Cesarean Section (C-Section)

your doctor will begin by making an incision in your abdomen it will either be a vertical incision from just below the navel to the top of the pubic bone or more frequently a horizontal incision across and just above the pubic bone this is often called a bikini cut your doctor will then make a second incision on the lower part of the uterus once the uterus is opened your doctor will rupture the amniotic sac if it is still intact and deliver the baby the time from the initial abdominal incision to birth is typically 5 minutes your doctor will then clamp and cut the umbilical cord gently remove the placenta and tightly suture your uterus and abdomen

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  1. my mom was telling me that when she gave birth to me i almost got killed and she also. i felt bad for her. but hearing the stor is kinda annoying. i mean that was like years ago

  2. This is a good video, but could be improved. The ''bikini cut'' is actually called a Pfannenstiel incision. The view of the fetus being delivered is not typical – usually a maneuver called the ''Mauriceau-Smelli-Veit'' is used to deliver the fetal head (similar to vaginal breech), with the fetal head flexed, and the fetal back also rotated to the anterior position before extraction. The appearance of an upper uterine incision at closure is also atypical (usually lower segment).

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