[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP18 (1/4)

The car has arrived. Please help me.
I beg you, Director. Han Tae-hee is doing
that because of me. Please help him to
get over this crisis. I’ll use all my power
to save Tae-hee. In exchange..
Sara, you must accept my offer. It’s almost time for the event.
Let’s hurry. Sara. Let’s go. What happened?
When did you come to Seoul? Talk with me. CEO Han. It’s rude to do this to someone
who has a prior engagement. Why don’t you talk next time? Sara, let’s go. Talk with me! If you want, my mother
and I will head out first. No, let’s go together. I have nothing to talk about. It seems like Chairman Jeong from
Hansang Group has come. I’ll introduce you to him. Yes, Mother. At today’s event, the spotlight
will be on you and Min-hyuk. Please take good care
of my Min-hyuk. After today’s event,
your life will change. You’ll receive the spotlight from
the financial circles and start anew as a model. Director. The condition under which I accepted
your offer is Han Tae-hee’s safety. The labor union filing a lawsuit against him with the prosecution is definitely
going to be taken care of, right? Secretary Jeong. Set up a meeting with
Winner Food union leader. Yes. Don’t worry. Before our promise,
Tae-hee is my family. Let’s go. What? Han Min-hyuk took Sara
to the businessman’s dinner? Who is he to accompany Sara? They says she’s Director Han’s
model for his new business. Sara has signed the contract. Yes, Union Leader Jeong. I like being along. You like being alone but you
contact Han Min-hyuk? Why him of all people? We’re over.
But do I need to explain? Geum-ran. Your picture with Director Han
is all over the internet. Han Tae-hee must have seen it, too. I met him at the company. Oh, it must’ve been hard for you. The farther he is from me,
the safer he is. You came? Geum-ran.
How was it today? Do you think something
would’ve happened in a day? It’s because of that jerk,
Lee Kang-joon. Fortunately,
since people know who I am, he won’t be able to do
anything immediately. I’m going to verifty
if the one who tried to kill Han Tae-hee was Lee Kang-joon. If that’s true, I’ll make sure
he receives lawful punishment. Lee Kang-joon, that jerk. You never know what
he might do to you again. That’s right.
Be careful, Geum-ran. As you instructed, I’ve looked
into Sara’s schedule. Today is the start of her
official schedule as a model. And an employee claims to
have seen her on the 8th floor. I wanted to meet you because
there’s an offer I want to make. I’ll withdraw the bankruptcy
filings of Winner Food. And there’s no need to
prosecute CEO Han Tae-hee. Why are you saying
different things? Which tune do you want
us to dance to? I’ll provide 3 months wages
to all union members. Also.. this is the compensation. I’ve decided to save
Winner Food. We’ll support at the
headquarter level. Trust and wait for us. How did it go? Regarding reporting Han Tae-hee
to the prosecution? We decided not to report him. Please help CEO Han Tae-hee a lot. He’ll do well. Do what well? It’s been long since he stopped
working at the company. He’ll do his best for
new product launch. Forget new product. He doesn’t even come to work
or show himself at work. This will get us through for now,
but I don’t see any hope. Now, in order to see you, do I have
to come to Han Min-hyuk’s office? As you said, we’re over,
I won’t interfere. But let me just ask one thing. Why does it have to be
Han Min-hyuk? Winner Food work.
Have you give up on it? Are you not doing anything
in the company? Just answer my question.
Why is it Han Min-hyuk? Because he has abilities. I think he’s the most capable
of helping me achieve my goal. Not me? Look at yourself now.
What are you doing at work? Take it easy. Facts are facts. I’m going to clean up my
past and live a new life. I’m only concerned about
my goal and nothing else. That’s why I need someone
capable like Director Han. You’re not it. You only see people with
ability to reach your goal? I didn’t know you were
such a cold person. That great goal of yours..
I hope you’ll achieve it. Good luck with Han Min-hyuk. Sara has showed up
at the headquarters? I think she’ll come often. Director Han Min-hyuk’s
new business venture. Sara is the model. Han Min-hyuk has abilities? Tae-hee. I heard Sara went to an
event with Director Han. How could she? Even the studying abroad was a lie.
We were all fooled! I’m so dumbfounded.
How must you feel? It must be hard. You probably have so much to do.
And you’ve been betrayed by Sara. Chae-yeon. Don’t talk about
Sara in front of me. From now on, I’m only going
to focus on Winner Food. And tell Grandmother not to worry. Sara has become Min-hyuk’s
business partner? As soon as she broke up with Tae-hee,
she chose Director Han. How presumptuous. What does she take our family for? Some things have gotten better
after Sara returned, Grandmother. Tae-hee.. seems to have
completely gotten over Sara. He said he’ll focus only on
Winner Food from now on. The board of directors
meeting is coming up soon. Tae-hee must be elected
as the CEO candidate. Until Tae-hee becomes the CEO,
help him a lot, Chae-yeon. Yes, Grandmother. That’s good. What could Kang-joon be doing
not answering his phone? The black box video of
him following Geum-ran.. Just thinking about it
gives me chills. We’re all bewildered.
What is he off doing by himself? Let’s call him at work, Mom. Should we? Yes, I’m calling from
CEO Lee Kang-joon’s home. Is he at work right now? Excuse me? Knag-joon received a
disciplinary action? Suspension? PD Kim.
This is Gyo Chae-yeon. Can we meet briefly tomorrow? I want to discuss
about talk show guests. There’s someone I really
want to recommend. Yes. Then, I’ll see you
tomorrow to discuss it. Sa Geum-ran.
Try get to the highest point. Pushing you off from there is
the ultimate goal of my plan. Kang-joon, how could
you be suspended? What’s wrong with you? Things keep getting tangled up.
I’m really frustrated, too. Then you need to make
countermeasures with your family. What are you off running around for? It’s not something I can talk
about with the family. Sara is the key. What do you mean?
What does Sara have to do with it? Sara, a birth of Cinderella? Selected as Winner Group’s new
business model at a lightning speed. Secretary Jeong.
This is Lee Kang-joon. Do you by chance know Sara’s
schedule for tomorrow? I have something to discuss with
her regarding Birth of a Chef. I got it. You’re going to do all this? I’m only going to work from now on. Work doesn’t betray you like “somebody”
or stab you in the back, either. Still, if you schedule
this much work.. So what! I won’t give time to
think about anything else. I’m just going all-in
with work for a while. I’ll accelerate the development of the new rice ball product and devote
myself to saving the company. We don’t have a chef.
Since Sara can’t help us anymore. We can hire another chef. I’m the one who’ll be
judging the taste anyway. Find out how many of Winner Food’s
employee we can mobilize now. Yes.

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