28 Replies to “Celebrities Who Got Teenagers Pregnant”

  1. I'd also add Ken Griffey, Sr., Tim Raines, and Tony Dorsett, all of whom became fathers before turning 20.

  2. Jerry Lee Lewis didn't "shock" me, since it's common knowledge. But the combination of age and being cousins makes it extra creepy.

  3. What about Steven Tyler from Aerosmith who dated a 16 year old groupie and had her parents signed Guardianship so that she could live with him he was 27 at the time they did had a planned baby but ended up having a abortion

  4. You forgot two, Elvis met his first wife as a teenager.Chuck Berry like teenage white girls, he went to jail for it.

  5. What the hell. The ad on here was two people having sex. It said 12+ wtf. It was “Choose your story.” They still kids!!! 12 year olds shouldn’t be seeing that.

  6. Dam me and josephine Riddick Hendrick are born on the same day same year anyone have her number lol ??

  7. too all the negative things people say about LeBron James people make mistakes we are all human
    its really nice too see a good man stepping up and taking responsibly for his actions
    we need more men like him in this particular situations

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