[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP17 (3/4)

Chae-yeon, why are you calling? Because you made
Kang-joon into a jerk, we can’t even leave the house. It’s just a start. It’ll be bad if you already moan. Check your email. What is she saying? What is it? Chae-yeon that fox wants me to
check my email. This is footage from
Kang-joon’s car blackbox. It shows him murdering
Sa Geum-ran? What? What’s this? Isn’t that Geum-ran’s car that
was on the accident? Is he following Geum-ran? Oh my, Kang-joon is? What? Kang-joon mur…? He really… murdered her? The video made it sure. On the road Pig Sister-in-law died,
Kang-joon was driving really fast. It’s the same date and time. Ka… Kang-joon did? That’s why someone reported him to
police for murder and he got arrested. What do we do? I’m getting chilled. Oh my world. Why are you all gathered? What’s the matter? Did you commit a crime? What? No…No. What crime? What is it! It’s nothing, Dear. I’m home. Kang-joon… What did you do that? What were you thinking? If that come out, your life is over. What to do? What do we do with this? No. Never. Who will believe you? Even if you deny,
what if the world sees that? You’re completely done. What to do? What do we do with this? Chae-yeon fabricated with evil intent. Don’t say anything to Father. Tell my sisters to delete the email. Our family is done for. We’re completely over. What to do? So? Did it change your mind? Where are you? Prepare the documents first. If you have no intention to
hand over the building, we don’t need to meet. I guess you’re not ready yet. Fine, then. Right now, I’m gathering the
board of directors’ emails. I’m going to send the blackbox video
to their personal emails. You better stop. Are you ready then? Ready to hand over the building? You brought the title
transfer papers, right? Don’t feel it unfair. Think of it as punishment for
throwing away women too easily. If it’s not a big deal,
why can’t you look me in the eyes? I know. My sight is growing dim lately. What are you guilty about! Guilty? For what? Kang-joon and you. What are you doing
with the building issue? We agreed to give it
back a while ago. Why nothing yet? Bring the papers! I’ll handle it. Yes, okay. Kang-joon. Knag-joon. Child, I think your father
senses something. He wants the building papers. What does Chae-yeon say? Calm down. Father might hear. I can’t calm down, I can’t. What’ll happen, Kang-joon? You’re losing the building, right? I won’t give it up. Didn’t you give her the papers? Chae-yeon is blackmailing you. How can you not give up? I still have a last solution. What solution? The longer you hold out,
Han Tae-hee will be in more danger. You know me well. What I did to Sa Geum-ran. You have to give me time to
think or prepare. So urgently, so recklessly like this… This isn’t right. Kyung-joo. I wondered
if Han Tae-hee called. If you reach or meet him,
just tell me if he’s okay. He was very sick recently. And… whether he’s eating. Sara’s mother isn’t here? Where did she go? She had business in the country. She want’s answering my calls. Maybe her battery is out. I must know where Sara is. I told you I don’t know. I have to leave now. Can you leave? [Geum-ran] Geum-ran? You do know about Sara? What’s this number? Isn’t Sara abroad? Is she in Korea? Mother’s close friend runs
a restaurant in the country. Geum-ran is there, with Mother. Ahjumma… Director is going down to the country. He’s going alone again today. This is Han Min-hyuk. I’m going to you. I have to discuss work. Give me more cubed kimchi. Yes, here’s the kimchi. Here it is. Thank you. Who else need more kimchi? You must’ve been hungry. Eat a lot. Ahjumma… Enjoy your food. Han Tae-hee? I was curious if Sara was doing well. She’s doing well. I’m not glad to see you. I begged you. Not to let
Geum-ran get hurt twice. I resent you. Sara… Is she okay? She’s better now. I hear you’re the son of Winner Group. Geum-ran is barely
living another’s identity. You two don’t seem to
fit together and rather shaky. Since you broke up,
you should start fresh. I hope you harden your
heart and don’t come back. No, how can your
noodles be so chewy? Tell me the secret. The secret is this hand power. Powerful hands that can crush an apple. You’re so funny. Even if you go on TV, you’d succeed. You know those cooking competitions. Go on one of those shows. Cooking competition… Go for my sake. While you’re at it, win. For sure. Kyung-joo. Did Han Tae-hee call? Yes, he did. I had to tell him where you are. He seemed to be going to you. Doctor… Sara. Sa Geum-ran. You were hiding here. Winner Food is going bankrupt? After you left, Tae-hee is
neglecting work. This isn’t all. I’m afraid it’ll be worse for Tae-hee. The union is making unusual movements. She’s better now. Sara doesn’t feel like you. Tae-hee, you’re the only one struggling. I recently promised to
marry the man I love. You were badly hurt. I thought I’d never be able to
see you again. If it has to do with Winner Food,
tell me more. Alright. But Sara, are you really okay here? I’m doing well. Don’t worry. I’ll see you again. Ahjumma.

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