Changing Childbirth Changes Our Paradigm

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acceptable and definitely psyche is I think redeemer edit this in his name and his authority that we pray praise and give thanks I'll show you an amen I will tomorrow first pointing this is 7:00 a.m. my next at 1:00 p.m. I'll be dropping it in get on there this is happy smiles greeted by our sister get your shirt if you like the King shirt the Queen's shirt I'm going it in the support amen oh just your big brown got you but so I wanted to talk about this today when we're in talked about is how childbirth yeah it's shifting the paradigm and really how changing childbirth that shifted the paradigm and so now when we're having our children now we're trying to reshape the paradigm this is that just biblical this is not just Rachel this is community this is worldwide this is humanity right white black whatever you can listen to this I am about Pacific in my approach I am Kingdom centric in my approach Kingdom since your first you know but I am very much so looking at certain things I am doing certain things but and we talk about how we spend our finances how we can buy homes if you guys seem right behind me these are brand-new windows you can still see haven't painted everything yet but these are brand-new windows that were put up just this week so you know we're living what we're talking about as far as trying to make sure we get property owning things not getting the mortgage and having to pay it off over hundreds of years or you know feels like hundreds of years you know thirty years forty years but paying five hundred thousand extra dollars four hundred extra thousand dollars on a home that we shouldn't have to have we're always about shifting the paradigm and using Kingdom principles so and so I want to bring our attention to childbirth because childbirth has helped to shift the paradigm and it's also helped to cause a lot of different issues in our community right so just like anything else how something is done whether it's medically speaking scientifically speaking whether you're talking about biblically speak biblically speaking etc et-cetera these things are are things that happen to shift paradigms for us and in US and around us because somebody says this is how you do something you got to do it like this and so we just go okay sure no problem you got to do it like this if it gets like frustrating after because we're trying to figure out why am I in this cycle why minute I even a perpetual state of not moving and one of the things that's happening is childbirth all right whether you know it or not we don't really do health very well right we don't really eat correctly we don't know that you are suppose that you can tell if something is organic by the serial number that's along the fruit or vegetable you're buying we're not aware that this plastic this it causing estrogen mimickers and causing cancer to grow we're not very aware of the fact that a lot of things that are supposed to be high pH you can just take a pH testing yourself and test it and find nothing much of it is a lie and so the same thing is happening in childbirth where we used to do things a different way and now we'll act like it's been like this for centuries because we only know one way but the reality is is that really the last 30 years or so really since I was born even there's been a huge shift in the way that we do childbirth and therefore a lot of our children are growing up with a lot of issues with a lot of frustration and with a lot of issues that are causing autism and all types of other issues cancer early ages children you know there's a nudist here there and we aren't looking at and trying to figure on what's causing it so I wanted to throw some things out there Talbert I can show you how you know what I don't have a better word for it how stupid some of this stuff really is how steep in stupidity and really tradition and like anything else it's a culture it's a tradition and it's a systemic thing and if we're in the system but not of it if we're in the cosmos but not of it if we're in the world but not of it then we should be making sure that we're not doing things that are systemic systemically brought on by other cultures that are against the kingdom of heaven so for example when a woman gives birth a woman is given anesthesia right but a woman who's given anesthesia and I know you know some sisters you can't handle the pain you're told it's gonna be paying for this or that or whatever you're not gonna be able to handle it but a lot of it has to do some of the what I'm gonna try and show you hopefully will help to where you wouldn't need to end this feature that much anyways number one when the woman is I'm going do stuff and she has anesthesia you got to understand that not only is she being drugged and having certain senses dull but so is the child now that means that we're causing complications because the child even though the woman will be pushing the child and there's a child that has to make certain movements as well right the child has to get into position the child makes that move to get into position the child has to begin to push towards you know the vagina to escape out of the moon right the child is going to have to do certain things even to be able to start processes and think that we'll talk about as far as fighting disease and everything like that but when you dull the mother you throw in the child now this is a concept is new where why would you build a child the child needs to have its sensors together in order to true but now we're okay with building the child this has become a norm another thing when a woman is having just giving birth we do things that are harmful to the woman which makes it more painful there are certain things that you can't get away from even biblically speaking there are certain things that the Most High has allowed to be in place and it is what it is right but certain things can make it certainly make it easier so for example when a woman's giving birth she leans all the way back and when she leans all the way back what happened she's having unnecessary stress put on it now a lot of people don't know this but this is even when you're using the restroom and you're using the restroom and you're gonna sit down on the toilet really we are designed as human beings to actually swapped not to sit so a lot of people even nicknamed you know the toilet the throne or the job you know talking about half the race certainly royalty yeah I can have a throne that you sit on you sit the same way but your accent suppose they have your knees higher in the air then then when you sit down your knees should probably be up closer to like your chest area it actually is easier for you it opens up your intestines but also opens up the rectal area as well for you to be able to use the bathroom easier well guess what a woman use is is a giving checked at birth to a child she's using the same muscles as she would when she is giving about using use in the bathroom so when she's giving birth matter of fact a lot of times when she gives birth it's supposed to be even when she gives birth she well it would have extra mental now she would go number two and the excrement will actually hit the child and that's what starts the child body one of the things that starts a child's body realizing oh I need to start developing the immunity the immune system for the first time in the topic it's never needed it because it's always fed directly from the mother and they're protected directed by the mother's body now for the first time I realized I've on my own so even before we get in the hospital mothers should start already using Sark already get you used to using the bathroom where their knees up before really whether you're male or female you should use the bathroom like that if you're going number two but especially women during this process you should start getting the stool put a new feet on top of the stool and when you do that you know you can you give birth in that manner when you lay on the back you're putting unnecessary pressure on the spine think about it you have you have what if the baby let's say is 7 pounds 8 pounds 9 pounds 10 pounds you know maybe six pounds whatever but you have extra weight on the spine from the inside that's already there and think about it women don't even feel comfortable sleeping on their back if they get bigger because why there's so much weight and it becomes even heavy on the lungs right so they will do what Bill starts sleeping on their side why is that because they need to get the weight off there and it's even more comfortable for the baby so if anything if you were gonna lay down and have a baby which is you know hard to do anyways you would probably wouldn't even try to attempt to start doing on the side but no what we do we have the woman on her back where the weight is directly disproportionate to what she needs to do and what is it she's trying to push a baby out now think about it if you're trying to push the baby out is it easier to do it at a vertical plane right to where you're pushing and somebody has to start pulling and using forceps and all types of weird stuff on the head or is it easier to just have to want to straight up and down vertically where gravity can help with the push so she's pushing and at the same time gravity is pulling the babies trying to get out at the same time and so really the doula or your doctor is really doing nothing more you know if the husband or even if the woman has to do it herself women have been able to push our babies themselves in cat town because they just simply they stay upright it's easier for them they naturally if a woman is in trouble she needs to give birth you can't get to a hospital they naturally they won't lay down they will naturally stand up why because it's easier for them to be able to push out and have gravity health and rather than them pulling all they have to do is catch okay so these are certain things childbirth will shift your paradigm because we will start going to doctors and doing all kinds of unnecessary things and leaning on other understandings when we don't even do things that are natural in a woman's body and by the way these are things scientifically I'm not even going into the word I'm not even going into you know God said to Eve's childbearing I've mentioned it a little bit I'm just giving you scientific fact because Yahweh is yuck where is this yah he is God over science He is God over medic medicine you got over all he created everything and so anything for turnings pertaining to that was he created I'm gonna go to him first and he says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made that we are created to do certain things in a natural manner I can just go to the natural without having to bombard the description so here's some more natural not only do we drug the baby before they leave out but we drug the baby as soon as the baby comes out we begin to give them all types of shots and all types of things that have heavy mercury in them and we know for a fact that mercury now I'm gonna go like this because some people are gonna say ask that did some of my family actually had a conversation with just recently some people are gonna be quick to say oh well you know there's their science it shows that mercury doesn't cause autism okay we know this for a fact this is the fact that medical fact that black babies okay more melon native babies babies with pigment however you want to speak they come out with more or when they have a mercury put inside of them it is difficult it is two and a half times more difficult it takes two and a half times more energy more effort and more time for them to be able to dispel mercury out of their system than it does their white counterparts especially if it's a male alright that's just scientific be factual like I'm not even I'm not even saying its opinion I'm talking about the FDA I'm talking about your doctor who's training in college I'm talking about what you can read for yourself it takes that much more time so if your baby's coming out and you're right away giving them shots especially they'll say well you know give them vitamin K anything else take vitamin K understand that your baby is going to have vitamin K in them that's going to come with mercury and a lot of parents don't know this but just like any other thing that you say a lot of people don't know this when I was in the military to give a shot after shot after shot and I stopped going and they forced me to I think I took my left or maybe around 22 or 23 years of age maybe I have maybe 21 22 years of age but regardless I they they give you shot after shot after shot and all those shots are coming with mercury and a lot of shots will give you two and a half times the legal limit that they would give to a dog but they will put it in your child your newborn child all right and say hey fin for yourself now here's another thing that you don't know if you knew that let me give something that you don't know or you don't think about whenever you're given any prescription at the hospital and you pick it up from your pharmacy etc you always it always comes with what it comes with warnings and it comes with this is how you should use it and it says these are the side effects whenever you are given a shot or whenever your baby is given a shot it will come with side effects illicit side effects and you know how they have those commercials where hey take this take Flo names it's going to help you to breathe but also to you know and then it comes with the EPI air now the commercial the starts giving you the side effects my call sleeping is heaviness hearty but above is that whatever might call us eight only is my car and you're like wala wait what what like you talked about I might not be able to use the bathroom correctly I might be using it on myself for the rest of my life because I took this medicine like that I'm just trying to bring it easier but that's how they didn't right and forgive me flonase if I'm giving some bad information I'm just giving an example so I'm not sure I know some of those are the side effects of what you do but I don't know you know anal leakage is for yours or renal failure or other things like it happens for some of those Commerce's you up but if you watch it you know so so when you listen to this stuff use you're like man I probably wouldn't buy that because I don't want on a side effects well when you take your vaccinations that injection guess what it has list of side effects and it actually comes in the package so when they're coming and they're just giving your baby that shot understand that before they showed you in the room they had to take it out of a package and within that package it had a list of side effects and they threw the package and the side effects the way they never gave you the legal rights to look at those side effects and say do I want my child to have it a matter of fact you had to be careful cuz if you go to the hospital they have you signed away basically your your what you want so even if you have a what do they call it a baby plan or whatever as a pair understand it because you signed to the hospital they still can say well you know what we feel like the baby has to have vitamin K we didn't feel like the baby has to have this shot we feel the baby's down it has too much stuff with jaundice already but you can find easy ways to have that to pass you can even take the mother's milk and squirt it into the baby's eyes if necessary like you can do all types of things to heal the bay ball but they're gonna said we need to give them a shot and you signed away your baby's life you signed away your rights if you try not to do do what they say they will go ahead and dismiss you right but so so so check it out be careful when you're going to these places they actually have side effects and you can ask the doctors right before they get ready to shoot your baby with something you say now hold on where's the list of side effects he's supposed to show me okay right you can do that you can ask them right that's what a lot of people are not having that's one of many reasons people aren't having their children in hospitals anymore but they realize that I can get a doula to get the checkups eat certain things and make sure that the same thing that they're saying I have to buy prenatal pills or I can just have heavy doses of certain foods and get the same exact stuff if not just going by vitamins themselves or here's the other thing ladies make sure that you're doing this preemptively if you're going to get pregnant even if you're just gonna live a long life how about that make sure that you're constantly consistently eating things that will help you to continue to further yourself into a longer life you're right you don't have to wait until you have a baby to start doing certain things you can you can do things that you can eat while you're having your baby you get baby you can have avocado avocado is good for the womb so something that's gonna make the womb strong you can eat fix things the things that are gonna be good for you down in your vaginal area you have peaches peaches again for the vaginal area by the way if it looks like something it's good for something right you can have citrus you can have lemon you can have lime you can have grapefruit eat these things they're good for production of breast milk you you can you can already have these things in place make sure you're taking plenty of calcium because your baby wants once you're pregnant your baby's going to draw from you and so whether you're eating things that are good for you or not your baby will draw from you which means that yes but if you're not eating calcium it means your baby will eat calcium right so if you're not eating it there were been women who would lost their teeth and have problems with their bones becoming brittle because the baby will draw from the bait from the mother if the mother is not eating correctly so sure make sure you take care of those cravings if you gotta have a bit Donald burger get that mcdonald burger but understand that you better make sure that you're supplementing what you're not getting from that mcdonalds burger or as your baby will take it from me and you don't mean just what you need for yourself you need twice as much because you're eating for two people if you got twins you got to eat thrice as much if you got quadruplets you got to eat four times right etc etc you've got a I'm sorry quadruplets if you're having triplets you gotta eat four times as much etc etc so these are things that we don't think about that we can take more control over that we can manage and that's what we are as people when the Bible says that we have a work to do and we know that giving a baby is going to be a work for the mother you're going to give birth to this baby understand it you've got own work in you right you literally have a work in your manifestation and so the mother and father come together and start to work the word work in the Hebrew is the word ethical the work at ago and it literally means to manage to work your calling so you have this thing inside you that you're managing start managing it and preparing your body prepare pre-cut before you get into this already have things cut into your schedule to your design into your play into your mentality into your Numa your spirit your soul and your physical being that says holistically I'm going to be holy as he is holy in protecting what he is giving inside of me I'm gonna take care of it with everything that a fiber of my being I mean these things are there but we've been had it reversed we even have women now who say that they don't want to breastfeed why because their breasts might be sad like and the reality is is that your baby then first of all your breastfeeding is not what makes the woman's breasts sad for those who don't know that that's it well it's the weight of this is that do you know that you're when a woman is wearing a bra by the way the bra was not created by a woman who's created by a male and it was created by male who is who is homosexual we meaning that he's not really worried about you but your body anyways hold on my brother Harrison James network know is the key to a healthy baby amen so you can already had a stuff pre-emptive like I was saying but also to the man who created the bra was it was a homosexual male right so and by the way the bra actually now scientists are showing us and studies are showing that the bra actually helps the breasts to sag faster than they should naturally so your baby and we're not wearing bra no no this felt like they they're not healthy you've been taught a system that where things are starting to come to be where we're going back to what he used to be and there's good there's a frankincense is good to eliminate stretch marks mental stimulation as well amen also to watch there's women ladies when you get ready to breastfeed breastfeed that baby and take some of the milk squirt it and you can put it on your stretch marks and it will help to start fearing you the stretch marks like breast milk was an amazing binge watch like I said earlier you fearfully and wonderfully made so you can work breast milk on Albanese talking to a family member about this with their new child um they takes breast milk and she squirts it on her but stress marks stretch marks didn't completely disappears he had to use other things but they definitely got better just on the breast milk alone rag so you can do all types of stuff if you give you're a woman if your mother if your baby is having problems with vision of these eye drops to take the breast milk and use it on yourself use it on your baby it will do fearful and wonderful you know respectful and wonderful amazing things you gotta really comprehend how how amazing your body is and how much separate the Most High has put your body in a position where you can go ahead and be ready to go and take care of your baby your baby is counting on you to do this so nobody else is gonna do this you need to do it for your baby right but we need to start we shift in that paradigm back we're so quick to try to rest into things that aren't necessarily good for us I'm telling you look at what you're in the shot for your baby and don't be one of these people where you know there's stuff on both sides they can prove no like tell me this whenever your baby's about to get a shot and whenever there's mercury that's coming in that side tell me what what mercury is doing in your body what good medical purpose does mercury sir right like this riddle me that you know it's like the same kind of mindset when people are like but when it comes to voice and you can look on both sides okay tell me what human being has ever existed without being a fetus and if you can't and if you can't tell me that means every human being is a fetus and every fetus is a human being it's like there's we have this weird thought process I mean we are trying our best to not treat what is inside of us like what god what is what the god get in creation it is whether you did what she was supposed to do to have that god-given creature menu is beside the point like Yahweh gave it to you gave us a certain formula that works not the formula that you drinking but the formula that's in his word in the formula that says that we supposed to manage this thing that's inside of our bodies these are facts I'm not giving you I try my best I tell people all the time you argue rarely I think I did it once yesterday and I felt bad about it I hate ever starting off when somebody says what's your opinion on something I don't want to give you opinion because opinions are the old saying I'm gonna say where they say opinions are like buttholes everybody has them right everybody's got an opinion but precepts are singular they don't change right if you tied you get something back that doesn't change even corporation is tied right and so the same thing with our woman you can eat the citrus get your breast milk together also to don't allow what they try to even do with my wife and I don't allow somebody to try and make your baby take formula it's okay if your baby loses weight and it is okay if you as a mother or it's okay fathers if your wife is not able to breastfeed the baby right away as long as they have the little thing is gonna come out caulk olestra alright cholesterin just a little thick sack it's really small but it has everything your baby needs it it actually activates a lot of things in your baby's system alright so so when you if it's a first-time mother right unless she's you know sometimes you got freaking issues with a mother's start even before they had their first child that actually start their excreting milk but if you MS or unless you're past your first time being a mother first-time mothers it would be really hard for you to give your baby breast milk it will be very hard cholesterol is gonna come out first and you'll think your baby's not getting enough your baby will even lose some weight it's okay as long as we don't lose past a certain body fat percentage or body weight percentage it's okay they're supposed to like you think that people don't tell it so you go to the doctor or you have you give birth to the baby like I haven't been able to feed him in the first couple of hours they started saying well if we need to give that baby something give him some formula no long as there was the last callosum that came out a little milky substance even if the baby doesn't eat for the first few hours it's okay let them latch on the breast let them suck from the breast they might even get the colostrum and you don't even see it but let them suckle on the breast let them be on the mother skin let it happen don't allow somebody to start giving your baby formula especially when they're gonna give me stuff with soy we know soy is bad soy is something is cancer-causing soy is something that was created by the Chinese to talk to till the land but never to be eaten they started to eat it because it became to more like a lot of stuff that we do where people still chitlins talking about this is good stuff we don't keep it this is our family's legacy no your family had to eat it because they were slaves and they don't have enough but you don't even talk about how when they were eating the chitlins they still were eating poke silent they were still eating you know stuff that they were getting off the ground still eating leafy vegetables you're not doing that you just have a straight tip let's talk about this is my family's legacy I'm smelling like pig intestines with excrement if it ain't cleaned out right you know you know what I'm saying like we're out here doing stuff in bragging on this stuff saying how good it is and how pleasant like we have a bad paradigm we need to shift it you know there's so many different things we can talk about what's up – you know I'm with the pregnancy um how women just aren't you know armed correctly eating and or they're not working now or it's okay if you don't gain weight metaphase okay if you work out you just can't work out any more than you use it so if you were a work out whirring let's say you were getting two hours and everyday you can still get two hours and everyday if you were lifting 50 pounds a day you can still get 50 pounds a day you just can't go to 75 pounds if you're working out two hours you just can't go to three hours right just keep it the same it's okay even if you lose a little bit of weight it's alright if you lose a little bit of it I know somebody who she lost a lot of weight and she hid it from the doctor she found creative ways to hide it from the doctor and by the end of the pregnancy they can do anything about it right now I'm not saying that that's what you want like I said it's like I said with the baby earlier you didn't only lose a certain amount of percentage of weight also tuned for some mother's understand this before you become a mother I got to tell you this not only will it be okay for you to gain weight during the pregnancy because you'll start thinking you're ugly no it's normal not only it's okay for you to lose weight after the pregnancy because you think oh what did this baby do to me what am i husband do to me I've heard this stuff before it'd be funny but also too it's okay for you to gain a little more weight before you decided to get pregnant and now sisters I want to hear this because you've been taught that you supposed to look like somebody else but sisters matter of fact all women white black in between you're supposed to have by European they st. even African Santa's which we have a little more but by European standards you supposed to have 22 to 33 percent body fat so if you're a woman out there who's bragging on the fact that she got like 11 percent body fat some of these women trying to look like men getting 9 to 5 6 percent body fat you know some men get down my to 3 percent body fat men are supposed to be like 11 foot to 22 percent and it changes but it varies but it's usually more even when it varies it's in between those numbers and women here will be 22 to 33 percent body fat right now and that that that's them that's the best of minimum right so if you have me 33 to 44 percent like maybe is you're getting a little too much but it's okay for some women to be there right you got to understand that you have to like take some of the stuff out so if you're gonna get pregnant in your below body weight you don't have a rough time cuz your your body weight is there your fat is there not just for you but for your child your child's gonna be something to feed off of anything even feeds off of the fat matter of fact the fat is like an emergency situation where if you're not getting enough stuff you know now given when I saw my eating that avocado that block them on me and stuff like that well we know there's extra fat coming in there if for some reason you can't get something fatty or for some reason the better the baby you can't get food directly from the mother eating for a little while guess what there's fat there to make sure that your baby second care of you gotta understand why were you created you weren't created to be some skinny sex object right you weren't created to just be like hey everybody look at me look at how I look no you were created because part of your job is to bear fruit and you are gonna bear fruit in a way that others can't bear rank men can't bear fruit so brothers even though it's okay for us to be a little over what they call overweight we can't do certain things so we can't give way so we have to be careful with our weight and stuff with women if you get a little more especially if your childbearing age it's okay if you're gonna give birth to child because your child's gonna help to remedy some of that and bad and like I said when you're getting when you were pregnant this is something that my wife and I wish we knew when you were pregnant like it's okay go out there work out like I said just don't over work out right so go ahead make sure you get to the gym make sure that you're putting that time to make sure that you're doing things it's okay to to keep your figure except for your belly and except for your breasts well except for a little fat in other areas around the face and stuff like that that's natural all right so do those things get as much of that in as you can and you know I think I've hit a lot of different things I'm not sure who off doesn't mean seem to be giving me much more than I remembering so you know it might be time to end imma be obedient you know but just take time out I'm saying all this to say to show how to paradise if there's one thing that I did was thinking about how to gestate you hope it goes when you're when you are giving birth another thing that's mess or look I guess is to win one when you give birth good you can give birth in your home and see if you can give birth in the tub and see if you can have the lights turn down doom right maybe you can't have complete darkness but see if you had the light turn yet the reason why I say that is because you when a baby has been in a womb their whole existence and they come out when they get like it blinds them babies are not complete yet to see right and they have bright lights and what do you do you're in a hospital bright lights everywhere two doctors putting bright lights everywhere and let me see in their eyes bright light you can see if a baby can see with up and light in their eyes at least not directly analogy there doing all kinds of stuff and then also the water it helps because they're coming from water into water so you don't have to freak out your baby will not breathe and it doesn't have it doesn't need to breathe really right away when they come out they're still attested at umbilical cord and they have a time there's a time limit you know there's time going on so haven't be born in the water they dig the window water bricks you gotta understand when the water breaks for the baby that's one of the signs that like it's freaking out a little bit like stuff's not right heart rate starts racing at all different types of things are going on well when a water breaks have some water that they can go into right so they're good the water is break the water that's flowing out the baby can sense the door but okay I'm going into water – it makes the transition easier it makes it something that they're more accepted that is more acceptable – they will go into the water and then when they come out then you can go ahead and start and start the baby crying and when the baby cries of course it starts to breathe so you know do that for the baby and also – ladies you know brothers – I'm not saying that we should I've been president for most of my baby's birth one of them was a burn situation I couldn't be there for but I've been present for most of my children's birth and one thing that I can say with certainty one thing I can say for sure is that it's okay for you as a father to not be there like I said we're shifting the paradigm a lot of bottom line here there's a lot of mothers man you've been duped until you've got the father better be there and what is the father gonna do but is he gonna do any more than a woman can do I know we're so used to it but really mother there used to be a time when it was just you know women were there probably were in another room with their boys pacing back and forth and their brothers brothers and their boys are trying to calm him down and you know you had women in there because women have thee you know they have the knowledge of this they have the intimacy with this project and there's certain things even – you know like you know sometimes it's easier where you see this your sisters you might not want to see your husband to see you in a certain way although you know you said you care necessarily but it's just a lot of stuff that goes into it there's even old stories were been you know couldn't handle it or they're still stories that if they were brothers the straight fall out boom falling at the ground Perkins ill break their noses different things cuz they faint when they seem to blood and we see the baby coming out and now they have to be hospitalized and maybe it's some of them have you been at worst worst case scenario even died because men aren't as really built for that just being honest like I've seen childbirth futile not even with my own children but others having to be there for others and I can tell you like we're not gonna silly bill for that like I come out of each one being like man I think the most hi I'm not a woman because I couldn't do it yes this Real Talk man so you know on your child's day of birth which by the by the way you know even changing the language shifting the paradigm it's not a birthday you don't have a birthday your mother had a birthday she has multiple birthdays you have a born day you were born on a certain day right and some people be like well what's the difference you're just trying to know whatever you hear whatever right faith cometh by hearing so I'm amazing you hear it that you get it like you were at birth I mean I'm sorry you were birth but you right but you were born also you were birthed right if you want to say anything find this your day of that you were birth it's your birthday right birth be Dave but it's not true but it really is you're born that you were born on a certain day but you didn't get birthed in anything I I didn't give birth like if you want to say anything fine I can technically say on the day I concede my children I birth them but really it was my wife who went through the long process of taking that birth to a whole nother level right at birth what was inside her she Berkeley came and manifested its way into the world so I don't have a birthday I have a boring day born October 6 1982 I have a date with you was I was born even like when people talk in church right when you they don't say you oh here's your birthday your church birthday you you you gave your life to to Christ or miss that no you were born again born over again boa you were born over again so just wanted to talk about that I'm done gonna be obedient let me get out the way Holy Spirit is done bringing things to my remembrance so thank you guys so much with Minister J brother James brother Hari my man Joe you know trying to get your honor but thank you for chiming in lingers and comments sister Patricia thank you for your comments thank everybody for your comments the questions or concerns feel free to put them in the comment section beneath and like I said tomorrow we're to make sure we give out to the community it will have video even talking about what does it mean to to give to the community what does it do when we give to the community so hopefully you guys are tuned in for that I love you guys I appreciate the king and queen of each and every one of you and I mean not only are you loved but you're necessary majestic you're fearfully wonderfully made and you will be the reason why this world changes for the better this pastor Devin aka aka Kofi aka Yasu fast and servant to Christ when we are always changing lives one mind at a time and it's allowed a chance speaking for you again I wish you so long this means peace

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