[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP21 (2/4)

Han Tae-hee found out about you? He has my watch that
I lost the day of the accident. You can just deny it. That’s not all. The underling who attacked Tae-hee
and has been arrested. And Tae-hee asked if you or
Min-hyuk ordered the explosion. Joon-cheol. Endure just one day. Tomorrow is the shareholder’s meeting. Before the meeting, get rid of Tae-hee
and make Min-hyuk the CEO. Then we’ll forever become a team. Stop it. In this situation,
don’t you worry about me at all? The plant explosion was done for you. It’s trouble, Min-hyuk. Director Kim Joon-cheol is anxious. I can’t control him. I didn’t think Han Tae-hee
would find out so soon. We just have to endure for a day. Tomorrow, there’ll be an explosion
in Winner Food’s warehouse. Han Tae-hee is the target. Order someone other than Director Kim. What about the man arrested? We’ll get him a lawyer
and buy him out. Director Kim will be
completely isolated. I’m Kim Joon-cheol
from Winner Group. I came to assign
a lawyer to Kim Kang-mo. He already has the lawyer. It’s a lawyer appointed
by Winner Group. Winner Group? Min-hyuk has already? Are you going out? I feel like going crazy stuck at home. Where are you going? Just rest. I’m going to see Tae-hee. Why Tae-hee? I’m going to ask him to
find a way out for me. Tae-hee can’t refuse me. Chae-yeon. It’s time you sincerely reflect. Otherwise, you’ll never improve. I’m delivering a lunch of love. I just arrived at the station. In front of the elevator. I’ll go to your office. Tae-hee? I’m going to see Tae-hee. Are you going to hang
onto Han Tae-hee? Gyo Chae-yeon,
you haven’t changed. How can you be so confident? You also lied to people and did wrong. Why are people only generous to you? This is unfair. They’re not only generous to me. I acknowledged my wrongdoing and
sincerely asked for forgiveness. Whether I’ll be forgiven or
not isn’t up to me. I’m only doing what I can diligently. But you still aren’t
acknowledging your mistake. I confessed my past and
moved forward. But you don’t even acknowledge
your wrongdoing and reel in the past. That’s the only difference between us. Wow. Ahjumma. How did you know
men fantasize about their lovers bringing them a packed lunch? You know I’m so glad a hundred
times over that I’m marrying you, huh? Because of a packed lunch? Try it. Wow, as expected. Yes. I’m in a meeting. Tell me the point. By 11 am tomorrow, come to
Winner Food’s inventory warehouse. I understand. I’ll see you tomorrow. Han Tae-hee will come to the
inventory warehouse tomorrow. Then what about the shareholder’s meeting? He won’t be able to
attend the meeting tomorrow. He won’t be in this world by then. Why right before the
shareholder’s meeting? There must be an alternate purpose. Today is the shareholder’s meeting. Wear this. You’re an Aquarius,
so yellow symbolizes luck. Good things will happen. Is your tie crooked? Feeling wifely help… It’s not bad. Is this why people get married? Ahjumma, where will you be today? The Winner Food natural seasoning’s
finished product is out today. I have to check. You will be alone? I always worked alone. Go to Sewoondang. I’d like you to stay with Grandmother. I have to stop by the inventory warehouse
before going to the shareholder’s meeting. I’ll be busy. I won’t feel anxious if you stay there. And I’ll give you a letter. Give it to Grandmother. Your mother has dementia. It must be very taxing for you. Long illness don’t make good sons. But take good care of her. I… lost my family, didn’t I? The fact that you have family to
care for makes me envious. Elder. [Elder] Are you sure Director Kim Joon-cheol
didn’t go to the shareholder’s meeting? Yes. The assistant’s office can’t
get a hold of him either. Why on earth can’t reach him? Grandmother. What… Han Tae-hee sent me. He wanted me to give you a letter. Hand over the money
and passport first. Divorce papers are after that. I filled me bag as you asked. Here’s the passport. Now sign the divorce papers. Sign them. Fine. I’ll keep the promise. With this, Sa Geum-ran and
I end our marriage? It’s regrettable. Tell Geum-ran to be happy. I hope we never meet again. I hope so, too. This isn’t my plan. Han Min-hyuk can’t let you live. I’m sorry. I’ll be going. Grandmother. When you read this letter
if you can’t reach me, contact Detective Oh Hyun-jae
at Sungbuk police station. Director Kim Joon-cheol is the culprit behind the chemical
plant explosion 20 years ago. The watch I showed you
belongs to Kim Joon-cheol. Where’s Tae-hee now? He said he’d stop by the warehouse and
attend the shareholder’s meeting. Kim Joon-cheol… Elder. Kill me. Tae-hee is in danger. They’re trying to recreate the
same explosion as 20 years ago. Relax. Without much issue,
I’ll become the CEO. I’m uneasy. Many shareholders already
have turned their backs. We don’t know what
Han Tae-hee might say either. Han Tae-hee. He won’t be able to come. Still, let’s confirm, Min-hyuk. What happened at the warehouse. What happened to Han Tae-hee? We succeeded. Grandmother! Grandmother! Let me go, too. No, Grandmother. Stay here. It’s dangerous. Director Kim. Take care of her. No. I must go. You know well what explosions are like. People will come soon. You can’t go. Sara. Then you wait as well. It’s an explosion. You can’t go recklessly. If Han Tae-hee is inside,
I must go, too. I beg you. Sara! No, Elder. Then, we’ll start the 41th official
shareholder’s meeting of Winner Group. Today’s main agenda is
the appointment of Winner Group’s next CEO. It’ll be decided by vote. The appointment will be decided
by majority vote of shareholders present. We’ll have the sole nominee for CEO, Winner Group Director of
Strategic Planning, Han Min-hyuk. Please welcome him with applause. I’m Han Min-hyuk. If I’m elected as
the CEO of Winner Group today, I promise you that I’ll put all my passion and time into maximizing the profits
of the shareholders here. Thank you.

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