Celebrating KKAndBabyJ's Wedding Day!

[Applause] [Applause] you'd be so good for anything okay you'd be so good for NGOs you don't miss too much okay good morning you guys we made it were in Florida so yesterday like I said we were playing on vlogging but the flight was literally an all-day thing it was so exhausting we landed here our plane got in and like oh yeah our plane lated at 11:45 and then we got to the hotel it like probably 145 yes and then by the time we actually prior here closer to 115 we fell asleep at 1:45 so it was just an incredibly long night there was no way I was gonna edit it was incredibly dark but it was it's just chaos so it's just better to just leave it to the day it was rest yeah we were so tired but it was really nice cuz we're at the ritz-carlton and they even put in a crib for Emma right next to the bed it took her a while to fall asleep but she did a really good job but she slept from 1:30 cuz we got in so late until 7:00 and then she fell asleep again at 8:00 and slept until like 9:00 so she got like less sleep than normal but she surprisingly seems to be in a good mood this place is really really nice I'm gonna show you guys our view because it is so beautiful it's already like probably 85 degrees out today but this is our view that is the pool there's like a little courtyard area I think around the 3rd floor and we've got one of the big balconies right here instead of like a little one which is kind of crazy um but yeah this beautiful view the wedding is gonna be somewhere I don't think you can see it from here but it's seriously gonna be a beautiful day kind of hot kind of humid already Dustin's dying it was just not moving she's just staying in that well I think she'd poop in it probably everyone was laughing it was if I put up the other day she's doing that but but Justin just finished getting ready he's just gotta get dressed I know more yeah he's wearing joggers tight white tee yeah I am done getting ready as well I just have to get dressed and that is ready to go and we've got about an hour and we're gonna meet Alyssa our friend Alyssa at the elevators with her boyfriend and go down to the ceremony I'm so excited but I'm gonna show you guys what we're all wearing when we're all done getting ready because we never get dressed up and it's like a once–in of what once a year we got dressed was probably for my last Christmas party in the Navy yeah maybe you have six well I'm having a hard time thinking straight those two years you're kind of sleep-deprived but we're gonna look really cute I think we're gonna look really really cute so bad you smell so bad you ready we gotta get going yes you do that okay you guys we are ready to go got my dress on Justin's got his suit on suit looking good what is it what is it what is it it's just a dress shirt and slacks but due to me Emma's ready to go but she's been ready for a while so hey pretty good we're pretty we're not matching we're not matching perfectly well what it looks good but I think she goes with me really well yeah well I think I picked a mess dress cuz the white with Justin and then the blue kind of matches one of the blue she's pulling her match is one of the blues on here can't really see well but good it's hot let's go so let's do this guy's definitely ready [Applause] [Applause] not getting sunburned today you guys the ceremony was seriously so beautiful I can't wait for Karen to upload the wedding video because you guys are gonna all see how incredibly gorgeous their ceremony was and sweet and memorable and just beautiful and we're not going to share it just because I really want them to thank you so much I really want them to be able to share it but we're going to go to the pool now and have a little pool dare you you're meant to be a mom because all the babies love you you put scarlet to sleep you got Emma to calm down she's like a new transformer she looks so comfortable with you she's living life right I know she's loving little care in the world need a pool I know we're getting forgiving not not just her kiddie pool they go to save a little bit more money working to get one hey baby she's not even looking at you nothing it oh I thought there we're good that would have been bad good morning baby I'm glad you had another good nap 45 minutes yeah we've just been having fun in the pool we missed you guys out there she goes I'm just been having such a good time with everybody out here everyone has been super friendly and just sweet and we've just had really good conversations I think is the like super tired I know she's only had little naps today – she hasn't even had a full hour nap she took she took like a 25 minute with me forced in my lap before the reception started and then another one in the carrier for FRA like 35 minutes and now this one was like 45 minutes yeah and she's usually only having two naps a day of like an hour and a half two hours so this is kind of a weird day and she only got five hours of sleep left one 32:7 that's like five and a half hours five and a half five and a half five plus one plus 30 yeah yeah I'm sure she probably blew up tonight but I'm excited get some it's just a really good time they got a Cabana for everybody right here and everybody else is just hanging out in the pool of the pools awesome okay yeah once she's done let's go back in for sure let's do it I am so sorry you guys for the lack of footage in the last couple hours but it's so hard to like it's probably super echo in here it's so hard to vlog we hang out with people because you want to like really enjoy the moment and we're by the pool yeah you're in the water it's super loud in here so I'm trying to talk quieter but we're gonna go out to dinner I'm gonna go out with Elissa and Zayn and Brittany and Frank and possibly Tiffany and Chris if they look just a mile off the rim Quito so I may have faith in me I don't know I forget if we have no anyways when they walked up is that we're gonna all go out to dinner tonight you don't know where we're going we didn't really decide anything we're just on time we're gonna be meeting downstairs and I'm gonna be looking like a like a slob because I didn't want to get ready really and the time we're meeting is in like 20 minutes so we had to kind of hurry get together get her bottle ready and find somewhere to eat because we don't know Florida yeah we don't really none of us are from here that is going out but I think they're all hanging out no we don't want to bother them there you know with their bridal party right now too so they get you dressed I get you and some warm not warmer clothes but something don't wet clothes okay so change of plans we met downstairs with everybody and we walked around for an hour and 15 minutes to all the different restaurants in the area and all of them had in our weight or 45-minute wait and we had three cranky babies with us who are hungry and tired so we all made the decision to just go back to our room you know because it's Father's Day they know well in the weddings in town so there's just lots of people here but so we decided to all of us just go back to our individual homes and order rooms there is just because we're also hungry at this point and we're all exhausted and the babies aren't tired so it was just the best option for us and I'm actually considering calling the front desk after we order later to see if we can get a late check-out tomorrow because our flight is so late in the afternoon I think you have to check out by like 11:00 and we were thinking about going out and we were asking you guys what we should do I think it might just be easier to stay here with her and just chill yeah I go to the pool maybe but she's had a long day yesterday a long day today on our schedule so I think it'll just be nice I don't know if they do late check-out here's every hotel do that man late check-out yeah changing laying asking for it yeah like if you off ask for it they probably charge a fee boom but I think it would be it would be better for us to just chill here for the day so it looks pretty kind of disguise that is seriously gorgeous can you guys see that hands dude there we go that's so pretty there's actually still a lot of people still hanging out to him by the pool and having drinks all the bridal party and everything but it's already gotten so hot outside but it's beautiful it was seriously like I wish I could describe how wonderful of a day it was getting to hang out with everybody to watch the ceremony it was such a perfect day and more than I thought it was gonna be which is crazy because I had such like like I thought I knew was gonna be amazing but it's even more amazing than I thought it was gonna be thank you and I'm apologize again is not getting as much footage as I would have liked but that time as we enjoyed our time it was and like you don't ever want to put a camera on someone's face who maybe doesn't you don't know who wants to share what especially carrying coal like it's their wedding we'd let them share when they want to share but it was wonderful and now we are starving order from room service Matthew I'm gonna get on so Vegas spaghetti I'm getting a build your own burger okay well let's order it now because I'm I'm so hungry this is the first time I've got a room service babe what about you it's good I just I'm confused have you gotten it before yeah what I know they didn't even have grown B if I don't understand what chicken grilled chicken but no like meatballs or anything how's it good all right I'm gonna put the camera down so that nine o'clock at night but if you can tell from the crying and the background we are all exhausted and what you're going to go to bed I gotta edit so hi wanna get her down and they you think I don't want to cry out to me I'm tired and I was probably the most tired of all but she's been such a trooper today I think that she can enjoy her nicely Papa's gonna enjoy his mind come on tomorrow's Father's Day – oh my gosh that's crazy yeah I totally forgot about that y'all have a nice morning whatever I do whatever I can oh all Thursday at the Ritz thanks big exactly you're welcome but that's it we're gonna get to bed oh yeah obviously this is gonna go bad in a second so we will talk to you guys again soon either tomorrow or the next today I'm happy wedding day care team quoi no words only Pete I will break like a tree right under your feet you

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  1. That looked so fun to hang out at the hotel! Also, respected the fact that you didn’t show their wedding at all! I’d be annoyed if I had a videographer and a special video of my wedding and people were sharing clips early!

  2. First time watching and I adore your baby girl and her precious red hair . She’s always full of smiles… so cute❤️

  3. I just found your channel! But you guys looked like you had a relaxing trip! Pool, room service and friends… yaaaaass.

  4. I wonder if me and my partner are the only black couple that watch your videos 😭 but we can relate so well to you both!

  5. Aww so nice of you to not film, very respectful. So glad you had fun, wish I could have met you guys 💜

  6. Bianca running with Landon in the background was a total scene stealer. I completely missed what you said twice giggling over them.😂

  7. It’s more important for all of us to know you’ve had a great time. You still gave some lovely footage anyway. Hope you’ve had a safe journey home 🏡 xxxxx

  8. Idk why but im watching the background around 6:40 and you just see Bianca (i think) with a baby running and his head flopping around i know that dangerous but i couldnt stop rewinding it and laughing 😂😂😂

  9. I know that this is like so an unrelated topic but I was thinking of sending you guys some like stuff from Iceland and since I still have my teddy bear from when I was a newborn( I am now 16 ) ( this may seem crazy ) I was thinking like to send that too so Emma can maybe have it if she wants I just don’t know what else to send so …. oh and by the way that is not me in my profile picture on my YouTube it’s like this girl who got killed and I felt really bad about that so yeah

  10. One of my favorite vlogs seeing everyone together! Can’t wait to see Keren and Khoa’s wedding video ❤️❤️

  11. Most hotels will do a late check as long as no one is checking in and I've never paid a fee for it but it literally gives you maybe another hour or 2 at the very tops

  12. At what point is it when it goes from cute to creepy when someone intensely stare you down while they poop!!??🤷‍♀️

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