Cell Phone Radiation Protection Moblile Phone Protection Miscarriage and Fertility

Hi everyone, Dr. Urban here. I want to
continue my discussion of magnetic frequencies emf’s or magnetic
frequencies, a big umbrella term for things like cell phone radiation, Wi-Fi
router radiation, 5g radiation which is coming. 5G is gonna be big, microwave
radiation and many more, your tablet radiates, that sort of thing, but I want
to talk about your cellphone today and some of the things we know.t Why? Because
you carry that sucker close to you, you put it in your pocket, you put it in your
pants pocket or next to you in your purse. The emf waves can be a problem
particularly the closer you bring them to you. Let’s talk about the cell phone. In
my recent video I talked about this little cell phone cover called a safe
sleeve. There’s a link to it in the description below along with this study
which says that there is a problem with magnetic frequencies. That’s all those
magnetic frequencies. The risk of miscarriage goes up
to three times, raised three fold in women exposed to
high magnetic fields versus low magnetic fields and you say, “What about zero?” We’re not in a
zero magnetic field universe for the most part in the Western civilization.
You’re going to have your cell phone. So how do we mitigate, change or reduce the
risk? Well here’s this little cell phone case. It protects against, in the mid 90s % reduction,
from magnetic fields and nearly a hundred percent from the radiofrequencies!
You can study the technology both radio
frequencies and magnetic field waves are present and it’s controversial as
to how much damage each causes, but people are saying in addition to maybe
miscarriages there’s a problem with fertility, with our kids and with
young women and men carrying the cell phone close to their gonads, their
testicles and their ovaries. I think this case is a fertility shield
for our young ones. There’s a lot of people that think that’s the case so
while we wait for confirming research let’s do what we can to protect
ourselves from these frequencies and fields. We know a lot of the research on magnetic
fields relate to heat, but that’s not the sole thing that these waves can do. So
let’s consider getting this electromagnetic shield cellphone
protector now. You can’t make it a hundred percent protective, otherwise
it’s like putting it in tin foil. So you need the cellphone. We’re not going to go
away from it. Why not mitigate, change reduce your risk? Consider getting the
cellphone case which comes in different sizes for different sized phones.
There’s a link to it in the description. below

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