[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP20 (4/4)

There’s only 3 days till
the shareholders’ meeting. Han Tae-hee… Eliminate him. Here’s Han Tae-hee’s weekly schedule. Handle it without mistakes. The situation is different now. You may be suspected. Min-hyuk, how far will you take this? Until I get Winner Group. I have someone to take the blame. Lee Kang-joon. He has more than
enough reason to kill Han Tae-hee. I’ll take care of the rest. For now, you start it. Joon-cheol. Think of it as helping me. I beg you, Joon-cheol. It was like this back then. It’s always been this way. Chemical factory explosion. I bloodied my hands for you. But what did I get? When Min-hyuk becomes CEO,
he won’t ignore you. I will take responsibility for you. I beg you, Joon-cheol. I don’t know how long it has been. How do you feel seeing the ocean? I feel like my heart is open wide. That’s why I brought you. Here. White roses. It mean respect. Respect? Watching you, I often thought
about what I would’ve done. You always exceeded my expectations. I respect you for beautifully
riding out the challenges. You asked me what my secret for
overcoming crisis was, right? That secret. Are you still curious? The secret… is you. Your compliments and
encouragement changed me. You always praised
me even on little things. You encouraged me
even when I couldn’t. You were surprised at obvious things. Sa Geum-ran needed healing. Because she had too much hurt. You healed me with your praises. That’s why it didn’t feel weird calling
you doctor even though you are not. I respect you for beautifully
riding out the challenges. Ahjumma! Come down if you changed. Yes, okay! So use the license plate number of the man who came to the hospital to get
his address and phone number? Yes. You’re so cool, Doctor. It’s what I do everyday. When I sent out the mass email
about Lee Kang-joon, I did this. I didn’t see you do it back then. I looked cooler back then. Now I suffered so much because of you,
my face looks bad. My pores are enlarged too. Let me see. Whether
it’s the same or worse? Since you know the before and after. So look. Doctor. Your eyelashes got longer. They look melancholy. Then I’m looking better than before? Then let me see you. Wow, your eyes look different. A person’s eyes reflect their struggle. That can’t be made with plastic surgery. Then, in the end, we broke up and met again and we got more
handsome and beautiful. We suffered a lot and became
a beautiful man and woman. You’ve really gotten prettier. You, too. Here’s the address. Seoul Ganseo-gu Hwagok-dong Number 47. I’m Detective Oh Hyung-jae from
Sungbuk police station. Where’s Lee Kang-joon? He’s not here now. He left home long ago. But what is this about? He’s suspected of attempted
murder of Sa Geum-ran. Lee Kang-joon! They lost Lee Kang-joon? He found out the police
was after him and ran. CEO. He’s here. That man went inside his house. You’re coming, too? This is a real deal. I’m the only one who knows his face. I have to go. It’ll be dangerous. What would I use my strength for? It’ll go to waste. We have to go together always. Together always? Yes. Am I wrong? I welcome it. Great, Ahjumma. Then let’s go. Okay. That man is here, right? It’s been two hours since he entered. Good job. Go rest. We’ll keep watch here. Okay, CEO. Are you the owner of
license number 6172? I hit your car by mistake. What do I do? Can you come out? It’s him. Han Tae-hee. I worried you might
pretend not to know me. Thankfully, you said my name right away. There’s no need to ask if
you’re the one who attacked me. I won’t be a victim twice. Who ordered you to kill me? Is it Lee Kang-joon? Or Han Min-hyuk? Who ordered assault on Han Tae-hee? His address book doesn’t show
Lee Kang-joon or Han Min-hyuk’s names. Is there a middleman? Shall we dig a trap? We’ll make the culprit who
ordered the attack call himself. How? Let me see. Someone found out
I attacked Han Tae-hee. If we sent this as a mass text… Then the real culprit will eventually reply. Doctor, you’re a real genius. This kind of things is a light
idea I play around with. The day before the shareholders’ meeting,
I plan to get rid of Han Tae-hee. [Someone found out I
attacked Han Tae-hee] What’s going on? Someone found out I
ordered Han Tae-hee’s attack. What’s going on? Who found out I ordered the attack? Why aren’t you answering? I think things have gotten twisted. What’s wrong, Doctor? I’ve heard this voice before. I can’t believe I’ve become a fugitive. Turn yourself in. Sara is legally my wife. No matter how much you want Sara,
you can’t marry her. I’ll give Sara freedom.
Let’s negotiate. It’s Lee Kang-joon, right? This is good, Doctor. Let’s take this chance and get him too. Instead of the police, catching him
myself will be more gratifying. Will you be okay? Of course. I’m no longer alone. When we two are together,
we’re invincible. Of course. We’re great as
long as we’re together. We have nothing to fear. We met each other and changed. Ahjumma became a strong person. I no longer fear facing the past. We are weak when we’re alone. But together, we fear nothing. This is… the power of love. Deciding to marry you was the best thing I’ve done. You want Han Tae-hee, right? I’ll call him out to a secret location. In exchange, do me a favor. I plan to smuggle away. I’m going to ask him to find me a way out. Tae-hee can’t refuse me. By chance, do you recognize this watch? This watch belongs to Winner Group employees. Then do you know who this watch belongs to? Tomorrow, there’ll be an explosion in Winner Food inventory warehouse. Han Tae-hee is the target. I need a forged passport. Come to Winner Food inventory warehouse by 11 am tomorrow.

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