s in a coma. It’s serious. Han Tae-hee has a weakness. Sara’s identity… She stole someone else’s. Han Tae-hee was behind it. That’s good. Han Tae-hee has reported me
to the directors meeting. I won’t have to worry then. Then, is their wedding cancelled, too? You… I didn’t do it. Director Han… is he involved? I told you to stop
Sara and Tae-hee’s wedding. Who told you make Tae-hee like that? Why are you so worked up? Ah… You wanted to
go for Han Tae-hee… That’s too bad. If Han Tae-hee dies,
Sara has no place to go. Whether I hate her or love her,
she’s my wife. I should take care of her, right? It’d be different
if she was Sa Geum-ran. But if it’s Sara, I can live with her. Don’t you agree? Sara is with him? She can’t, Ji-hoon. We have to separate
Sara and Tae-hee. I’m coming now. Why are you here? Didn’t you hear Grandmother? Be quiet. Doctor… moved his finger. Han Tae-hee? Han Tea-hee. If you can hear me, blink once. Lift your left hand. Grandmother. Tae-hee is out of coma. Good. Tae-hee. I have something to tell you. In Han Tae-hee’s case, it’s important to create peaceful
surroundings for the patient. With the woman
who nursed him yesterday, the patient was more stable. Wh… Who? By chance, Sara? For Han Tae-hee, his psychological
stabilization is important for recovery. The person who nursed him yesterday
should stay with him for a while. Until Tae-hee is discharged,
you can nurse him. Thank you. Only, just until he’s discharged. Since Tae-hee’s health comes first. I had a bad dream. A nightmare where my bracelet broke. It wasn’t a dream. You were badly hurt. I thought I’d never get to see you again. We have to buy a new bracelet. One that doesn’t break. Our wedding… has only been delayed. Right? Just get better quickly. How will the groom
walk down the aisle like this? Can’t you carry me on your back? I missed you. Even during my sleep.

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